Glue isn’t normally top-of-mind for me, which is why when my spouse, Richard, introduced me with a good looking reducing board he’d made—not easy Japanese maple, shot thru with swerving pink veins of African padauk—I assumed timber should simply develop in extraordinarily intricate techniques I might by no means spotted. Best once I heard him and his fellow woodworkers speak about “glue-ups” did I understand {that a} fierce adhesive used to be concerned with mixing woods, and the wonders of this substance are sorely decreased once we name it through the identify absolute best used for Elmer’s.

Wooden glue has—once more with little fanfare—became extraterrestrial. There are names hooked up to radicalism in adhesives: Mildred Bonney and Langdon T. Williams, the couple that based the adhesive corporate Franklin Global in 1935 in Columbus, Ohio, which launched its flagship product, Titebond, in 1955. Titebond is a polyvinyl acetate (PVA) glue. It swells the fibers of picket items, so that they intertwine; because the glue dries, the fibers shrink to their standard measurement, however they are now so entangled that the bond is nearly unbreakable.

Whilst some luthiers nonetheless use animal glue after they construct stringed tools—sure, the sort rendered from animal hides—maximum woodworkers have switched to PVA, and particularly Titebond, and particularly (for initiatives that want it) Titebond III, which encourages arias of awe all over the place the woodworking web, because it expenses itself as totally water resistant, although admittedly some pundits have doubts. It additionally has an infinite “open time,” that means it remains gluey and does not dry even supposing you dither over the best way to organize your picket for a complete 10 mins. Titebond II will provide you with a trifling 5.

However the actual leap forward with all of the Titebonds is, after all, the bond. How a lot cleavage, compression, flexure, affect, rigidity, or shear is needed to wreck the airplane of a Titebond bond? That is measured in kilos according to sq. inch, and Titebond III takes as much as 4,000 lbs to wreck. Two freaking lots. Hardwood will destroy prior to this glue.

From glue to eyelashes. And although outdated false eyelashes do require glue, it is some distance weaker than Titebond—and that’s the reason sufficient eager about hard-sealed eyelids. What is new in eyelashes is a man-made prostaglandin analog known as bimatoprost. (A man-made prostaglandin analog could also be the lively aspect in misoprostol, one of the most drugs licensed for self-managed abortions.) The place chemical engineers can spell out how ultrasonic machines and PVA glue paintings, bimatoprost is a cheerful twist of fate, and one thing of a thriller. Necessarily, ophthalmologic researchers have been operating to cut back force within the eyes of glaucoma sufferers, and so they found out that bimatoprost relaxes the ciliary—the apprehensive muscle within the eye that chronically contracts once we learn on our smartphones—which brought about the outflow of aqueous fluid throughout the eye. They have been shocked to seek out that this motion of plasma-like fluid additionally served as Miracle-Gro for eyelashes.

As the discovery of era that may develop human hair appears to be the best possible aspiration of humankind, this used to be a thrill. “Hypotrichosis,” or what the Nationwide Institutes of Well being calls “an insufficient quantity of eyelashes,” is the dysfunction bimatoprost treats, which will also be observed in other folks with alopecia, however after all the compound has extra useless packages. Excitingly, bimatoprost may even cause hypertrichosis—over the top eyelash expansion, the technology of a lush, considerable fringe over the attention that obviates the desire for the thickening paint of mascara. “Those hairs,” purrs the NIH find out about, “had a extra tough look, have been longer, thicker, and extra closely pigmented, and arose at a extra acute attitude from the surface than within the regulate eye.” The one catch? Hypertrichosis brought about through bimatoprost infrequently comes with “abnormal development of lash curling.” OH HELL NO.

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