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Ben: In this episode of the Ben Greenfield Health Podcast.

Barrie: When the pot open, have in mind the plant by no means make issues for human beings, they lead them to to offer protection to themselves. When the pot open, they want the tocotrienol to offer protection to the degradation of the colour. That is the tocotrienol piece. And, GG isn’t an amino acid, no longer a department amino acid, as an example. So, what’s it? GG is a spark plug for firing muscle synthesis fitness.

Ben: Well being, efficiency, vitamin, longevity, ancestral residing, biohacking, and a lot more. My identify is Ben Greenfield. Welcome to the display.

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So, I am down right here in gorgeous Phoenix, Arizona at this play. What is this? The Biltmore, Jonathan?

Jonathan:  The Biltmore.

Ben: Yeah.

Jonathan: Yeah, resort.

Ben: You have got this gorgeous, gorgeous assets at a vitamin convention. And, I am with Jonathan Lizotte from the corporate known as Designs for Well being, and we had been out of doors strolling round. You informed me I might be a idiot no longer to speak about this in my podcast. I don’t believe he stated “idiot,” however you closely inspired me to speak about one thing on my podcast which I’ll do in fact. We connected with a scientist who is going to get deep into what it was once that you simply had been speaking about Jonathan. However, why is it that you simply had been in order that short of me to interview this man at the display?

Jonathan: I have been blessed to be on this business for over 30 years, and to search out one thing new, in reality new and novel on this area and with regards to a nutrient does not occur that steadily. And, a type of substances now inside of previous couple of years has been delivered to my consideration. It is in fact an endogenous nutrient. “Endogenous” which means it is produced by means of the physique.

Ben: You in fact make it already.

Jonathan: You’re making it already. And, some vitamins as we age, I am getting up there in years. I am 57 now. Your physique makes much less of it. And oftentimes, we wish to complement vitamins like that that–

Ben: Proper. That might be one thing like NAD, as an example.

Jonathan: You wager. Yup. And so, it is geranylgeraniol. So, oftentimes known as GG. And, once I recall to mind, in my very own getting older procedure, one thing that I would like this is severely vital in such things as protein synthesis and testosterone synthesis, endogenous manufacturing of MK4 actual vital parts of a wholesome immune device and keeping up correct skeleture.

Ben: K. I imply, clearly, with Barrie, we are going to get into these kind of other mechanisms. However k, so giant image even though is you might be within the dietary supplements business.

Jonathan: Yeah.

Ben: You might be at this type of convention always.

Jonathan: Yeah.

Ben: You almost certainly roughly like me have attempted the entirety recognized to humankind.

Jonathan: Completely.

Ben: So, if there was once one complement that for those who had been caught on a barren region island for a 12 months that you’d take, would it not be this one?

Jonathan: It nonetheless can be tocotrienol.

Ben: It would be tocotrienol. K.

Jonathan: However–

Ben: I have in mind you assert one thing about tocotrienol. So, tocotrienol which I talked with Barrie about prior to nonetheless most sensible of the record. Would you assert that is up there?

Jonathan: Neatly, fortunately, there are merchandise to be had that experience tocotrienol and GG blended in them. And–


Ben: K, we are going to have to speak.

Jonathan: So, that makes it simple. So, I take the blended product.

Ben: K. Alright. I will communicate to Jonathan after this, you guys pass to the shownotes, I will in finding out which of them have the tocotrienols and the GGs, so you’ll be able to pass in your personal barren region island and be as satisfied as Jonathan. We completed simply in time. Right here comes the rubbish truck or the meals supply truck. Alright, you guys. Music in, going to move chat with Barrie Tan. Revel in.

Neatly, satisfied Halloween, Barrie. I assume, that is what two nerds like us do on Halloween as we stroll round in Arizona speaking about vitamin.

Barrie: Sure. Neatly, that is as excellent as it will get with great sunshine. So, we are shopping ahead to doing this one.

Ben: Yeah, we have now were given a good looking strolling trail down right here in Phoenix, Arizona the place each you and I had been attending this CASI. What is CASI even stand for? I have no idea.

Barrie: CASI is Medical Software and Clinical Innovation.

Ben: Medical Software and Clinical Innovation. I am happy considered one of us is aware of the place we are at these days.

And so, all forms of audio system from all over the world had been right here, professionals in vitamin, physicians, dietitians, nutritionists and an organization known as Designs for Well being was once one, they are the principle sponsor of this match. And, for those who guys concentrate to the creation to this display, you heard me talking to Jonathan who heads up Designs for Well being and we had been speaking about this actual darling molecule that is roughly roughly threatening to take the vitamin complement global by means of typhoon, however no longer many of us find out about it but. So, as I cherish to do, I love to get in early on stuff and help you guys find out about cool issues I in finding when I am touring round.

Now, Barrie’s been on my podcast prior to, you guys could be aware of Barrie’s voice from a implausible display we did about diet E a pair years in the past. We mentioned diet E however took a deep dive into anatto, proper?

Barrie: Sure, it was once anatto from the Amazonian jungle.

Ben: Yeah. So interesting tale. And, we would possibly not spend a large number of time on that tale as a result of we simply unpacked this complete new type of diet E in that podcast a few years in the past. And, all over that display, Barrie roughly in short alluded to this different molecule that he was once roughly deep within the throes of researching and studying extra about. It is been a pair years since then, and now, he is roughly unleashing this factor at the global with regards to the details about it. So, I believed, “Let’s pass on a stroll and in fact discuss this.”

Barrie, prior to we soar into what these things is and why it is so vital. What does your day process in fact seem like? Are you simply in a lab researching or studying papers? What’s it that you simply in fact do on a day by day foundation?

Barrie: I do a good bit of studying and researching. And, as you understand, finding out is on the velocity of Google, so I do this. And in addition, someday I’m going to the lab and paintings at the lab campus. And differently, the place our facility is is in the best way within the nation. So, I take walks and I communicate to myself and make ideas of ways our physique purposes.

Ben: Now, you might be I used to be going to mention at the start Chinese language. You might be Chinese language, proper?

Barrie: Sure, I’m.

Ben: However, did you develop up in China?

Barrie: No, I grew up in Southeast Asia within the nation of Malaysia.

Ben: Oh, k. My tennis trainer in faculty Kai Fong, he was once from Malaysia.

Barrie: Wow.

Ben: And so, now the place do you are living?

Barrie: Now, I are living in Massachusetts and feature been there for nearly 40 years.

Ben: K. Do you return to China a lot?

Barrie: No, I have simplest been to it two time. Malaysia, a large number of occasions, most probably as soon as each two years except for all over the pandemic time.

Ben: K, were given you. So, with regards to you pronouncing that you can pass into the chemistry lab someday, is your formal training in chemistry?

Barrie: Yeah, my formal training is in biochemistry and chemistry.

Ben: Were given you. Dude, I took biochemistry in faculty. I do know the results of that for memorizing pathways.

Barrie: Yeah.

Ben: A large number of memorization. My trick was once I simply write issues down on an 8 and a part by means of 11 sheet of paper, after which flip it over and write it down once more, then flip it over and write it down once more till I might memorize that pathway after which transfer directly to the following one simply wrote repetition.

And, gosh, you and I had been on a panel the day prior to this. I used to be comfy taking you on a stroll to speak about these things as a result of I will see that your thoughts is a metal lure on the subject of reciting a few of this data on the way it works. How previous are you?

Barrie: I am 68 years previous and I am most probably the status individual that experience taken tocotrienol for approximately 30 years of my existence.

Ben: You have taken the tocotrienol that we mentioned within the remaining podcast? You have been taking it for 30 years?

Barrie: Sure, sure.

Ben: Neatly, other people cannot see you currently as a result of it is an audio podcast however you might be remarkably put in combination for a 68-year-old and you might be maintaining with me in this stroll. So, is that roughly a part of your core protocol for longevity? Do you do it for irritation? Did you do it since you had a fitness situation?

Barrie: No, I do not have that. I’ve a lot to thank to Jap scientists. They had been the primary to turn that once you are taking tocotrienol, it extends their existence, they learn about in worms, prolong the lifetime of 30%. So, I comprehend it needed to do with anti-aging and extension of existence.

Ben: K, yeah. Neatly, we unpacked that at the remaining display however this new one turns out it may well be in all probability proper up there, proper up there with regards to efficacy.

K. So, inform me the identify of what it’s that we are speaking about these days?

Barrie: That is from the plant when I used to be visiting South The united states I found out. This plant is named Lipstick plant. You’ll google. After which, I discovered this GG, it stands for geranylgeraniol, that molecule. And, this molecule is–

Ben: Let’s spell that for other people simply actual fast. So, geranyl is G-E-R-A-N-Y-L, after which the second one section is geraniol, G-E-R-A-N-I-O-L, so geranylgeraniol. And luckily, we will simply name it GG, proper?

Barrie: Sure, we will name it, simplify it to name it GG.

Ben: So, you discovered this. And, I do know that you simply found out diet E while you had been researching this anatto plant within the Amazon. Was once this in a an identical location that you simply discovered this Lipstick plant?

Barrie: Yeah. And, in existence, many stuff are serendipitous and that is a type of. Once I extract the diet E which is a discovery on its own, I name it “perfect at school.” Then, I discovered one thing left at the back of, the left at the back of once I analyze it, I discovered it was once GG. And, GG to this present day, it’s first at school.

Ben: K. So, it was once in the similar plant as you had been discovering this diet E in?

Barrie: Yeah. It’s in the similar plant. You understand why? Since the plant used GG to make the diet E.

Ben: Oh, so GG is a precursor to those tocotrienols?

Barrie: Sure, 100%. People and animals can’t make this, however the plant kingdom could make this.

Ben: Oh, we are not making our personal GG.

Barrie: No, we make our personal GG. However, once we make our personal GG, is not able to make diet E, tocotrienol because the vegetation can.

Ben: K, I were given you. That is what I used to be going to invite you as a result of I am like, “Neatly, why would you even wish to take or want to take the diet E that we mentioned our remaining display if these things is a precursor for it?” However mainly, the conversion does not happen throughout the human physique to diet E when you are taking the GG.

Barrie: The conversion does no longer convert to diet E, it converts to many more thing. With a bit of luck, this [00:15:56]_____ will elucidate that however to not diet E.


Ben: K. So, what precisely is GG? Is it a protein? Is it a phospholipid? How would you in fact describe it?

Barrie: This is a superb query, Ben. In this one right here, GG, let me describe it in a large point of view. It’s the remaining commonplace step between a plant and an animal. No such chemical exists. How so? In a plant, GG is known as terpene, like CBD terpenoid. However in an animal, GG is known as an isoprene, isoprenoid, like that.

Ben: An isoprenoid. What would the construction be closest to then? A carbohydrate or a lipid? What is it in fact seem like?

Barrie: K.

Ben: And, is it giant or small?

Barrie: It’s small. However, the easiest way to explain it’s what the GG is utilized by the plant to make, I gave you two examples. And, what’s GG utilized by the animal to make as a result of they’re the remaining commonplace step within the plant, it’s used to make carotene as you consume vegetable you understand, in addition to chlorophyll, the fairway factor. So, each time while you consume vegetable, you might be seeing at the back of it what GG is a precursor for. Within the animal, GG is used to make CoQ10 and muscle. I give it the most straightforward shape that you can think of what GG is for. And, that is such an underrated and underappreciated nutrient. Now, we were given it.

Ben: K. However you stated that our physique could make GG.

Barrie: Sure.

Ben: K. So, the place does the physique make its personal GG? 

Barrie: The physique make their very own GG throughout the cellular. For instance, throughout the cellular after they make the GG, GG is what I consult with as a non-terminal endogenous nutrient. So, after it make GG, you must use the GG to do one thing. 3 quick examples, CoQ10, muscle, testosterone.

Ben: K, CoQ10, muscle, and testosterone. Most of the people know muscle and testosterone. However only a fast apart, sorry to insult anyone’s intelligence who is excessive up at the vitamin sector and already is aware of this. However CoQ10, simply fast clarification of that to other people what CoQ10 is.

Barrie: CoQ10 is used within the physique. A Nobel Prize was once given for its discovery in 1978. Is solely used throughout the cellular to make the foreign money of power known as ATP.

Ben: Yeah, it is mainly the most important to the mitochondrial electron shipping chain. A large number of other people will complement with it within the type of ubiquinol. Additionally, as CoQ10, I individually bury I’ve a freezer stuffed with all forms of wild recreation meats and organ meats and I do center each week, which is in fact a in reality excellent bioavailable food-based supply of CoQ10, however many of us have a tendency to be low on CoQ10. In particular in case you are on a statin, as an example.

Barrie: Or, specifically in case you are vegan.

Ben: Yeah, yup, that’d be some other instance. So, yeah, the animal meats are going to be some supply of CoQ10. So, gg is performing as a precursor for CoQ10, it is performing for muscle protein synthesis for testosterone.

We’re going to discuss a few of the ones pathways right here momentarily, however I requested you if the physique makes its personal as a result of I am roughly curious why we’d in reality even want to care about this as a complement if our our bodies are making their very own GG.

Barrie: In fact, proper prior to I do this, I sought after to segue on a very easy word. You stated that you simply put within the fridge and freeze your organ meat, there is something already instructing intuitively. This organ meat are normally darkish and they’re firing the mitochondria, that is why they’ve excessive CoQ10. And, in those puts also are the place the GG is excessive in order that the GG is needed for the synthesis of CoQ10 to supply power to fireside the guts in order that all of them paintings in combination. To consume organ meat or darkish meat, you will have to be expecting to have excessive CoQ10.

Ben: Yeah, that is why Thanksgiving arising right here beautiful quickly. Perhaps the time this podcast comes out, it is going to be on the subject of Thanksgiving. And, I normally opt for the darkish meat. Anyone who needs to optimize their mitochondrial serve as, the darkish meat goes to be higher simply since you’re getting a little bit bit extra of the slower twitch muscle fibers and one of the crucial cardio enzymes which are found in the ones. However, something that I discovered is that all over the Excursion de France, a large number of the groups over there’ll consume a horse meat which is one thing that you’ll be able to in finding in France. And, there could be a couple of Excursion de France cyclists available in the market chuckling and pronouncing, “No, no, we do not do this, Ben.” However, I have been informed by means of a few people who horse meat is incorporated within the Excursion de France biking nutrition. And, I personally in fact hunted a wild horse as soon as and the beef is extremely darkish, darkish pink, one of the crucial darkest. It is even darker than red meat. It has this actual reddish tinge to it, virtually like center. And, the ones are the kind of meats which are in reality wealthy in in CoQ10.

So, GG, it is serving as a precursor to that, however once more, the physique makes it. So, why would we want to take it?

Barrie: In fact, the phrase at the again of your thoughts, simply recall to mind anti-aging. Above the age of 30, we don’t most probably want GG as a result of our physique makes it and firing effectively. At about that point, the great vitamins our physique make will start to be on its decline and upkeep. So, because of this by myself, we’d like supplementation of GG so the opposite downstream vitamins that we’d like like CoQ10 the place we handle mild muscle containment will likely be contained or testosterone, all of these items drop with age up on in regards to the age of 30.

Ben: A large number of persons are taking NAD for that. The NAD ranges appear to, although your physique could make NAD, remarkably decline with age, except that is some of the darling molecules of the anti-aging business. So, what you might be pronouncing is it might be roughly very similar to that like as you age, your ranges decline. So, from an anti-aging point of view and associated with testosterone CoQ10 and muscle protein synthesis, specifically, this might be one thing that might assist you to stay your ranges crowned off to optimize the ones departments as you age.

Barrie: Sure. The adaptation, which is the nuance, is that this. The GG, sure, it is anti-aging, however that word may well be trite. I sought after to simplify that GG isn’t a terminal endogenous nutrient, this means that that for those who lack GG, the entirety downstream of GG will likely be inhibited corresponding to muscle, corresponding to testosterone, corresponding to CoQ10.

Ben: K, were given it. So, that is roughly that once I used to be speaking the day prior to this, I used to be speaking in regards to the pregnenolone thieve and the truth that if you have got a large number of cortisol being produced since you’re residing in a stressed-out state, there may be much less pregnenolone to be had for say progesterone manufacturing. So, what you might be pronouncing is you need to fill up GG so you were given a large number of those upstream metabolites to be had for a few of these purposes that GG interacts with.

Barrie: Sure, sure. Should you like, I provide you with an instance at the muscle section. How is GG within the figuring out of muscle construction? Muscle offers traction, locomotion serve as, and gait, easy solution. And, GG isn’t an amino acid, no longer a department amino acid, as an example. So, what’s it? GG is a spark plug for firing muscle synthesis.

Ben: K. So, let’s dive into one of the crucial specifics right here. So, muscle protein synthesis, how would GG in fact help with or how has it been proven to help with staving off muscle loss, sarcopenia, muscle protein synthesis, muscle construction, the rest of the like?

Barrie: K. Right here, let me provide you with a cool animated film model. No person have in fact mentioned it. Maximum time other people stated, you were given to take a protein, different issues that fortify the protein that department amino acid like that, however no one in fact say how proteins are in fact made. Should you consume protein, it will be digested within the intestine. So, they simply pass in as an amino acid. So, that is my simplified model of it. Simply recall to mind a protein that experience 100 amino acid after which the permutation of constructing that, and we’ve 21 crucial amino acids. Make it easy, we’ve 20 crucial amino acid and that protein is set 100 lengthy. It could be 100 to the ability of 22. It is an unattainable quantity to Google. Subsequently, the making of particular protein is within the nucleus designed by means of the DNA.

So, how is it made? Maximum molecules are small. Protein molecules are like an albatross. So, when the DNA is making, they sew in a single amino acid after which the following one very particular, once they made about 50 of them, that factor is so massive, one thing have to carry directly to that till the entire thing is done and dropped at the web site. No person talks like that. That factor that hooked because the protein is being synthesized is an underappreciated easy molecule non-amino acid. That is GG. It is simply maintaining it till all the albatross is finished.

Ben: So, GG is a scaffolding for those amino acids which are being churned out to in the end construct the proteins that might be interested by, as an example, skeletal muscle synthesis?

Barrie: Sure. And, skeletal all during the physique. A typical human individual can have 30%, most probably Ben himself will most probably have 40% or so of muscle.

Ben: Oh, thanks.

Barrie: So, which is a dramatic have an effect on. So, subsequently, a lack of this GG is not able to make the protein synthesis. So, it is vital like that.

Ben: Now, have they in fact ever executed any research on GG in both weightlifting folks, or other people with sarcopenia, or executed in any analysis into whether or not or no longer this in fact leads to upon supplementation significant staving off of muscle loss or muscle construction or the rest like that?

Barrie: Recently, all of that is executed in animal. After which, for those who ask why is it no longer executed in human being, that is my access into this. For the primary time, 12 months in the past, we’re launching GG. So, till then, this merely isn’t this element to be had. On the other hand, in animal, what has it been proven, after they gave animal, younger animal, it higher the muscle drive death of kick. Within the aged rat, they are able to make stronger thrive. And, that is hooked up to the testosterone. And, for individuals who took statin, it might reason muscle harm. This may block the statin talent to expand muscle harm. So, they all are muscle–

Ben: And, is that as a result of with the statin factor that it is serving as a precursor to CoQ10?

Barrie: Sure. That is hooked up to the CoQ10, however statin additionally at once inhibit GG synthesis. And, as it at once inhibit GG synthesis, that’s the reason why when other people take statin, they’ve muscle drawback. Quite simple, simple and easy. However, the gg section is as a result of–no, no, the CoQ10 section is as a result of statin inhibit GG and there may be no longer sufficient GG to make CoQ10 and CoQ10 additionally drop.

Ben: So arguably, if somebody had been on a statin, would it not be a greater solution to take one thing like GG as an alternative of CoQ10?

Barrie: Sure. For the muscle harm, completely. However, if you wish to have a win all, a win-win, then take a complement that have GG and CoQ10 in combination .

Ben: K. As a result of mainly, the GG can be answerable for the muscle protein synthesis element of CoQ10. However then, if you are taking further CoQ10, you can be getting what you can want for mitochondrial make stronger, as an example.

Barrie: Sure, 100%. The mitochondrial make stronger is absolute necessity to the muscle and to all different cells as a result of we merely want the ATP for the foreign money of power.

Ben: Now, associated with this idea of muscle protein synthesis, clearly the endocrine device is a key element. A few occasions the day prior to this you discussed to me what you had noticed referring to GG and testosterone or just endocrine legislation as an entire. What is going on with the endocrine device in GG?

Barrie: This can be a discovery of Jap scientists and it is only two years in the past. As everyone knows, Jap lived the longest existence. So, they made up our minds to provide them GG they usually discovered that after they gave the animal GG, the testosterone build up and is in a position to build up the thrive of this previous rat to stroll. That is it. That was once simply a very easy discovering and that triggered me to suppose, “Ah, this can be utilized for common software of expanding testosterone for efficiency in addition to for upkeep of thrive as we get older.”

Ben: Any have an effect on on another hormones?

Barrie: Sure, progesterone for girls.

Ben: In point of fact?

Barrie: Sure.

Ben: Fascinating. K. Neatly, I imply, progesterone is one thing that this is now being utilized in nervousness stipulations in males as effectively.

And in addition, there may be one practitioner, I overlook his identify, he wrote a guide known as “The Adrenal Reset.” And, he even makes use of it, small quantities of transdermal progesterone in kids for ADD and ADHD signs. Clearly, I am a type of guys who says “Take a look at, take a look at, take a look at.” Get a DUTCH take a look at, a dried urine take a look at to be sure to’re tracking the rest from progesterone to testosterone or the rest like that if you find yourself taking one thing that may modify the ones ranges. However, that is fascinating that it has that impact on testosterone and progesterone. And, it is usually fascinating I feel that in all probability a little bit little bit of a rabbit hollow right here particularly making an allowance for what number of, effectively, guys specifically it kind of feels are simply continuously diving into all of the various things it is advisable to do to extend testosterone.

Is the rationale that extra other people have no idea about this? Yeah, as a result of most of the people I will say geranylgeraniol and nutritionists complement producers, physicians, they’ve no clue, by no means heard of it. Why is it that it is so unusual at the moment? Is it simply that early in infancy with regards to the phases of study?

Barrie: Yeah. So, I take this query as how come other people have no idea about this if that is as exhausting as it’s now that we all know? Two easy causes. One, the GG to testosterone connection is simplest found out two years in the past. It was once no longer recognized prior to. And two, I evolved the GG right here in Massachusetts, so a 12 months in the past. So prior to, this is merely no longer to be had. And, why do I imagine this so vital? GG isn’t a steroid itself, it is an isoprenoid but it surely stimulates the physique to make testosterone naturally as a result of that is how the physique does it’s an endogenous nutrient. So, I take that is as excellent as it will get.

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Have you ever been taking this GG your self or tracking your individual testosterone ranges or the rest like that?

Barrie: No, I’ve no longer examined my testosterone point. I take GG for the rationale I’ve very excessive ldl cholesterol and my physician is giving me statin. So, by means of taking GG is in a position to mitigate my talent to have muscle drawback. And, for me, I am 68 years, so I don’t need muscle drawback and if I’ve muscle drawback, how am I going to get into my 70?

Ben: How can you pass on walks with me to document podcasts?

Barrie: That is proper. Ben is double my age after which I am retaining tempo with–

Ben: And, double your leg period.

Barrie: Double however sure.

Ben: No offense however you might be shorty in comparison to me however you might be maintaining.

K. So, we mainly were given muscle protein synthesis, we’ve endocrine device legislation specifically related to testosterone and progesterone, we’ve CoQ10 modulation.  After which, some other one that you simply had discussed to me, I am getting my communicate the day prior to this, was once on bone density, and osteoporosis, osteopenia, and sarcopenia to a undeniable extent. And, I will try to make that speak to be had to other people if I will within the shownotes for this podcast which you’ll be able to in finding at BenGreenfieldFitness.com/GG. BenGreenfieldFitness.com/GG is the place you’ll be able to opt for the podcast shownotes and likewise hyperlink to my different podcasts I did with Barrie about diet E, which was once similarly interesting.

However then, we have now were given some other factor associated with that, and that’s bone fitness.

Barrie: Sure.

Ben: I feel it has one thing to do with diet Okay, however are you able to provide an explanation for what is going on with GG, bone fitness and diet Okay?

Barrie: Sure. This may be some other discovery of Jap scientists about 10 years in the past, and this can be a dramatic discovering. And, the easy factor is when you are taking vegetable, you were given diet K1, and the tail is more or less seem like the diet K1 is a sperm-looking. Call to mind the tail. And, once you get to the intestine, the intestine vegetation it off, simplest take a certain quantity of K1 for clotting issue. After which, while you get into the physique is searching for a GG molecule to sew on. As soon as it is stitched on is MK4, menaquinone-4. After which now, how is that hooked up to bone? Menaquinone-Four or diet K2, it makes a protein. Handiest menaquinone could make it. It makes a protein and in addition to K1. The protein chaperones calcium to the bone. Similar to that. And subsequently, for those who lack GG, not able to make MK4, then osteoporosis and more thing will also be imagined. So, that’s the connection.

Let me push this assault additional. The bone include roughly 95% of calcium. The opposite 5% % is in comfortable tissue. That could be a–

Ben: The opposite 5% of calcium is in comfortable tissue, yeah.

Barrie: In comfortable tissue, sure. So, that is a nice steadiness. In case you have 10%, what is going to occur? You will get calcium within the fallacious position corresponding to artery, arterial sclerosis, corresponding to within the gallbladder, gallstone, corresponding to within the kidney, kidney stone. Quite simple.

Ben: If somebody had been to take GG as a result of a large number of other people will take roughly, like I used to be speaking about the day prior to this, roughly the holy trifecta for bone, diet D, magnesium, and calcium. There are others however the ones are 3 giant ones. If somebody had been taking GG, would it not negate the want to complement with an MK4 model of diet Okay?

Barrie: No, it does not do this as a result of diet D is also a hormone to trip the calcium to the bone as effectively. In reality, I feel there’s a made of the Design for Well being known as Tri-Okay the place it is a mixture of these kind of issues that you simply discussed to me together with GG.

Ben: So, the opposite type of Okay, you mentioned MK1 that we get from vegetation that is then transformed into MK4, after which MK7 is some other type of diet Okay that is steadily utilized in vitamin dietary supplements, yeah?

Barrie: Sure. That is one. Because you introduced MK7 up, let me determine for you. MK7 is a dietary complement. Some paintings has been executed on anti-osteoporosis, so it is like that. On the other hand, in Japan, MK4 is a pharmaceutical drug for anti-osteoporosis. American citizens have no idea this but, the variation MK7–

Ben: The adaptation between MK4 and MK7.

Barrie: That is proper.

Ben: K.

Barrie: And MK7, the tail is sort of two times as lengthy. So, subsequently, it sticks round within the blood longer. MK4 is shorter, so it will get into the cellular. Now, additionally some other distinction, other people repeatedly stated that during fermentation within the intestine, you are making these kind of MK stuff, MK4, 7, 9, 11, 13 like that. On the other hand, a transparent difference, and this will have to clutch you, the one menaquinone synthesized by means of the human physique all in 27 organ recognized up to now is MK4. No different menaquinone is made. So, subsequently, we will have to ask the query why is the physique making MK4. No less than we all know a minimum of one that is to trip calcium and chaperone calcium to the bone. No less than we all know that.

Ben: So, in case you are supplemented with diet Okay, you will have to arguably be the usage of the MK4 model?

Barrie: Sure. MK4 model, a fewer corporate sells them and we do not. We simply promote the GG, the main one. And once more, I will be able to emphasize the endogenous nutrient is non-terminal that make these kind of excellent different endogenous vitamins in our physique.

Ben: Or you’ll be able to simply ferment vegetation with MK1 like anatto. I like to consume natto once I pass to Asia simply because it is a nice bioavailable type of diet Okay. And, from what I perceive, the fermentation means of the soybean lets in for higher conversion of the MK1 into the MK4. It could be the MK7. I am in fact no longer rather certain what the fermentation procedure is leading to. However in the end, for those who ferment a few of these vegetation with MK1, it is roughly a great way for particularly a plant-based eater to get excellent bioavailable quantities of diet Okay as a result of they may be able to’t consume an excessive amount of pretty grass-fed butter.

Barrie: Yeah. I feel that for those who use the natto, which is a Jap factor on soya bean, the micro organism produce most commonly MK7 and therefore, MK7–

Ben: K, so it’s MK7.

Barrie: –is going ahead in this, the micro organism have a tendency to make longer chain. However while you get throughout the physique, we make MK4 most probably evolutionarily, it’s extra effective, it does the process and prefer that. To your intestine, when you’ve got excellent intestine, you can make all of this excellent stuff. If you are taking fermented meals like kefir, kimchi, the rest fermented together with cheese, you’ll in finding this type of a menaquinone. So, all this to mention if you are taking them, implausible, and we will have to. And, for those who surprise, effectively, but even so fermented meals, how else if you wish to paintings it within the physique sense and the physique sense is to have GG as a result of GG makes MK4.

Ben: However GG seems to additionally in line with what I am figuring out right here whilst expanding the power for calcium so to make its method into bone cells would inhibit calcification like extra calcium systemically.

Barrie: Sure. And, inhibit calcium systemically out of doors the bone in order that it might no longer shape gal stone, kidney stone, or artery, we do not name it artery stone, that might be calcification.

Ben: Proper, arterial calcification.

Barrie: Sure, arterial calcification. However the ones 3 are large enough. So in fact, if you are taking a step again and no longer discuss remedy, you’ll start to get an, oh, we can all start to get an concept. Actually GG is an anti-aging nutrient, underrated and underappreciated. They make these kind of different heroes this is wanted within the physique.

Ben: Yeah, in case you are shopping on the paintings of Dr. William Davis who has made the calcium scan rating rather common, a large number of other people–and I’ve a large podcast about this for those who pass to BenGreenfieldFitness.com/HeartHealth. They are now retaining their finger at the pulse of calcification the usage of this calcium scan rating. I might be curious to look in the future some form of analysis into supplementation with GG and any have an effect on that may have on calcium scan rating, which is more or less expensive to my center as a result of my historical past of competing in very tough sports activities specifically high-level staying power sports activities. I individually have the next calcification rating than can be superb. It is roughly very dense calcium that is much less more likely to lead to center problems in line with the calcium scan that I were given however but it is nonetheless one thing that I am steadily requested about. How are you able to lower this calcium scan rating? It seems like GG could be roughly very similar to magnesium, one that can help with that.

Barrie: Yeah. Ben, I didn’t pre-thought this and the target audience will have to know this. Whilst you stated that it sparked one thing on me, remaining month, simply remaining month, the Korean scientist revealed that during avid athlete, they have a tendency to have upper calcification rating within the artery. I have no idea what their idea is, however they may be able to obviously record it. I’ve a bet.

Ben: Yeah.

Barrie: As a result of if you find yourself very robust athlete that the GG has been spent on CoQ10, spent on making excellent muscle in order that there is not sufficient GG to make the decrease, the sidekick, and if the sidekick came about to be MK, however you and I don’t believe of it as sidekick. So, for those who do not have sufficient GG to make MK4 as a result of it is wanted for one thing else particularly within the call for of an athlete, then in all probability that might be a rational why other people will have calcification within the artery.

Ben: Yeah. I suspected that you can be proper, the next turnover of GG in an lively athlete, however that is paired with the truth that you’ve got merely were given extra lactic acidosis going on in cardiac tissue. And, that is in the end going to lead to some quantity of calcium inflow. Intracellularly, some quantity of calcium buildup within the places the place that calcium is migrating to. And so, any athlete goes to be at the next chance simply in line with the higher quantity of acidosis they are present process to calcium buildup in center tissue. However then, if in addition they do not have a option to distribute calcium successfully during the physique as GG would do, it might give a contribution and make it a larger factor.

Barrie: 100%. Amongst all of the minerals we take, calcium is obviously essentially the most dominant mineral of all.

Ben: Yeah.

Barrie: So, subsequently, the trafficking and the operating of calcium is significant and vital to our fitness.

Ben: Yeah, yeah. I mentioned that so much the day prior to this in my communicate.

I wish to communicate a little bit bit about roughly brass tacks right here so far as GG is going. If somebody had been to complement with it, have you ever seemed into timing and dosing? And, we were given time so that you can unpack this for us however mainly when would you are taking it and the way’s it going to be other between a man, or a woman, or a child? Has any of that analysis been executed?

Barrie: No, the analysis had no longer been. Portions of it had been. And, in line with animal research we transpose to human being, that is 150 milligram or 300 milligram consistent with day. And, they will have to be as a result of it is oil-soluble, fat-soluble. It will have to be serious about a meal ideally lunch or dinner. So, that will be the dosage factor. We were given these kind of drawings from issues which are from the animal research. If it is helping you in any respect, then there is not any medical learn about. We’re making plans to accomplish 3 medical learn about. We can’t do they all at one time however a minimum of you’ll be able to see the place I am transferring my chips to do the item I would like. The primary medical learn about is to other people with statin with showed myopathy and notice how gg would possibly lend a hand to cut back the muscle harm, one. The second one medical learn about is we are going to learn about the development of testosterone and likewise on pressure. That is the second one learn about.

Ben: Simply in human research?


Barrie: Human research. That is all human. And, the 3rd one we have a tendency to do is workout science. They don’t seem to be taking statin, no not anything, and they are simply taking the GG and we can measure their muscle drive and output, simply that. So, the ones are 3 separate research we plan to do.

Ben: Yeah, I will stay my arms at the pulse of the ones as they arrive out since you and I be in contact. So, I will put the ones out to the target audience after they get launched although in line with the conversations we have now had up to now couple of days in my conversations with Jonathan Lizotte, I am making plans on starting to enforce GG in my very own non-public protocol, so the timing and the dosing factor is vital for me to know. So, 150 to 300 milligrams with a meal as a result of it is a fat-soluble. After which, what about anyone that it is advisable to recall to mind who won’t wish to use this both as a result of it might be a waste of cash they usually are not looking for it as a result of their age or as a result of it could build up any form of chance components?

Barrie: I might say that in line with what I remark prior to, till an individual is 20 years and older, at 20 years and more youthful, I might no longer lately see a reason they will have to take it. And, additionally for pregnant girls, I have no idea sufficient on that. However for the category of people who completely can be excellent can be people who find themselves about 30 years and older, specifically 50 years and older, completely want it for people who find themselves 60 years and older.

Ben: K.

Can it’s blended, are you aware, or stacked with different dietary supplements successfully? Probably the most causes that I ask is as a result of the day prior to this, you guys had all this juice out known as MyoStim.

Barrie: Sure.

Ben: And, it is MyoStim, normally I exploit amino acids all day lengthy to roughly stay my muscle protein synthesis buzzing alongside, however I did not have any with me. I have been ingesting this MyoStim the previous couple of days and it has the usuals for staving off sarcopenia or construction muscle groups like creatine, HMB, diet D, et cetera, et cetera. However, you understand GG is in there.

Barrie: Sure, GG, as a result of I informed them what we’re speaking now so that they made up our minds to position GG as a part of the bundle. So, with regards to combo, I will see GG in case you are speaking about muscle, then put or blended with issues which are muscle construction that sequence. Should you discuss muscle harm corresponding to from statin, then obviously that might be excellent with GG with CoQ10s relying at the method you pass with it. If this can be a pressure stimulation, there are a number of different merchandise available in the market. When it comes to proving, we need to do GG on its own. So, which may be a excellent combo. And, whether it is diet Okay, then it might be bone fitness. Then, we combo with different bone issues. So, other a platform, however they all reliable as a result of we’ve this in our hand.

Ben: K. A few days in the past we had been in fact on a stroll, you and I, and also you had discussed a type of GG that I feel was once simply GG and, what the heck, tossed in some other G.

Barrie: Yeah.

Ben: GG, geranylgeraniol glutathione, I feel you stated.

Barrie: Sure, yeah.

Ben: And, this was once a newly found out molecule associated with the glutathione pathway. What is the have an effect on of GG on glutathione or what is the significance of this new type of GG?

Barrie: K. In this one right here, let me take one step to put the target audience. There are a large number of issues with GG we do not know but. What I informed you is what I know. Of 2 issues and Ben introduced up GGG, geranylgeraniol glutathione, and all people know the glutathione factor. And, the opposite one is geranylgeranoid acid. What are the advantage of those two? The geranylgeraniol glutathione, have in mind no one is aware of about this and our cellular is quietly making it. So, they’re making this to maintain the integrity of the mitochondria. Guy, how excellent is that? This is within the holy of holies. Simply that on its own. And, that is the College of California discovery.

The opposite one is GG combined geranylgeranoid acid. This is obviously a liver defense. They did this, they gave it to rats from 0 age all of the option to 24 months, to 24 month, the rat is in reality previous. They simply gave GG as soon as at mid-life, at 12 months they usually discovered that for individuals who did not have it, they’ve liver most cancers and liver melody. For individuals who got ones simplest of their life of the rat, they didn’t have liver most cancers. This is simply an anti-aging, my buddy.

Ben: And, that was once a special type of the geranylgeraniol even though, proper?

Barrie: Yeah. They gave them geranylgeraniol, however the physique makes the geranylgeranoid acid from the geranylgeraniol, after which he is ready to offer protection to the liver. And, because it became out, the Jap scientists have revealed two papers in New England Magazine of Drugs that if they provide them geranylgeranoid acid, it helped to regard other people with liver most cancers. So, there you might have it. That is what we all know now.

So, in time to come back, the GG would possibly do more thing. If  you understand that GG is an endogenous nutrient, many extra different stuff we can be informed in time as a result of it is not recognized. It is the type of factor that no longer simplest is it helpful to us, it is the type of factor that some man or some staff goes to get the Nobel Prize for. It simply hidden, too unknown.

Ben: Should you get the Nobel Prize, I would like credit score. The Nobel Prize, the folk sitting round in fits within the boardroom who award the Noel Prize. In the event that they listen this podcast, I would like credit score for those who get the Nobel Prize, Barrie.

Now, Barrie, what vegetation, since you discussed that you simply in finding this on this Lipstick–Is the lipstick plant similar because the annatto plant?

Barrie: Yeah. Shall we embrace the Britishers name it most probably as a result of it is a couple hundred years in the past, the conference was once to make the lips of girls pink most probably. They name it the lipstick plant. Nevertheless it was once discovered 250 years prior to by means of a man known as Francisco De Orellana all over the Spanish conquistador time after they had been in on the Amazonia, they began from Ecuador down all of the option to Brazil and he discovered this plant. Now, then the medical identify for this plant is named Bixa, B-I-X-A, Orellana named after the discoverer. So, for those who sort Bixa Orellana, annatto, or the Spanish phrase achiote or the Portuguese phrase with “urucum,” you can in finding many culinary honest that use this for cooking.

Ben: Neatly, it is what I used to be going to invite you. Is annatto a nutritional staple within the Amazon?

Barrie: Sure, it is simply eaten as a meals. So, for those who use this for cooking, after all, it will stain the entirety pink colour.

Ben: Oh, in reality?

Barrie: Yeah. On account of the pink colour. The pink colour is the–

Ben: I spotted the GG tablets are very darkish like darkish orangish-red.

Barrie: Yeah, like that. So, after all, we got rid of the bixin in large part, most commonly it all after which then we make one section as tocotrienol, the opposite a part of GG. And, some other people in fact gained the annatto tocotrienol and GG in combination and designed for fitness as a product known as Annatto-E GG, which is a mix of those two.

Ben: Oh, you’ll be able to get each directly?

Barrie: Yeah, they may be able to each–

Ben: So, you’ll be able to simply kill two birds–

Barrie: Sure, sure, sure.

Ben: Alright, I will get the hyperlink out of your crew and put that within the shownotes, so other people simply wish to kill two birds with one stone. However again to this annatto stuff, have you ever ever eaten it your self like had it ready as a meal?

Barrie: Yeah. I take a look at some Filipino meals, and persons are, “Why Filipino meals?” The Spanish that had been in South The united states, I have no idea if American citizens, usually, know this, the Spanish had been ruling Philippines for 400 years so long as they did in South The united states which is why a lot of them seem like me however they’ve Spanish remaining identify. So, they’ve this culinary honest introduced from South The united states to Philippines. And, if you go surfing simply say cooking with annatto, you can in finding that. And, for those who do this, you might have a modicum, small quantity of GG and tocotrienol on your meals if you do not thoughts that your meals turns into reddish colour corresponding to curry.

Ben: Yeah or like beets.

Barrie: Like beets, sure.

Ben: Yeah. Are you aware if there may be another vegetation within the plant kingdom that might be as concentrated or very similar to one thing like annatto with regards to the dietary get advantages powerhouse for one thing like diet E and/or GG?

Barrie: Sure. For the GG, sure. However sadly, that plant isn’t safe to eat. That could be a castor oil.

Ben: Oh, castor oil.

Barrie: Yeah, we use it for the engine oil.

Ben: A large number of fitness fans will use castor oil transdermally like castor oil packs. I ponder whether they are soaking up any GG.

Barrie: Yeah, that is a fascinating query. I comprehend it has, but when I had been to get it out from that, I do not know the way to do it in order that I’ve to end up to the FDA to take away all of the castor oil so we did not do this. So, we began with a plant which is annatto.

Now, rather than that, for those who consume tomato, you consume spinach, this factor, you can in finding small quantity of them. After which, if the target audience wish to know, “What the heck, why did this plant make it?” Quite simple, lycopene from tomato comes from GG. Were given it. So, for those who consume spinach, you spot all of the inexperienced chlorophyll, chlorophyll comes from GG. So, more often than not the plant, GG is well-conserved. Which means that they just make sufficient GG to make what they want as a result of they make more thing. And, annatto is simply an exception. They make tocotrienol to have additional. I imagine I do know the rationale. When the pot open, have in mind the plant by no means make issues for human beings, they lead them to to offer protection to themselves. When the pot open, they want the tocotrienol to offer protection to the degradation of the colour. That is the tocotrienol piece. The GG is to repel insect and repel different prey so that they’re going to no longer get attacked since the plant cannot transfer round. So, I am simply fortunate that is one–

Ben: That is your Venus flytrap.

Barrie: Yeah. That is proper. So, I am simply were given fortunate that I come across their 50 million chemical on Earth. I am not even a medication guy. I stumble in this, cannot discuss a phrase of Spanish, so I am in reality thankful. I feel that this will have to be broadcast as large as conceivable for other people to take the GG.

Ben: Yeah, we are no doubt speaking about it at the moment.

Barrie: Yeah.

Ben: Yeah, it is fascinating what you assert in regards to the lycopene. I might be curious if there may be any have an effect on of GG on a prostate fitness in males or whether or not there may be possible for any research on PSH ranges with GG if it serves as a precursor to lycopene and tomatoes as a result of that is one thing that is been proven to be really useful for PSH.

Barrie: Proper. We now have no longer executed that for prostate most cancers, however we’ve executed this. We now have used GG to check together with tocotrienol. It obviously does two issues. It reduces irritation and it additionally it added to tocotrienol which is a recognized anti-cancer agent, added to tocotrienol. GG potentiate the serve as of tocotrienol to kill the most cancers cellular higher. This is had been proven.

Ben: Alright. If other people pass to the shownotes at BenGreenfieldFitness.com/GG, I will get all of the data from you about the place other people can get it and take it. And, I will simply get mine from the similar supply as a result of I plan on starting to take it and perform a little lab values and notice what I understand.

However after all, the entire matter of this CASI convention that we are at is longevity. So, I might be remiss to to not ask you. Along with one thing like GG which is a core a part of your supplementation protocol and the tocotrienols which we mentioned remaining time that are a core a part of your protocol, I guess nonetheless are.


Barrie: Sure.

Ben: Are there another issues that you simply, particularly as a researcher steeped on this business, would imagine to be staples on your personal anti-aging protocol specifically related to a vitamin and supplementation?

Barrie: Yeah. I might say that but even so those two, I am pondering of resveratrol. And, I am certain many of us already know that. After which, a little bit after that might be quercetin. The ones one. And, if the anti-aging is to cut back irritation as we age, then I might upload curcumin. However–

Ben: That is fascinating since you and I have never talked to prior to the podcast about this, however Dr. Sandra Kaufmann who I have had on my podcast, she has an entire score device on her website online that is beautiful spectacular of what you can rank other anti-aging molecules with regards to their order of significance. And in fact, close to the highest of it are certainly resveratrol and curcumin. I do not have in mind if quercetin is excessive up on that one or no longer.

Barrie: No.

Ben: However that is fascinating. So, your diet E, your GG, your resveratrol, your quercetin and curcumin. The ones are your biggies for anti-aging.

Barrie: Yeah, the ones are the biggie since the continual getting older is successful. So, if you wish to have lab measure but even so C-reactive protein, I do know that there is a large number of different stuff, stay it to C-reactive protein and interleukin-6. Those are vintage confirmed measure of irritation. And, I will provide you with all of the learn about revealed in New England Magazine of Drugs on them.

Ben: Yeah, I have were given an article on my website online in fact about the entirety to trace for longevity markers and the ones are in there, glycemic variability, using a continuing blood glucose, observe a minimum of monitoring hemoglobin A1C. That is on there. There may be a couple of different parameters on there, together with estrogen ranges in each women and men.

Barrie: Sure.

Ben: Fascinating knowledge on that and monitoring that for longevity functions.

How about for vitamin? And, I will hyperlink to that article within the shownotes, you guys, if you wish to pass learn up on what to check for longevity markers.

Referring to vitamin, clearly, it extensively varies, it is very biochemically individualized. However for you, what does your nutrition seem like?

Barrie: Oh, my nutrition can be, I attempt to have extra vegetable, I have a tendency to have much less, after which I do pink meat. I might have liked to consume extra pink meat. however as a result of my ldl cholesterol is perennially excessive so I arrange to consume a large number of seafood. I am Chinese language, and Chinese language other people love seafood. So, it takes a large number of a wide variety after which I in finding that very pleasant. After which, I consume a large number of ethnic meals, which means a curry that experience an enormous quantity of phytonutrient in it.

Ben: Yeah.

Barrie: Necessarily like that.

Ben: K, were given it. So, if you find yourself eating a large number of those seafoods and such things as that, are you beautiful cautious with sourcing? Do you be aware of wild-caught, farm-raised, that form of factor with regards to your nutritional proteins, specifically?

Barrie: Yeah. And, so far as the meals is worried, I merely simply use wild stuck. I stick with wild stuck slightly than farm. Now, so far as further fish oil as a result of I could not get sufficient omega-3, so I sass out at the fish oil to verify that they’ve a measure they usually mark out how a lot mercury and what kind of pesticide as a result of the type of fish that you’ll be able to get sufficient fish oil are normally the highest tier one. So, they begin consuming the smaller one, they’ll have a tendency to acquire this. So, I am short of to ensure that is and I purchase them just for the person who have easiest DHA, EPA, and feature dosing adverse nutrient substance.

Ben: Yeah. My dietary supplements corporate Kion, we’ve an omegas and it is all in reality blank anchovies from the Peruvian coast. After which, we put astaxanthin in there as a protectant with a little bit little bit of diet e as effectively.

Barrie: Neatly, you will have to let me know that. And, by means of the best way, at the diet E factor, we’ve executed the learn about as a result of omega-Three is so risky, so we did a learn about at the steadiness factor of omega-Three as a result of we do not wish to give other people oxidized omega-3. Now not a excellent factor. So, we’ve them, alpha-tocopherol. And, in some other batch of sentimental gel we combine tocopherol. After which, in some other batch, we make tocotrienol once we discovered that the tocotrienol batch of sentimental gel or fish oil they’ve the bottom point of peroxide worth. So, that is it.

Ben: Yeah, yeah. I additionally in reality like that combined tocopherol tocotrienol formulation any time that you have roughly tousled from a nutritional point of view. I am not a large drinker however remaining night time I had an old school, I had a large glass of wine. For me, that is ingesting so much. I do know persons are guffawing, however I am a light-weight. And so, I in fact popped six of the ones diet E tablets once I were given again to my room remaining night time to visit mattress after our little amusing little dance celebration available in the market. And, it is a type of issues that I will use is more or less a part of the primary support equipment for any time you’ve got been eating vegetable oil oxidized compounds, et cetera. And, occasionally day after today I will chase that with a little bit activated charcoal.

Now, do you do a lot from an workout point of view?

Barrie: Yeah. I stroll normally on moderate. I am able to moderate about 15,000 steps an afternoon. I am not able to do what you do–

Ben: That explains why you might be no longer rather as breathless as some podcast visitors I take out all over a podcast strolling.

Barrie: Yeah. So, this is. I simply sought after to make some extent to lend a hand the target audience to realize their anti-inflammation of diet E although I do know we are speaking about GG which quilt the GG. This has been used, as an example, you’ll get the gist, they use for post-menopausal girls that experience sizzling flashes. That is an irritation and some extent and the new flashes subside. And, all over the COVID time, they’ve muscle ache as a result of tenseness, psychologically pushed. When you are taking the annatto, consume the annatto tocotrienol, after which the muscle drawback is going away. So, it in fact underscore the ability of irritation. So, the mix of the Annatto-E, tocotrienol, and annatto GG has a large number of excellent in it with regards to anti-aging.

Ben: Yeah. Neatly, from a postmenopausal point of view additionally the truth that you occasionally have a tendency to look some estrogen excesses and progesterone deficiencies, in all probability the addition of GG into that protocol would possibly help with that as effectively, I might consider.

Barrie: Sure, sure, I agree. Sure.

Ben: K. So, you might be doing energy coaching?

Barrie: No. I sought after to do this as a result of that can build up my–

Ben: That is the second one a part of the–effectively, it is not in reality a trifecta for workout however strolling, energy coaching, a little bit bit of warmth, a little bit little bit of chilly, a little bit little bit of breathwork. That does not take a lot. However yeah, you no doubt were given to energy educate, guy.

Barrie: Thanks.

Ben: You discovered that the day prior to this in my communicate, proper?

Barrie: Sure. So, I am planning on doing some resistive coaching workout in order that my higher physique can fit with my decrease physique in strolling.

Ben: Yeah. The general public who I trainer who fall into nearer just like the 50 to 70-year-old age vary. A large number of them, what I’ve them doing is simply energy coaching two times per week however they are the usage of a program at the start designed by means of Dr. Doug McGuff and detailed in his guide “Frame by means of Science” through which they are simply doing 5 other workouts.

Barrie: Sure.

Ben: I would possibly in fact do that afterward on the gymnasium these days prior to I head out to the airport. Infrequently I love simply to throw in a snappy consultation as it simplest takes 15 to 20 mins. It is known as tremendous gradual coaching. And, you do the chest press, you utilize the machines within the gymnasium. You do the chest press. You do the pull-down. You do the overhead press. You do the seated row and also you do the leg press. And, you simplest do one set of each and every of them. Only one set of each and every of them. However for each and every of the ones one units, what you do is as gradual as you’ll be able to pass like 30 seconds up, 30 seconds down, tremendous gradual. So, there may be in fact a cardiovascular element expanding a few of your peripheral blood force. And, your center charge in fact will increase and also you get a cardiovascular coaching impact as effectively by the way with out an build up in central blood force. So, it is k at the center of people who find themselves perhaps seniors who’re simply entering energy coaching. And, you pass 30 seconds up, 30 seconds down. Roughly 30 seconds, respiring in reality, in reality deeply and rhythmically during. And, you do just as many repetitions as you’ll be able to do. Most of the people get any place from 4 to 6 repetitions in of each and every workout. So, you do just one workout after which get up, transfer to the following, to the following, to the following. After which, what I do is as soon as they have executed that for a couple of weeks, the one amendment we make is while you end that tremendous gradual set, on the very finish of the set, you do on the very finish vary of movement, you roughly soar a little bit bit and simply explode as many additional reps as you’ll be able to so that you get a little bit little bit of speedy transfer muscle fiber activation.

And, I simply swear just like the seniors who I paintings with who undertake that program and do it simply two times per week, they are no longer simplest keeping up muscle, they are construction muscle and they are construction muscle with two 20-minute energy coaching classes.

Barrie: Wow, I’ll no doubt glance into that, Ben. I will be able to glance into that.

Ben: Yeah. His guide is named “Frame by means of Science.” After which, I have no idea if I gave you my guide “Boundless” or when you’ve got it, however within the anti-aging bankruptcy of “Boundless” or in fact, it is within the workout bankruptcy, I lay out what a really perfect workout program can be if you were not a professional athlete however you simply wish to roughly keep have compatibility for existence. And, that program is in there. I lay all of it out.

Barrie: Thanks. I will be able to glance into that. I were given the guide.

Ben: I used to be going to mention–

Barrie: Sure, I were given it. Within the workout phase? Sure.

Ben: Yeah, yeah, we offered books the day prior to this, the guide signing. I feel there may be 10 of them nonetheless striking round right here on the resort someplace. They are heavy. I were given to inform other people, “Elevate your mother and get your exercise in.”

Neatly, that is simply all so interesting. And, when Jonathan informed me I needed to communicate to you about this molecule, I used to be roughly and I wasn’t certain, I began to seem into it, I learn one of the crucial papers on it, and I am simply satisfied that I individually wish to take this. I might inspire anyone within the target audience who does self-quantification, monitoring, anyone who is roughly within the anti-aging and longevity recreation, you will have to take a look at this out. I feel it is fascinating. I do not have a large number of non-public knowledge on it with regards to my very own quantification of the rest from telomeres to DNA methylation or the rest like that, however I’ll get started the usage of it. I will most probably pass like that 300 milligrams an afternoon form of vary that you simply mentioned. And, I am simply going to look what occurs. So, I am shopping ahead to giving it a try to seeing how my physique feels with these things, GG.

Barrie: Yeah, thanks such a lot. So, all energy and thanks for listening. With a bit of luck, we can proceed to have perfect of fitness and issues to come back. Thanks.

Ben: Alright, other people. Neatly, I am Ben Greenfield together with Barrie Tan. I will put all of the shownotes at BenGreenfieldFitness.com/GG. You’ll go away your feedback, your questions, your comments there both myself or Barrie or perhaps some of the crew individuals from Designs for Well being who make this product now can pop in and solution your questions. And, I all the time simply love to listen to what other people enjoy once I in finding one thing cool and other people get started making an attempt it. So, stay me posted everyone on how you’re feeling after you get started taking these things. And, I will be able to do the similar. And, within the intervening time, Barrie thank you for coming to the display, guy.

Barrie: Thanks. Thanks, everyone, for listening, blessings.

Ben: Have an excellent week, everyone.

In compliance with the FTC pointers, please suppose the next about hyperlinks and posts in this web site. Many of the hyperlinks going to merchandise are steadily associate hyperlinks of which I obtain a small fee from gross sales of sure pieces, however the fee is similar for you and occasionally I even get to percentage a novel and reasonably important bargain with you.

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About two years in the past, I had an interesting podcast dialogue with Dr. Barrie Tan, titled “Why Your Diet E Complement May just Be Harming You (& The “One Plant Surprise” Choice That May just Be The Unmarried Maximum Tough Molecule If You’re Stranded On A Wasteland Island).”

All over that dialogue, Barrie in short alluded to a unique molecule he was once deep within the throes of researching, a molecule that he was once satisfied may well be some of the biggest new compounds that humankind has ever found out for full-body fitness. Your physique makes this factor by itself, however your ranges drop considerably with age, and thus there are outstanding longevity advantages in addition to advantages for muscle protein synthesis, testosterone and hormone legislation, CoQ10 synthesis, and total structural make stronger for the physique, together with a discount within the chance of age-related bodily decline.

The identify of this molecule is geranylgeraniol, sometimes called “GG,” and it might rather well be the following complement Barrie would take to a barren region island. After interviewing him, I am no doubt satisfied it has nice promise and I now plan to begin taking it to evaluate effects for myself.

Dr. Barrie Tan is a analysis scientist with a Ph.D. in Chemistry and Biochemistry. For the remaining 35 years, Barrie has immersed himself on the earth of diet E (specifically from Annatto) and is regarded as some of the global’s important professionals credited with finding a molecule known as “tocotrienol” from 3 primary herbal assets. That was once the subject of our remaining podcast, which could be very a lot value a concentrate, because the molecules we speak about in that display pair with GG like, effectively, turkey and cranberries.

All over our dialogue, you can uncover:

-The only complement you will have if caught on a barren region island (Intro with Jonathan Lizotte)…04:06

-Why Dr. Tan has used tocotrienol for over 30 years…09:15

-How Dr. Tan found out a brand new nutrient along diet E…12:25

-Why we want to care about this if our our bodies make their very own GG…17:50

-Particular purposes of GG…22:05

-How the endocrine device pertains to GG…26:39

  • Fresh discovery of Jap scientists that GG will increase testosterone and progesterone
  • Designs For Well being Annatto-GG can be utilized for the overall software to extend testosterone for efficiency
  • Progesterone is now utilized in males for nervousness remedy and in kids for ADHD
  • Adrenaline Dominance by means of Michael Platt
  • DUTCH take a look at
  • GG to testosterone connection was once found out simply 2 years in the past
  • Dr. Tan takes Designs For Well being Annatto-GG to mitigate muscle issues brought about by means of statin for prime ldl cholesterol

-Bone fitness, diet Okay, and GG…33:18

  • Podcast with Dr. Barrie Tan:
  • In some other Jap learn about:
    • Greens have diet K1
    • Diet K1 has a tail which seems like a sperm’s
    • Throughout the intestine the tail is cropped off, simplest taking a certain quantity of K1 for clotting functions
    • Throughout the physique, it seems to be for a GG molecule to sew on, then turns into MK4, diet K2
  • The MK4 makes a protein that chaperones calcium to the bone
  • With low GG ranges, you might be not able to make MK4 and this would result in osteoporosis
  • Bones include 95% calcium, the opposite 5% is in comfortable tissue
  • If there are greater than 5% calcium in comfortable tissues, the additional calcium is going to the fallacious puts, corresponding to:
    • Within the arteries – arterial sclerosis
    • Within the gallbladder – gallstones
    • Within the kidneys – kidney stones
  • Taking Designs For Well being Annatto-GG does no longer negate the want to complement with diet D, magnesium, and calcium
  • Diet D is a hormone that shuttles or chaperones calcium to the bone, magnesium, and calcium is the trifecta for bone fitness
  • Designs For Well being Tri-Okay – a mix of nutrients K1 and K2 (MK4), and GG
  • OmegAvail Extremely
  • MK7 (two times as lengthy tail as MK4) is a dietary complement for anti-osteoporosis
  • In Japan, MK4 is a pharmaceutical drug used for anti-osteoporosis
  • Thus far, the one recognized menaquinone this is synthesized within the human physique is MK4
  • Micro organism in Natto produces MK7 but if it will get into the physique, the physique makes it MK4
  • Fermented meals supply diet Okay for the physique
  • Natto is a brilliant supply of a bioavailable type of diet Okay
  • BGF podcast on calcium, with Mira and Jayson Calton:
  • BGF podcast with Dr. William Davis at the calcium scan rating for calcium:
  • BGF podcast with Dr. Ram Dandillaya on center fitness:
  • GG may well be a good way for athletes to regulate the calcium of their our bodies from lactic acidosis
  • Calcium is essentially the most dominant mineral within the physique

-Imminent medical research of GG on people…43:31

  • 115 mg to 300 mg consistent with day dosing, in line with animal research transposed to people
  • Designs For Well being Annatto-GG is oil and fat-soluble; really helpful to be serious about a meal
  • Listed below are the 3 upcoming medical research:
    • Other people taking statins, with showed myopathy; to look how GG will cut back muscle harm
    • Growth of testosterone and pressure
    • Workout science to measure muscle drive and output
  • No explanation why to take in case you are 20 years and more youthful; pregnant girls will have to abstain
  • 30 years and older and completely wanted for other people 60 years and older

-Dietary supplements you’ll be able to stack with GG…46:13

  • Designs For Well being MyoStim (additionally with GG)
  • Muscle construction: mix with issues which are muscle construction
  • Muscle harm, corresponding to from statins: mix with CoQ10 – Designs For Well being CoQnol combines GG with CoQ10 (use code BEN15 to avoid wasting 15%)
  • For pressure stimulation: LibidoStim
  • Bone fitness – mix with diet Okay: ADK Evail
  • GGG: Geranylgeraniol Glutathione; our cells quietly make this to maintain the mitochondrial serve as
  • GGG protects the liver and is helping deal with diseased livers

-Fit to be eaten and non-edible vegetation which include GG…50:39

  • Lipstick plant is equal to the annatto plant; Bixa Orellana is the medical identify for the plant
  • Annatto merchandise from Designs for Well being; Annatto-E GG
  • The plant is utilized in Filipino delicacies
  • There’s a small quantity of GG in tomatoes (lycopene)
  • Vegetation use tocotrienol as self-protection; no longer intended for human get advantages

-Further dietary supplements to imagine with regard to longevity and anti-aging…56:17

-Dr. Tan’s non-public nutrition and workout conduct…1:01:15

-And a lot more!

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