After today's guide you'll be able to do a pull-up everywhere, like Steve does.

Pull-u.s.are my favourite workout of all time.

However what if you’ll be able to’t do a pull-up but?

The solution: learn this final information on getting your first pullup ASAP!

Here's a gif of a pull-up in perfect form.

We’ve got helped masses of On-line Training Shoppers get their first pull-up, and we’ll duvet our precise methods underneath! 

As a part of our Energy Coaching 101 sequence, we come up with a precise plan to practice main you on your first actual complete pull-up:

If you’ll be able to already do a pull-up (woot!), you may want to take a look at our article on correct pull-up shape, even supposing we’ll duvet a large number of the similar subject material right here.

Let’s do that thang.

Tips about How one can Get started Doing Pull-Ups

Within the video above, Trainer Jim walks you throughout the precise development machine we use with our training purchasers who wish to get their first pull-up (or chin-up).

Sooner than we get into workouts to growth right into a pull-up, let’s chat about some basic methods.

Believe the next 3 issues when making an attempt to get your first chin-up or pull-up:

#1) This must optimistically be glaring, however the extra you weigh, the extra it’s a must to carry in an effort to entire a pull-up.

For those who’re in reality enthusiastic about finishing a pull-up, get started by means of getting your vitamin below keep an eye on. 

As we are saying right here at Nerd Health, 80-90% of weight reduction comes right down to what you consume (#Four within the Laws of the Rise up).

Listed here are some assets that will help you with weight reduction:

#2) MAKE YOUR “PULL” EXERCISES A PRIORITY. Numerous other people do each different workout sooner than doing any back-related workouts, in the event that they do any in any respect.

After warming up correctly, your first workout must at all times be the stuff that you wish to have to paintings at the maximum – on this case, it’ll be your again muscle mass.

Till you get your first pull-up executed, center of attention at the again workouts detailed within the ranges and workout routines on this information.

#3) The development we define is a trail that works for most of the people, however does NOT want to be adopted to a T.

We give pattern units and reps and when to transport up, but when you are feeling like you’ll be able to growth faster or need to take a look at doing complete pull-u.s.faster than we advise, that’s OKAY.

That is the slower development manner, the place some other people will wish to do fewer reps and growth to the following ranges faster – that’s ok.

We propose shifting as much as the following degree when you’ll be able to do Three units of eight reps of a selected workout. If you wish to have the speeded up trail, transfer on up as sooner as you’ll be able to do Three units of five reps. You do you boo.

You can follow our path for a pull-up but feel free to make it your own!

Need anyone to construct you a customized made development plan for doing all of your first pull-up? Our 1-on-1 On-line Training Program will do exactly that, plus your trainer can assessment your actions via our app so that you’ll know your coaching as it should be and safely.

Degree 1 Pull-up Exercise: Bent Over Dumbbell Rows

Do a dumbbell row as a great beginner exercise to get strong enough for a pull-up!

We’re going to begin with bent-over dumbbell rows, essentially the most elementary of again workouts, if you’re ranging from ABSOLUTELY sq. one.

Degree 1 Pull-up Exercise:

  • Bent-over dumbbell rows: eight reps each and every arm (or as many as you’ll be able to do)
  • Leisure for a 2-minute destroy
  • Do some other set
  • Repeat till you hit Three units

What weight must you get started out with to start with?

No matter means that you can get to a minimum of Five reps a suite.

As soon as you’ll be able to do Three units of eight reps (each and every arm), it’s time to pick out up a heavier dumbbell.

This may help you get more potent and more potent. 

You’ll want to give your self a minimum of 48 hours till you do the Degree 1 Dumbbell Rows once more, so you’ll be able to come with those dumbbell rows to your workout routines on:

Once you’ll be able to do Three units of eight reps, it’s time to transport as much as a heavier dumbbell.

  • As soon as you’ll be able to carry a 25-pound (10kg) dumbbell or heavier, imagine shifting as much as the subsequent degree.
  • If you’re just a little bit larger than the typical undergo, you may wish to stick to this step till you lose just a little bit extra weight and get more potent – possibly move to 35 or 40-pound (18kg) dumbbells.

Need assist designing your personal exercise regimen? I’ve were given two choices for you.

The primary is to move over to “Construct Your Personal Exercise Regimen” and get your fingers grimy. Our information will stroll you via constructing a full-body workout program in 10 easy steps.

The second one is to have a Nerd Health Trainer do the entire heavy lifting for you (now not in reality, you continue to have to boost stuff), by means of having them construct you a tailored exercise regimen:

Degree 2 Pull-Up Exercise: Inverted Body weight Rows

Inverted rows are a great exercise to work on doing your first pull-up.

Body weight rows are the PERFECT precursor to pull-ups – they paintings the similar muscle mass, and have you ever lifting your personal body weight, simply at a special perspective.

For this degree, we’ll come up with two choices: You’ll be able to additionally make changes.



You’ll be able to practice the remainder of this exercise as a part of our 6-Degree Fitness center exercise information, which can let you move from overall health club novice to pull-up progressing badass!

At your health club, to find your Smith System and set the bar at about chest peak. 

The next bar makes the workout more uncomplicated to begin:

Start with inclined inverted rows for your pull-up workout. Then drop lower for more required effort.

And as you get more potent, you’ll be able to set the bar decrease:

As you get lower, like this, the row will be harder to do. Great way to progress into a pull-up.

Right here’s a complete publish I did on inverted body weight rows.

Right here’s the right way to do an inverted body weight row (here’s a video demonstration with gymnastic rings, however you’ll be able to get started with a bar as displayed within the pictures underneath).

  1. Set the bar at a peak the place it’s difficult so that you can entire Three units of eight reps with two mins of relaxation between units.
  2. Clench your butt and stay your abs tight and physique directly all over the workout. 
  3. Pull your shoulder blades down and again against each and every different (such as you’re looking to pinch a pencil between them at the back of your again).
  4. Center of attention your thoughts on PULLING along with your palms.
  5. Pull till your chest touches the bar (now not your neck).
  6. Once you’ll be able to entire all Three units of eight reps, set the bar heigh decrease to make the workout harder.

If you wish to have to make the workout much less difficult, bend your knees and put your toes flat at the flooring:

Bending your knees like so can be helpful to start doing inverted rows.

Degree 2 pattern exercise regimen:

  • Monday – Three units of eight reps of overhand body weight rows

Alternate between an overheand and underhand bodyweight row.

  • Wednesday – Three units of eight reps of underhand body weight rows (fingers reversed)

Alternate between underhand and overhand when doing bodyweight rows.

  • Friday – Three units of eight reps of overhand body weight rows

(After which move underhand, overhand, underhand the next week)

Once you’re doing body weight rows the place your physique is at a 45-degree perspective or decrease, you’ll be able to growth to Degree 3.


You may have Four paths right here:

1) Acquire a door body pull-up bar, hold a couple of gymnastic rings from them. After which practice the similar recommendation as above!

2) Use your kitchen desk for rows (BE CAREFUL):

3) Do inverted rows between a pair chairs, as we stroll you via in How one can Do Pull-u.s.With no Bar:

This gif shows Jim doing a row on chairs

4) Transfer as much as Degree Three and growth with warning there.

If you’re suffering with rows, you’re now not certain you’re doing them as it should be, otherwise you’re now not certain the right way to growth to the following degree, take a look at our 1-on-1 training program

It’s the kind of program that helped unmarried mother Leslie lose 100+ kilos and get started coaching with gymnastic rings and handstands! 

How did Leslie transform? Strength training. with pull-ups

Degree Three Pull-Up Exercise: Assisted Pull-Ups

Steve doing an assisted pull-up, a perfect precursor to a regular pull-up!

Ok! It’s time to get to ACTUAL pull-u.s.right here! In my view, I don’t like the use of the assisted pull-up system in a health club because it doesn’t provide the complete feeling of a pull-up, but it surely’s indisputably higher than not anything.

As an alternative, I like to recommend doing this type of possible choices:

#1) Assisted Pull-u.s.with chair

A chair can be a great tool to help you get your first pull-up.

Both one foot or two at the chair, relying in your wishes. Your toes are ONLY there for reinforce, use your higher physique up to conceivable.

You’ll be able to additionally use a field or equivalent sized object for a similar outcome:

A box can be used instead of a chair for a pull-up.

#2)Assisted Pull-u.s.with workout band: 

Staci using a band for an assisted pull-up.

You’ll be able to get various kinds of workout bands with other ranges of energy, or a wide range pack for simple development.

Put your foot within the workout band and pull your self up.

#3) Assisted pull-u.s.with a spouse:


A friend can be a great asset when you're trying to do a pull-up.

Have a chum dangle your toes at the back of you and let you entire each and every rep. Have them use the least quantity of assist conceivable to get you via your workout routines.

Right here’s the right way to do an assisted pull-up:

For some other reference, Trainer Jim and Staci display you the right way to do a variation of assisted chin-up proper right here:

That is most definitely the TOUGHEST degree sooner than getting your pull-ups. For those who get caught on “assisted pull-ups” and “assisted chin-ups”, you’re now not by myself. That is the place most of the people get caught.

We paintings hand-in-hand with other people such as you to get them their first pull-up in our On-line Training Program. For those who don’t know the way to suit those actions into your workout routines, otherwise you simply need any individual to provide the precise exercise to practice each day, we were given you!

In any case, a exercise that comes with Degree Three pull-up workouts

  • Monday – Assisted Pull-ups – Three units of eight reps
  • Wednesday – Inverted Body weight Rows – Three units of eight reps
  • Friday – Assisted Chin Ups – Three units of eight reps

This may let you ramp as much as Degree 4.

Degree Four Pull-Up Exercise: Best holds and Bar Hangs

Coach Staci showing you the bar hang

Alright, so we’ve began off nice! We’re operating the ones pulling muscle mass and assisted permutations – however a real chin-up may really feel miles (or kilometers) away.

Heck, simply even preserving onto the bar could also be a problem with out some help.

What must we do now? 

How about we paintings on preserving onto the bar!?!

Sooner than we paintings on doing complete vary, unassisted chin-u.s.or pull-ups, it’s in reality useful to be robust and assured in preserving unassisted portions of the motion.

That is the place Best Holds and Bar Hangs are available!

#1) A Best Grasp is precisely what it seems like – we dangle the highest place of the chin-up or pull-up for a number of seconds (Five to 10). You’ll most likely to find preserving the highest of the chin-up (hands dealing with you) more uncomplicated than the pull-up.

Coach Jim holding at the top of a pull-up

That is indubitably one thing that you wish to have to first do assisted. We’ll then paintings to switch extra weight – little by little over a number of workout routines – off our toes and onto our palms till we’re preserving ourselves unassisted on the best.

The usage of a band is a superb possibility for assisted chin-ups, however the use of a field, bench, or some other strong object can be a better choice right here.

It is going to help you shift that weight onto your palms just a little more uncomplicated.

That stated, if all you’ve gotten is a band for this workout then that’s adequate! Glance to make use of thinner and thinner bands, whilst lifting the toes and knees up somewhat to additional cut back help (because the band gained’t be stretched as some distance).

#2) At the different facet of the motion, we have now the Bar Hold…which is just about what it seems like too!

Staci showing you the simple yet effective bar hang.

To carry out a bar hold:

  • Take hold of the bar with hands dealing with against you or clear of you. You’ll most likely to find placing with hands dealing with clear of you to be somewhat extra comfy. Both route will assist beef up up your grip.
  • Similar to with the highest dangle, you’ll wish to get started assisted then paintings to shift your weight out of your toes onto your palms till you’re placing unassisted.

This gif shows Coach Jim doing assisted then unassisted hangs.

To additional supercharge this workout: as soon as you’re placing unassisted, paintings on retracting your shoulders down away out of your ears.

Like so:

Coach Jim doing a shoulder retract, shown from the back

And so:

Coach Jim doing shoulder retracts, shown from the front.

This small motion is TOUGH (and you’ll be able to even follow it assisted) however getting robust right here will set your shoulders in an excellent higher place to your first chin-up/pull-up.

We’ll glance to hold from the bar (assisted or unassisted) for a complete time of 30 seconds to at least one minute. To start with this time could also be damaged up into a number of units (e.g., 10 seconds, 10 seconds, 10 seconds), however you must sooner or later paintings as much as one complete set.

So how must we combine both of those into our coaching?

#1) For the Best Holds, do that firstly of your exercise (after your warm-up) for three units of five seconds. You’ll want to give it your all! Truly squeeze the muscle mass tight and put as a lot weight at the palms as conceivable!

With all that effort, you’ll wish to give your self 30 seconds to a minute relaxation in-between. I do know that seems like so much for simply Five seconds of labor – however if you happen to have been operating exhausting sufficient, you’ll want it!

#2) For the Bar Hold, do that on the finish of your exercise for 30 seconds to a minute. Once more, glance to finish this in as few units as conceivable, whilst making the workout as difficult as conceivable. Transfer from assisted to unassisted, with the shoulders retracted downwards.

You can start your gymnastic ring training by simply hanging from the rings!

If it’s a must to take a destroy throughout the bar hold time, then take sufficient relaxation in order that the following dangle is productive.


Right here Are the Workouts You Can Come with for Your Degree Four Exercise Regimen:


  • Best Grasp (Assisted or Unassisted) – Four units of five seconds
  • Assisted Pull-ups – Three units of eight repetitions
  • Bar Hold (Assisted or Unassisted) – 30 seconds overall time


  • Best dangle (Assisted or Unassisted) – Four units of 5-10 seconds
  • Body weight Rows – Three units of eight reps
  • Bar Hold (Assisted or Unassisted) – 30 to 60 seconds overall time

Friday –

  • Best Grasp (Assisted or Unassisted) – Four units of five seconds
  • Assisted Chin-ups – Three units of eight reps
  • Bar Hold (Assisted or Unassisted) – 30 seconds overall time

Whilst you’re ready to accomplish the Best Holds and Bar Hangs unassisted, then it’s time to transport to the following degree!!!


Coach Staci showing you the front plant

What’s this??? Secret hidden workouts?

I simply sought after to deliver your consideration to a perfect addition to any of those workout routines – particularly as issues in reality ramp up.

In a position for it?

It’s . . . the entrance plank!

This gif shows Coach Jim doing a front plank

The entrance plank (or any of your favourite midsection stabilization workouts) is a smart workout to do, must preserving a Best Grasp or a Bar Hold turn out tricky.

For those who haven’t already felt it throughout the the former pull-up workout routines – your center must be concerned too!

Right through a pull-up or chin-of, if we squeeze throughout the midsection and glutes, the within reach muscle mass are ready to contract more potent via a phenomenon referred to as muscle irradiation.

But even so sounding like one thing the Improbable 4 encountered in house, this cool “trick” can is helping engaged within reach muscle mass within the midsection, together with the ones giant again muscle mass that pull us up!

A picture showing the latissimus dorsi muscles

You’ll be able to see muscle irradiation for your self if you happen to’ve ever been requested to flex your biceps for anyone. You’ll instinctually squeeze your hand tight, as it is helping the biceps have interaction more potent!

If wanted, throw in some entrance planks paintings close to the tip of your exercise.

You’ll be able to even get started in your knees:

If you can't do a normal plank, start with doing them on your knees until you can advance.

Glance to carry 30 seconds to 1 minute of overall time.

Alright, again to our frequently agenda programming!

Degree Five Pull-Up Exercise: Detrimental Pull-Ups

Staci jumping up to do a negative pull-up.

Ok! We at the moment are DANGEROUSLY with regards to getting our first pull-up!

The large step at this degree is doing a adverse pull-up:

  1. Take hold of onto the bar with an overhand grip
  2. Soar so your chest is touching
  3. Slowly decrease your self below keep an eye on till you’re on the backside of the motion.

WARNING: It is extremely unhealthy if you happen to’re very obese, which is why I’d suggest shifting slowly via steps 1-Three first.

Alternatively, after getting a good quantity of again energy (which you were given from Ranges 1, 2, and three), doing negatives is a good way to construct arm and again energy.

You may have two choices for adverse pull-ups:

  1. Hop up on a chair to get above the bar after which decrease your self backtrack. The secret is “in keep an eye on.”
  2. Soar above the pull-up bar, after which start to decrease your self backtrack IN CONTROL.

You don’t want to decrease your self so slowly that one repetition destroys you…decrease your self at a managed pace – Counting to “3 Mississippi” throughout the motion is a superb pace.

Listed here are the workouts you’ll be able to come with to your Degree Five Exercise Regimen:


  • Detrimental Pull-ups – Four units of one rep
  • Assisted Pull-ups – Three units of eight reps
  • Bar Hold (Unassisted) – 30 seconds overall time


  • Best Grasp (Unassisted) – Four units of 5-10 seconds
  • Body weight Rows – Three units of eight reps
  • Bar Hold (Unassisted) – 60 seconds overall time


  • Detrimental Chin-ups – Four units of one rep
  • Assisted Chin-ups – Three units of eight reps
  • Bar Hold (Unassisted) – 30 seconds overall time

If you’re doing all the adverse repetitions in each and every workoutyou’re able to do a pull-up.

As you’ll see above, we’re providing you with the “pull” workouts in case you are constructing your personal exercise. If you wish to have a just right novice health club exercise program, those actions will have compatibility in completely.

However, we will do all the heavy lifting for you (neatly, now not ALL the heavy lifting) – we’ll create a selected exercise so all it’s a must to do is log into your NF Training App each and every morning and do the exercise your trainer prescribed!

Degree 6 – Doing Your First Pull-up or Chin-up

OH BOY! My expensive Rise up, it’s time for a…

We made it! Here's Staci doing a pull-up!!!

At this level you’ve gotten two choices:

A chin-up is while you grasp the bar with an underhand grip along with your hands dealing with against you.

A chin-up is a pull-up, but with your hands facing towards you.

Many to find chin-u.s.somewhat more uncomplicated than…

A pull-up is while you grasp the bar along with your hands dealing with clear of you. Seeing as this can be a pull-up information…



  1. Take hold of the bar with a grip somewhat wider than shoulder-width, along with your fingers dealing with clear of you.
  2. Get started from a lifeless hold.
  3. Have interaction your shoulders, pull them down and again against each and every different (like you’re pinching a pencil between your shoulder blades!)
  4. Flex your abdomen, pull your physique till your chest touches the bar.
  5. Slight pause, yell out “I’m a champion!”
  6. Decrease your self all the way in which backtrack to a lifeless hold.

We duvet all of this and extra in our publish “How one can Do a Right kind Pull-Up,” however the above gets you began

Relying in your weight, your degree of health and energy, and the way some distance alongside you’re in those progressions, you could possibly get started with even a couple of pull-up.

At this level, you’ll be able to be a complete Fitness center Elegance Hero by means of following a Fitness center Exercise with those actions in there to your “pull” workouts:

 Degree 6 regimen weekly agenda:


  • Pull-ups – Four units of 1-2 reps (transfer onto the following workout if you’ll be able to’t carry out a rep)
  • Assisted Pull-ups – Three units of eight reps
  • Bar Hold (Unassisted) – 60 seconds overall time


  • Detrimental Chin-ups – Four units of one rep
  • Body weight Rows – Three units of eight reps
  • Bar Hold (Unassisted) – 60 seconds overall time


  • Chin-ups – Four units of 1-2 reps (transfer onto the following workout if you’ll be able to’t carry out a rep)
  • Assisted Chin-ups – Three units of eight reps
  • Bar Hold (Unassisted) – 60 seconds overall time

Congratulations! You’re now doing pull-ups. You’ll want to watch that video above to remember to’re doing pull-u.s.with correct shape. Just about everyone does them incorrectly, with dangerous shape.

Wish to remember to have correct shape along with your pull-ups? Check out our 1-on-1 Training program! Our spiffy cellular app means that you can ship video of your pull-u.s.without delay on your trainer, who will supply comments so you’ll be able to best your method.

They’ll additionally construct a exercise program that’s customized on your state of affairs, which may have you doing units of 10 pull-u.s.in NO time!

Degree 7 – Complex Pull-up Strikes

Now you can move onto advanced pull-ups like Steve is doing here.

If you’re ready to do Three units of 10 pull-u.s.or chin-ups, you’ve gotten a couple of choices:

OPTION #A: Proceed to get well at doing extra reps – Three units of 12, Three units of 15, Four units of 20, and so forth.

OPTION #B: Get started doing different forms of pull-ups.

Listed here are some complex pull-u.s.you’ll be able to take a look at: 

#1) WIDE GRIP PULL-UPS (grasp the bar WAY out with each fingers):

Maintaining a wide grip is a great advanced pull-up.


Another form of an advanced pull-up for you. Shift your weight from arm to arm.


If you own some rings you can use them like so for some advanced pull-ups.

#5) TOWEL PULL-UPS (Nice for grip energy)

OPTION #C) Upload weight with a weight belt and do weighted pull-ups or weighted chin-ups:

A weighted pull-up is great for progressive overload on your muscles.

In my view, my favourite factor to do in a health club is weighted pull-ups; if you happen to’re at this degree and inquisitive about doing so, right here’s what you wish to have to do:

  1. Get a weight belt. I purchased this one on Amazon and it’s labored out extremely neatly for me. I’ve attempted doing the entire “put weights in a backpack” and it indisputably works, however the perspective of the weights placing off your again is bizarre. With a weight belt, the load hangs down between your legs (now not a euphemism) so it feels extra herbal.
  2. Upload small quantities at a time. Maximum gyms may have 2.Five lb (kind of 1kg) weights; you may really feel silly striking on a large weight belt and simplest placing a tiny weight off it, however you wish to have to begin someplace.
  3. Persistently upload extra weight. I’ll heat up with two units of five pull-u.s.without a additional weight, after which do Three units of five weighted pull-ups. If I will be able to entire all Three units of five reps (with my chin over the bar for each rep), I’ll make a remark so as to add 2.Five or 5lbs (1 or 2kg) to my weight belt for the following time.

Right here’s the right way to incorporate those Degree 6 workouts into your health club exercise regimen:

  • MondayWeighted Chin Ups – Three units of five reps
  • Wednesday Increased Ft Frame Weight Rows – Three units of max repetitions
  • Friday – Large Grip Pull-ups – Three units of extreme repetition
  • (The next week, I’d change by means of doing the chin-u.s.with out weight, after which doing weighted pull-ups

The place do you move from right here? How about operating against one of the spectacular workouts of all time? The MUSCLE UP (caution: uber complex)!

Our new app, Nerd Health Adventure, now not simplest has an journey to get you your first pull-up, however we’ll additionally display you precisely the right way to do cool body weight tips just like the muscle-up too. No guesswork wanted right here, simply leap into the app and practice the missions and workout routines for the day.

You’ll be able to take a look at your loose trial TODAY, proper right here:

Elevate Your self Up (A Existence With Pull-Ups)

The world can be your pull-up bar as Steve is showing here.

Regardless of your start line, you CAN do pull-ups.

And also you WILL do pull-u.s.with this information. 

You don’t want to practice the development above precisely – it’s simply one trail that you’ll be able to take in an effort to achieve the promised land…the place the pull-u.s.drift like wine and the ladies instinctively flock just like the Salmon of Capistrano.

High Five! You are now doing pull-ups!

Simply ask Christina, who can now do a couple of units of pull-ups – her tale is unbelievable:

Christina started rocking pull-ups after Nerd Fitness Coaching

Or Bronwyn, who misplaced 50+ lbs and now does chin-u.s.along with her daughter on her again!

For other people searching for your next step, we’ve constructed Three choices that may glide your boat:


1) If you’re any individual that wishes to get effects like the ladies above and practice a tailored pull-up energy program designed round their lifestyles and objectives, take a look at our well-liked 1-on-1 On-line Training Program.

You’ll paintings with our qualified NF instructors who gets to grasp you higher than you understand your self, take a look at your shape, and program your workout routines and diet for you.

Nerd Fitness Coaching Banner

#2) Exercising at house and desire a plan to practice? Take a look at Nerd Health Adventure!

Our a laugh habit-building app is helping you workout extra often, consume more fit, and degree up your lifestyles (actually). We also have an important journey that will help you get your first pull-up!

Take a look at your loose trial proper right here:

3) Sign up for our loose group, the Nerd Health Rise up, and we’ll ship you our loose Energy 101 Information, which you’ll be able to get while you join within the field underneath:

Apply the trail that works to your agenda, your revel in, and your degree of convenience with this motion – there’s no disgrace in going slowly and progressing safely.

And if you happen to’re gung ho about pull-ups, able for negatives and looking to squirm for that first rep, be at liberty to head for it. Simply be secure.

Whilst you DO in spite of everything do a pull-up, I wish to be the primary to grasp – e mail me at [email protected] and inform me about it!

For the Rise up,


PS: Take a look at our different 3 articles on pull-ups:

PPS: Wish to be informed extra? Learn the remainder of the Energy Coaching 101 sequence:


Picture Souce: Muscle tissues that Transfer the Humerus

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