About two years in the past, I had a captivating podcast dialogue with Dr. Barrie Tan, titled “Why Your Nutrition E Complement May just Be Harming You (& The “One Plant Marvel” Selection That May just Be The Unmarried Maximum Tough Molecule If You’re Stranded On A Barren region Island).”

All the way through that dialogue, Barrie in short alluded to a unique molecule he used to be deep within the throes of researching, a molecule that he used to be satisfied might be some of the biggest new compounds that humankind has ever found out for full-body well being. Your physique makes this factor by itself, however your ranges drop considerably with age, and thus there are outstanding longevity advantages in addition to advantages for muscle protein synthesis, testosterone and hormone legislation, CoQ10 synthesis, and total structural reinforce for the physique, along side a discount within the chance of age-related bodily decline.

The title of this molecule is geranylgeraniol, often referred to as “GG,” and it will really well be the following complement Barrie would take to a wasteland island. After interviewing him, I am unquestionably satisfied it has nice promise and I now plan to start out taking it to evaluate effects for myself.

Dr. Barrie Tan is a analysis scientist with a Ph.D. in Chemistry and Biochemistry. For the closing 35 years, Barrie has immersed himself on this planet of diet E (specifically from Annatto) and is thought of as some of the international’s predominant mavens credited with finding a molecule known as “tocotrienol” from 3 primary herbal resources. That used to be the subject of our closing podcast, which may be very a lot value a concentrate, because the molecules we speak about in that display pair with GG like, neatly, turkey and cranberries.

All the way through our dialogue, you can uncover:

-The only complement you will have if caught on a wasteland island (Intro with Jonathan Lizotte)…04:06

-Why Dr. Tan has used tocotrienol for over 30 years…09:15

-How Dr. Tan found out a brand new nutrient along diet E…12:25

-Why we wish to care about this if our our bodies make their very own GG…17:50

-Explicit purposes of GG…22:05

-How the endocrine device pertains to GG…26:39

  • Contemporary discovery of Eastern scientists that GG will increase testosterone and progesterone
  • Designs For Well being Annatto-GG can be utilized for the overall software to extend testosterone for efficiency
  • Progesterone is now utilized in males for anxiousness remedy and in kids for ADHD
  • Adrenaline Dominance by means of Michael Platt
  • DUTCH check
  • GG to testosterone connection used to be found out simply 2 years in the past
  • Dr. Tan takes Designs For Well being Annatto-GG to mitigate muscle issues brought about by means of statin for prime ldl cholesterol

-Bone well being, diet Okay, and GG…33:18

  • Podcast with Dr. Barrie Tan:
  • In some other Eastern learn about:
    • Greens have diet K1
    • Nutrition K1 has a tail which seems like a sperm’s
    • Within the intestine the tail is cropped off, best taking a specific amount of K1 for clotting functions
    • Within the physique, it appears for a GG molecule to sew on, then turns into MK4, diet K2
  • The MK4 makes a protein that chaperones calcium to the bone
  • With low GG ranges, you’re not able to make MK4 and this may result in osteoporosis
  • Bones comprise 95% calcium, the opposite 5% is in comfortable tissue
  • If there are greater than 5% calcium in comfortable tissues, the additional calcium is going to the incorrect puts, equivalent to:
    • Within the arteries – arterial sclerosis
    • Within the gallbladder – gallstones
    • Within the kidneys – kidney stones
  • Taking Designs For Well being Annatto-GG does now not negate the wish to complement with diet D, magnesium, and calcium
  • Nutrition D is a hormone that shuttles or chaperones calcium to the bone, magnesium, and calcium is the trifecta for bone well being
  • Designs For Well being Tri-Okay – a mix of nutrients K1 and K2 (MK4), and GG
  • OmegAvail Extremely
  • MK7 (two times as lengthy tail as MK4) is a dietary complement for anti-osteoporosis
  • In Japan, MK4 is a pharmaceutical drug used for anti-osteoporosis
  • Thus far, the one recognized menaquinone this is synthesized within the human physique is MK4
  • Micro organism in Natto produces MK7 but if it will get into the physique, the physique makes it MK4
  • Fermented meals supply diet Okay for the physique
  • Natto is a smart supply of a bioavailable type of diet Okay
  • BGF podcast on calcium, with Mira and Jayson Calton:
  • BGF podcast with Dr. William Davis at the calcium scan ranking for calcium:
  • BGF podcast with Dr. Ram Dandillaya on middle well being:
  • GG might be an effective way for athletes to control the calcium of their our bodies from lactic acidosis
  • Calcium is essentially the most dominant mineral within the physique

-Coming near near scientific research of GG on people…43:31

  • 115 mg to 300 mg in step with day dosing, in line with animal research transposed to people
  • Designs For Well being Annatto-GG is oil and fat-soluble; beneficial to be interested in a meal
  • Listed here are the 3 upcoming scientific research:
    • Other people taking statins, with showed myopathy; to peer how GG will scale back muscle injury
    • Development of testosterone and power
    • Workout science to measure muscle power and output
  • No reason why to take if you are 20 years and more youthful; pregnant ladies will have to abstain
  • 30 years and older and completely wanted for other people 60 years and older

-Dietary supplements you’ll be able to stack with GG…46:13

  • Designs For Well being MyoStim (additionally with GG)
  • Muscle development: mix with issues which might be muscle development
  • Muscle injury, equivalent to from statins: mix with CoQ10 – Designs For Well being CoQnol combines GG with CoQ10 (use code BEN15 to avoid wasting 15%)
  • For power stimulation: LibidoStim
  • Bone well being – mix with diet Okay: ADK Evail
  • GGG: Geranylgeraniol Glutathione; our cells quietly make this to maintain the mitochondrial serve as
  • GGG protects the liver and is helping deal with diseased livers

-Suitable for eating and non-edible vegetation which comprise GG…50:39

  • Lipstick plant is equal to the annatto plant; Bixa Orellana is the medical title for the plant
  • Annatto merchandise from Designs for Well being; Annatto-E GG
  • The plant is utilized in Filipino delicacies
  • There’s a small quantity of GG in tomatoes (lycopene)
  • Crops use tocotrienol as self-protection; now not intended for human receive advantages

-Further dietary supplements to believe with regard to longevity and anti-aging…56:17

-Dr. Tan’s non-public vitamin and workout behavior…1:01:15

-And a lot more!

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