The landmine chest press is a landmine workout that objectives the chest and shoulder muscle groups and mimics the angles of an incline bench press.


You place up the workout first by means of putting in place the landmine. All you’ll want is a barbell and a secure nook to place one finish into. On the other hand, in case you have a landmine attachment, that may make the setup a bit of smoother, even if no longer crucial.

Landmine Chest Press Step-by-Step

1) Arrange the landmine and cargo one finish of the barbell.

2) Bend your hips down to scrub up the barbell so that you’re protecting it in entrance of you.

3) Interlock your arms and grip them in combination.

4) Preserving your arms the place they’re, shove your arms in. As you do that, you will have to really feel your percent muscle groups contract. Handle this during the motion.

5) Have interaction your core and glutes to stabilize your place.

6) Press out till your elbows lock.

7) Descend back off to the beginning place.

8) Repeat for alternatively many reps are on your set.

Commonplace Errors

This can be a slightly easy workout, however I nonetheless see some errors.

Leaning Into the Press

The best way many of us do that workout, they flip it into most commonly a shoulder motion. That’s superb, however if you wish to educate the shoulders, I’d counsel the usual landmine press the use of one arm at a time. Since this can be a chest workout, you wish to have to stay your higher frame on the similar attitude as you press.

The landmine chest press is NOT the similar because the landmine press. The latter objectives the shoulders, right here we’re focused on the higher chest.

Arching the Decrease Again

For those who arch your again as you press, the attitude of your frame will exchange and you’ll take pressure off of the chest and shoulder muscle groups and simply crank to your shoulder joints. And also you’ll position useless pressure to your decrease again. To unravel this, ensure your ab and glute muscle groups are engaged during the motion.

Going Too Heavy

Right here’s the deal, this workout seems cool. Which is superb, for taking a look cool anyway. However that still method the meathead in us will need to do extra weight than we will have to, resulting in extra of the opposite two issues discussed above.

Asymmetric Grip

Locking your arms in combination works perfect.

Advantages of the Landmine Chest Press

Bring to mind it like a more secure model of an incline bench press. The grip is a bit more relaxed, you’ll get true humeral adduction, expanding chest activation, and it seems cool.

From a realistic point of view, you’ll goal the chest without having a real bench. As an example, in case you educate at house and don’t have anything however a barbell, this can also be one in every of your go-to chest workouts together with a landmine ground press.

Programming Issues

If in case you have get right of entry to to a complete fitness center, I like to recommend the use of the landmine chest press as an adjunct workout. It does no longer want to be your primary chest workout, however it comprises a couple of distinctive advantages that make it appropriate to throw into your program for a couple of levels.

For those who don’t have get right of entry to to a fitness center, and all you’ve got is a barbell, then this can also be one in every of your primary higher frame urgent workouts. In my landmine-only workout program (coming in early 2022), I characteristic this workout as soon as every week as a first-rate urgent motion within the 4-day/week program.

Concerning the Creator

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prohockeystrength.com., the respectable website online of the Power and Conditioning Affiliation of Skilled Hockey. You’ll additionally take a look at his Instagram, he is lovely simple at the eyes.

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