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[00:54:49] Meditation and retaining the psychological recreation optimized

[00:56:34] The rising consciousness of well being and biohacking throughout the poker international

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[01:02:43] Particular nootropics for optimum mind serve as with particular visitor Lucas Aoun

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[01:06:54] Government purposes and cognitive domain names required through professional poker gamers

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Ben:  In this episode of the Ben Greenfield Health podcast.

Jason:  Seeking to get my frame going a bit of bit, a variety of stretching, a variety of skipping rope, however not anything intense. The center fee’s by no means scorching. To play with a man that is shedding at this kind of huge fee and playing doing it, nicely then the entirety else more or less will get put at the again burner and your frame, and you might be similar to, “You recognize what, I’ll endure for the following 30 days as a result of I do know how much cash that is price.”

Ben:  For most likely even longer than you would be capable of take care of together with your present manner. One thing to take into consideration a minimum of.

Jason:  I am indubitably in to be the guinea pig right here.

Ben:  Well being, efficiency, vitamin, longevity, ancestral dwelling, biohacking and a lot more. My identify is Ben Greenfield. Welcome to the display.

Hiya! So, nowadays’s podcast is somewhat of a twofer. It’s kind of of a twofer. I had an opportunity to interview my good friend {and professional} poker participant, Jason Koon. And, Jason in reality simply did a super task outlining the lifestyles and occasions of a pro poker participant, and the way that works, and little hacks, and vitamin guidelines and dietary supplements, and health form of protocols that he makes use of to live to tell the tale in that atmosphere. Then again, after interviewing him, I believed, you realize what, we mentioned within the matter of so-called nootropics or sensible medication particularly to reinforce one thing like poker got here up as a dialog matter such a lot of occasions whilst I used to be interviewing Jason. I believed, “Why do not I additionally toss in for you somewhat of an perception into explicit nootropics and sensible medication that might be very appropriate and suitable for poker?”

So, I grew to become to one of the most guys who is been a prior podcast visitor of mine, a health care provider from Australia who occurs to be one of the an expert guys on nootropics who I am acutely aware of, Lucas Aoun–and I all the time mispronounce his remaining identify, I’ll do it in any case–of ergogenic well being. And, Lucas has this fabulous grasp elegance on-line on nootropics that I have taken. It used to be simply probably the most complete elegance I have ever taken on find out how to use sensible medication and nootropics, what they do to the frame, the other stacks which might be available in the market, dangers advantages, yadda, yadda, yadda. So, I have taken Lucas’s entire path. And, I will additionally hyperlink to his path and the former podcast I did with Lucas and the shownotes for this display. However, I reached out to Lucas and I requested him if he had any perception, and he recorded an audio answer that I believed used to be simply so useful that after I end interviewing Jason, the pro poker participant in nowadays’s interview, what you’ll listen then is we are going to transition, listen Lucas’s tackle nootropics explicit to poker. However in reality, there is some lovely cool stacks that I feel would lend a hand any one.

So in any case, a two-parter for you nowadays and all of the shownotes hyperlinks to my earlier podcast with Dr. Lucas, hyperlinks the entirety Jason I speak about, hyperlinks to Lucas’s nootropics grasp elegance on-line. You’ll be able to to find all this at BenGreenfieldFitness.com/Koon, Okay-O-O-N. Bengreenfieldfitness.com/Okay-O-O-N.

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Alright, people. It is a first for the Ben Greenfield Health display. I’ll interview a qualified poker participant. Now, I’ve if truth be told labored with like coached and consulted a ton of other people in poker. I have no idea why. I have no idea if this is because their sleep is tousled or they need to know extra about nootropics and sensible medication, or they are continuously preventing an uphill struggle in opposition to toxins, and casinos, and there is cash at the line, so there is motivation there, no matter. However, it sort of feels numerous poker gamers I talked to are if truth be told lovely on this entire frame and mind optimization form of factor. Once more, most likely as a result of it is lovely related to a couple sizable paychecks. However, I have by no means if truth be told interviewed a full-on skilled poker participant except, I guess, some other people I have talked to at the display ahead of, have dabbled reasonably somewhat in poker however don’t seem to be essentially well known poker gamers themselves.

My bet on nowadays’s display despite the fact that, you have most likely noticed him gambling poker on-line if you are a type of ESPN Global Collection of Poker form of junkies, otherwise you move and, I have no idea, grasp a digital camera round your neck and put a mickey mouse hat on and move to Vegas and watch other people play poker. However in any case, he’s Jason Koon. Jason Koon is likely one of the best possible earners in all of poker’s historical past. I feel, he is received, gosh, over $30 million. Yeah, Jason? I imply–

Jason:  That is proper, yup.

Ben:  Yeah, yeah. And, Jason could also be tremendous into health. He and I jam in this stuff so much. You lately despatched me a photograph Jason. You will have to if truth be told ship that photograph to me and I will put up it within the shownotes for nowadays’s display, which parents can to find at BenGreenfieldFitness.com/Koon, Okay-O-O-N as a result of Jason’s tremendous have compatibility too. I feel numerous other people assume poker gamers are simply other people with frumpy clothes on and pot bellies and glasses and a baseball cap over a smoky on line casino desk. However, now not simplest you however a number of different poker gamers I have talked to. You guys if truth be told, you might be unusually have compatibility crowd, a minimum of the ones of you who appear to be on the most sensible of the poker recreation.

Jason:  Yeah, it is a new age. I feel, the stereotypical old-school gambler with a cigar in his mouth, the ones days are a long way in the back of us now. It is calculated, find out about arduous and stay the mind and frame in the finest form that you’ll be able to.

Ben:  I if truth be told dig that. I like the theory of like an e-gamer, for instance, every other recreation that you just do not need concept could be so widespread 20 years in the past. E-gamers don’t seem to be essentially dudes of their mother’s basement shoving Cheetos of their face, they are if truth be told retaining themselves lovely have compatibility and doping with sensible medication. And, it is a entire new universe. So, you have been gambling poker for some time, proper?

Jason:  Yeah, a in reality very long time. I used to be a collegiate sprinter and I were given harm. And, every time I were given harm, I wished a aggressive outlet and a pal confirmed me poker. And, subsequent factor I do know, I used to be like, “Oh, my god, that is my factor.” And, that might were in 2005 I began.

Ben:  So, you have been a collegiate sprinter, which is most likely the place you were given a bit of little bit of that background of getting some bent in opposition to health. What distance did you run?

Jason:  I used to be 100, 200 man.

Ben:  K.

Jason:  Yeah. Took it in reality critically for a pair years. After which, I ripped my hip flexor off my hip, and that used to be all she wrote.

Ben:  How critically? What used to be your hunter time?

Jason:  I used to be a department two sprinter, and I am from West Virginia. So, I wasn’t this kind of Southern Florida studs, however I ran at 10-7 and 100. I received my highschool state championship meet. And, I used to be aggressive at department two faculty meets. However, I’d have by no means been. Yeah, I’d have by no means been a countrywide elegance man or the rest.

Ben:  Yeah, I will get known as out for pronouncing this. However, that is not unhealthy for a southern white man.

And so, now despite the fact that, if truth be told I feel you pinged me two days in the past as a result of we have been on the brink of report this display, and also you informed me you had more or less this thrilling new factor that you’ve got determined you’ll get started doing associated with sprinting once more. What is up with that?

Jason:  Yeah. So, there used to be this unbelievable video of this gigantic NFL participant sprinting a 100-meter sprint in opposition to skilled sprinters at a 10-Four or one thing. And, this man used to be 6’4, 230 kilos. It used to be fantastic. And, I retweeted it and probably the most poker information media responded, “Hiya, we all know that you just have been a sprinter. What do you assume that you have to run?” And, I stated, “With the years coaching, if I did not get harm,” and that is the reason a in reality, in reality giant if as a result of I am 36 years previous, “I feel I could possibly run underneath 11 seconds if I took it in reality, in reality critically.” After which, the arena blows up and everyone’s like, “This man is so delusional. That is loopy,” this and that. And, a pal of mine who is very rich businessman stated, “Hiya, when you hit it, we will donate some cash to a charity of your selection.”


Ben:  K.

Jason:  And, the donations might be into the six figures. So, it may well be quite important–

Ben:  Motivation.

Jason:  Yeah. It is more or less just right juju motivation. Everyone wins if I am getting their more or less factor. So, I have began taking it quite critically despite the fact that the Global Collection of Poker came about, and I had a child 3 weeks in the past. So, I am taking it as critically as I will be able to with the ones issues in entrance of me. It is such a lot concept.

Ben:  And, it indubitably is a large a part of nowadays’s display I need to get into the lifestyles, the circadian rhythm, the biohacks, the sensible medication, the nootropics, all that on the subject of the lifestyles of a pro poker participant. However for you, on the subject of coaching for buying speedy once more in sprinting, what is that search for you when it comes to juggling that together with your poker recreation as nicely?

Jason:  An important factor I spotted used to be it has to all be recovery-based. I keep sore longer than I used to, however on the similar time, I am smarter with the way in which that I educate, my vitamin’s means higher than it used to be every time I used to be 19. So, I’ve a bodily therapist paintings on me two to a few days every week, doing deep tissue therapeutic massage, dry needling, stem. I’ve a infrared sauna and Renu chilly plunge in my area, so I simply cycle thru the ones each and every unmarried day. And, I’ve Devon Allen who were given fourth within the Olympics this yr within the 110 excessive hurdles, absolute freak of nature. The man can run a 10-2 and 100. I imply, he is only a whole animal. He used to be great sufficient to more or less set me up with a exercise, and he simply stated to me, “You might be overtraining principally. What you want to be doing now since you have already got a lovely excessive point of conditioning and health,” he is like, “you want to run for 11 seconds or simply underneath that. You do not wish to have loopy, loopy cardiovascular health.” So–

Ben:  No.

Jason:  Precisely. So, it is more or less excessive output complete restoration. My lifts are doubling up. So, I will do just units of 2 at the squats, complete restoration, possibly 5 or 6 units of in reality heavy weight. I will be doing energy cleans, snatches, kettlebell stuff, numerous mobility stuff. After which, my dash exercises are if truth be told 40 mins of warming up. After which, I am going out and I dash two or 3 100s at 80 to 90 to once in a while at 100%. And, I am simply looking to more or less tune-up that central worried device and get my frame able to succeed in new speeds. And, additionally performing some plyometrics. However that is in reality it.

Ben:  Yeah, it is extremely phosphogenic that recreation, which means that simply after I performed tennis in faculty, they did not need us to run a lot in any respect and indubitably now not ever over a mile since you get your speedy transfer muscle transformed to slow-twitch muscle. You educate your frame to preserve power. You turn out to be just right at buffering lactic acid or keeping up low-level depth for lengthy sessions of time. Nevertheless it flies within the face of energy and energy coaching. So yeah, I imply if you are coaching for an tournament, that is no matter, 10 to 12 seconds. Then principally, nearly all of your job is all brief snappy. There are books like Pavel Tsatsouline, Russian kettlebell teacher, has written books like “The Fast And The Lifeless” actually that get into the concept that you wish to have to keep away from lactic acid as a result of that’ll kill you, however the entirety is simply brief snappy conventional exercise could be 10 kettlebell swings, stroll away a minute later, 10 kettlebell swings, stroll away. However, the entirety is placing up to you’ll be able to into each and every swing most pace. And, similar as you have been coaching, the entirety is simply brief, snappy, fast, heavy, no bodybuilding, no staying power coaching. So, that is going to be cool to look the way you do with that.

Jason:  I used to be going to mention I used to be operating mid-high 11s for repeats within the hundred out of the three-point stance and shoes a pair weeks in the past. So, I feel I am a large favourite to do it if I do not blow one thing up.

Ben:  No longer too shabby. Wow. Cool. Neatly, you will have to stay us posted on the way it is going. And, I am positive that the media might be following you as nicely.

So, once more, for the ones of you listening in, Jason’s remaining identify is spelled Okay-O-O-N. and, I will hyperlink to that quest for sprinting when you move to BenGreenfieldFitness.com/Koon.

However in reality, the rationale that I sought after to to start with interview you, Jason used to be, I imply, in truth, as I have simply alluded to, there is numerous stuff poker gamers that I have watched are doing now to optimize. However ahead of we get into what you do and what you have noticed others round you do on the subject of virtually biohacking poker, what does the common day to your lifestyles appear to be? I do not in reality even know the way it is going, when you get up and simply head to the on line casino, or when you get up and also you turn at the TV and get started finding out new poker strikes? Stroll people who haven’t any clue about this throughout the review of what an afternoon within the lifetime of a poker participant if truth be told looks as if.

Jason:  Certain. So, the day in my lifestyles is far other than the day for many poker gamers. The principle explanation why is I am 13 years into doing this factor full-time, and I have been gambling and successful on the best possible stakes for the remaining six years. So, I have more or less earned, if that is the proper phrase, the liberty to be a bit of extra selective with the place my power is going. So, when you return 5 years in the past, I’d were gambling so much with the Chinese language crowd that I do know loves to play the most important video games on the earth. So, numerous my buddies are Chinese language guys, marketers that love to play in reality, in reality, in reality giant excessive stakes.

Ben:  Are those guys who are available in from China with some huge cash and move to the excessive curler rooms in Vegas?

Jason:  Yeah. So, that is more or less the way it began and the way we met. However what ended up taking place used to be I heard these kind of rumors of when you move to Macau, the Asian, Las Vegas, when you move over there, the video games are larger and they are more uncomplicated to win. So, out of interest, I went over there in 2012 and the video games have been simply huge. And, I befriended a pair guys that performed in even larger video games that then have been publicly to be had. So, I finished up flying to puts like Manila within the Philippines, or Hong Kong or Jeju in Korea to play video games which might be simply astronomically giant, probably the most greatest video games that experience ever been ran. And, all the way through the ones–

Ben:  And, through giant, do you imply stakes for the collection of other people?

Jason:  Sure. No, the stakes.

Ben:  K.

Jason:  The collection of individuals are very small, however you might be speaking video games that you have to win or lose $Five million in an evening.

Ben:  K.

Jason:  That massive. You’ll play pots which might be $Three or $Four million in keeping with hand.

Ben:  Were given it.

Jason:  And, when those guys play, the way in which that they more or less construction it’s other than the way in which that American construction poker. They in reality cater to VIP gamers. And, all it takes in reality is this kind of VIP guys that desires to gamble massive to more or less take a month of your lifestyles away. In case you have the chance to play with a man that is shedding at this kind of huge fee and playing doing it, nicely, then the entirety else more or less simply will get put at the again burner, and your frame, and the entirety suffers and you might be similar to, “You recognize what, I’ll endure for the following 30 days as a result of I do know how much cash that is price. After which, I will return to feeling like a typical human being after that.” So, I cycled thru doing that over and over again, and over, and yet again.

Ben:  And, while you say endure, what do you imply?

Jason:  I am speaking with a few of these non-public video games. You might be gambling for 72 hours.

Ben:  K. So, you might be speaking about the true psychological fatigue and time that you just installed.

Jason:  Yeah, like me, the longest consultation I have ever performed used to be most likely about 46 hours. However I do know I used to be not too long ago speaking to my good friend, Phil Ivey, and he stated a number of occasions he is performed for 72 hours directly.

Ben:  Holy cow. On the desk that entire time?

Jason:  Yeah. And, those guys are blowing smoke to your face. In casinos in the USA, you wouldn’t have to take care of gambling in a poker site with smoke anymore. That is long gone. That is a factor previously. Poker rooms are if truth be told lovely clear and great. However if you are gambling with the VIP participant, he will get to do no matter he needs. You might be catering to his revel in. So, it might contain being in a in reality, in reality small room gambling the most important stakes conceivable looking to keep targeted, and in addition looking to play at a quick tempo as a result of as soon as once more, you might be their leisure. So, if this man is shedding a host of cash, even though you want time beyond regulation to take into consideration a hand, you do not in reality get it as a result of you do not need to be impolite to him. So, you simply play speedy regardless the dimensions of the pot, and you have to be 48 hours in deliriously drained, famished, and gambling a pot that might exchange your entire month, and you’ve got to do it in underneath 15, 20 seconds in keeping with resolution.

Ben:  You stated famish. Are you able to devour in any respect on the desk? Are you allowed to?

Jason:  You’ll, however I simply understand how that my mind works, and I play my very best when I am fasted. Now, that does not imply I simply starve myself to loss of life after I play, however normally, after I do, I am in complete ketosis. I am consuming bone broth and sipping down MCT oil, and my teas, and simply more or less chugging alongside. And, particularly in a recreation like that the place I wish to be ultra-focused, I simply do not devour giant foods after I play. So, it is simply a type of issues the place if I am two days in, I am in an enormous calorie deficit. So, to not be so long-winded about it. However to get again in your level, I did that for years. I am not retired I nonetheless paintings very arduous, however I earned more or less in need of to be balanced as a result of that is what makes me glad is spending time with my spouse, and now my son, and getting my exercises in. And, I find out about broadly. Poker gamers use synthetic intelligence to review a bot.

So, a bot can play at a place that might take you assert a pair days to play a couple of hundred palms. A bot can play that very same spot billions of occasions in hours. So, you’ll be able to have a bot play a state of affairs billions of occasions after which you’ll be able to find out about what that bot did. And, you’ll be able to take ideas and abstractions clear of the ones performs the bot made and in flip play higher poker your self. So, I do numerous finding out with my colleagues and finding out alone with AI. And, my that is more or less what my day looks as if now.

Ben:  How does that glance precisely when you find yourself finding out? Are you in entrance of a pc display screen seeing the true sequences which were performed out and finding out what the end result of the ones are? From a realistic point of view, what does finding out with the bot is doing appear to be?

Jason:  Yup, that is precisely. So, we discovered artful techniques to take those, the bot will converge. So, it converges in opposition to a Nash equilibrium. So principally, what occurs is is the bot performs itself in a variety of eventualities and it comes to a decision which selections it regrets the least. And, it does it billions and billions and occasions till it will get to some degree the place all sides of the coin, shall we embrace, the bot is gambling itself heads up, it cannot make any selections which might be higher or worse. So, it reaches a center level the place it is more or less a stalemate. After which, as soon as it is more or less reached that equilibrium technique, that suggests your technique is not exploitable anymore. So, what I will do is I will find out about through having a look at shapes. You’ll see exact numbers and statistics. However visually, you’ll be able to see people have created artful little techniques to visualise a graph or what each and every hand looks as if in a grid, and then you definately find out about the ones. And, we are all other however I am more or less a visible man. So, I find out about in a variety of other more or less shapes. And, I will display you someday in user to position it into higher phrases. However it is a statistical factor, a frequency factor but additionally a visible factor.

Ben:  K, were given it. So, when it comes to the true occasions that you’re — say at a on line casino in Vegas, as a result of when I am in Vegas, it sort of feels each and every time I am going there, I will ping you and I will be like, “Hiya, Jason, what is up? You wish to have to grasp a meal?” And, you’ll be able to be at X, Y, Z desk in such and this kind of on line casino, just like the ARIA or over at the place have been you remaining time. I feel we have been on the MGM. And, it sort of feels you prefer bouncing round of those other casinos in numerous excessive curler rooms. However for you, are you able to simply play any time of day that you want to? Or, do you want to head there within the night time? Or, except those lengthy more or less marathon-esque tournaments that you’ve got simply described the place you could be gambling for hours upon hours conventional day for you, are you able to simply more or less move and play when you wish to have to play?

Jason:  Yeah. So, there is two primary varieties of video games that you just play in poker. One is named a money recreation. And, this is you’ll be able to stroll as much as a desk with cash, you’ll be able to take a seat down together with your cash, and at any time you wish to have to go away, you’ll be able to select up your cash and stroll away. Identical to you could possibly say gambling blackjack.

Ben:  Proper. And, that through the way in which, fast interruption, is the type of recreation I love. In order that you realize, the way in which that I feel it. In all probability, it is just because I’ve a bit of little bit of a spirit of shortage nonetheless left in me from my upbringing and me being a large, giant cash saver from an early age like the man who would get on my Halloween sweet and reserve it underneath my mattress, then in the summertime, pull all of it out and promote it to all of the hungry group youngsters who did not have sufficient sweet at the moment.

Normally, after I move to gamble, which I can ever so once in a while do both from in Vegas or right here in Spokane, if I am taking my spouse out to a date on the on line casino, we are going to see a combat and we drop into certainly one of smoke-free Texas grasp ’em room for a bit of bit. After the combat, I will play. And, once I win, I am like, “Ah, I am achieved.” I will be able to actually play for 10 mins and growth. Quickly as I am getting 100 greenbacks up, I am out, achieved, pull, and I stroll away. That is simply the way in which I play. I have simply by no means been into playing, playing up to I guess simply successful and strolling away.

Jason:  Yeah. The object with me is I if truth be told hate playing. I do not even know the foundations to craps or blackjack. Poker used to be simply a type of issues that I spotted, oh this can be a ability recreation, I am gambling in opposition to people, I am not gambling in opposition to the home. And, from an overly, very early time in my development as a poker participant, I began to be a winner. So, I more or less had that certain reinforcement. So, yeah there is that sort which numerous gamers love as a result of there is the liberty in that such as you have been pronouncing. You’ll simply, “Hiya, I am out. That used to be a laugh. Let’s move.”

After which, there are tournaments. In tournaments, it’s important to display up at a selected time, it’s important to have input the match, after which you’ll be able to’t give up till you might be eradicated from the match. So, you might be caught to that, however the upside of the tournaments can also be reasonably massive. And, I play a mixture of each tournaments. Most often, the biggest motion might be a money recreation the place a VIP participant will need to sit down down and play and go away when he needs to go away. However continuously occasions, while you’ve talked to me in Vegas, I have if truth be told been caught in a poker match the place I am like, “Hiya, guy, come through and say hello, however I will be able to’t go away as a result of if I do, my chips might be blinded out and I will lose all this cash.”

So, while you have been speaking about my profits to start with of the display, that used to be in particular in poker tournaments. However I additionally play numerous money video games.

Ben:  K, alright, were given it. So, let’s dig into to probably the most issues that I feel that my target audience and doubtlessly even different poker gamers listening in are most likely going to be enthusiastic about. And, that might be simply find out how to hack this entire factor from a frame and mind optimization point of view as a result of I believe there is some a laugh issues lets take on right here.

So, you mentioned how you want to be for those longer sessions of time that you are caught gambling in a state of ketosis, which for me turns out to make sense versus the sprinting that you’ll be able to be doing the place you principally need to have numerous creatine, numerous glycogen to your device and be capable of very snappily burn sugar and creatine general reverse for a psychological recreation. Which means that we all know ketones are the throughput for as an overly solid supply of mind gas, your mind simplest in reality wishes 40-ish grams of glucose an afternoon, so you have to simply get through on only a few carbohydrates and feature solid power ranges. You mentioned how you’ll be able to use one thing like MCT oil, which when processed through the liver is a lovely just right approach to generate your individual ketone our bodies. However on the subject of the fueling piece, are there any explicit meals or dietary supplements that you just use particularly so as to take care of focal point and/or take care of ketosis for lengthy sessions of time except what you have already alluded to love MCT oil?

Jason:  Yeah. So, I dabbled with some nootropics years in the past. However what I found out that simply works for me is good enough sleep. I imply, that is the giant one. And, I most likely drink a bit of extra caffeine than I will have to be simply Nitro Chilly Brews or black espresso every time I am gambling. However as opposed to that, I am not slamming any dietary supplements by any means.

That being stated, my vitamin may be very, very strict. I style what I devour after–it is a hybrid model, however after the best well being vitamin, I consider you will have been the person who despatched me within the course of that guide years in the past.

Ben:  Yeah, that used to be Paul Jaminet. Fairly dated vitamin however the very best well being vitamin is founded round, nicely at the beginning used to be advanced for therapeutic persistent illness however it is numerous secure starches, which means nearly all of carbohydrates are mobile, so parsnips, beets, candy potatoes, yams, et cetera, taro, berries, some end result as opposed to what could be known as an acellular carbohydrate like bread or processed wheat, or cereal grains, or one thing like that. After which, it has got numerous fermented greens has an overly more or less Eastern bent to it like seaweeds, herb, spices, natto, tempeh. The ones varieties of issues.

Jason:  Lots of acid.

Ben:  Yup, numerous organ meats for the meats like liver, abdomen, kidney, middle, marrow, mind, glands, after which numerous omega-Three fatty acids, very DHA-rich. So, it is if truth be told a rather well compromised vitamin or well-comprised vitamin.

I have interviewed Paul Jaminet at the display ahead of to more or less virtually like–are you acquainted with the Weston A. Worth vitamin in any respect?


Jason:  I’m, yeah, yeah.

Ben:  Neatly, you will have to be with a brand new child as a result of each and every–

Jason:  That is proper.

Ben:  Each and every girl I have labored with and each and every new mother or father that I have labored with from a dietary point of view for breast milk, for a large wholesome glad child. We all the time move with the Weston A. Worth vitamin, which is once more numerous ghee fermented meals, organ meats, et cetera. I’d say the adaptation between that and the very best well being vitamin is the very best well being vitamin would possibly seem when you have been to take a look at the plate to be a bit of bit extra more or less somewhat plant-based much more fermented greens, a bit of decrease at the saturated fat and the butters and such things as that. However yeah, so quite identical.

So, that is your fundamental vitamin.

Jason:  Yeah. Very, very fundamental more or less I devour I would possibly not say the similar stuff each day, however I do know within the morning I’ll have bone broth, avocado, an omelet with scorching sauce on it, possibly some pickles, one thing like that. I devour most likely a bit of extra grass-fed pork than most of the people would suggest. I am getting this pork from First Mild. It is Australian Wagyu grass-fed pork. So, I grind numerous that. I am making pot roast with it and packing that or having rib-eyes sliced up with a salad or one thing like that. And, I do numerous salmon, sardines. A large number of fat and numerous acid is more or less and now not as many carbs. Like I stated, my vitamin’s more or less a hybridized model of the very best well being vitamin. I am not consuming just about the volume of carbs that they suggest. And, I am consuming much more fats than they suggest.

Ben:  K, were given it. Have you ever ever thought to be enforcing particularly for the longer sessions of time like ketone esters or ketone salts? There are corporations HVMN, or KetoneAid, or Absolute best Keto as a couple of examples of businesses that as a substitute of getting you eat MCT oil to make your individual ketones if truth be told throughput ketones and simply mainline them into your bloodstream to shift you very readily right into a state of lovely important ketosis.

Jason:  I have if truth be told by no means attempted that.

Ben:  That is one thing that, I imply, if I have been to your sneakers, I’d believe that as more or less being together with most likely probably the most nootropics we will speak about like most sensible of the totem pole on the subject of what would arguably be burnt like a macronutrient, and most likely come up with much more of a bonus than one thing MCT oil. And once more, again within the day, they was once arduous to search out, they did not used to style that groovy. They nonetheless do not style that groovy, however yeah, ketone esters.

Jason:  I feel I have had them, they are tremendous salty.

Ben:  They are a bit of bit salty/acidic. However guy, oh guy, when it comes to six to 8 hours of clean-burning power with only a few urge for food cravings, the one factor with ketone esters–and this is similar with nootropics and with sensible medication, generally, is you wish to have to take care of a lovely important consumption of in reality just right clear natural water and minerals on the similar time that you are eating them, just because it sort of feels that while you amp up psychological job by the use of the usage of those ketones, there seems to be most likely additionally as a result of glucose can generally tend to attract water and salts in a muscle when you find yourself consuming much less glucose, you want a bit of bit extra water and salts coming in from a distinct supply. So, when you stack the ketone esters with in reality just right water after which a just right mineral supply like–I feel one of the most very best ones could be there is a corporate known as Quinton, they usually do those hypertonic mineral sachet packets. And, that might be an instance like water, the Quinton and the ketone esters is one thing that when you have been to mix that with a in reality well-formulated nootropic or sensible drug stack would simply assist you to push your mind arduous, and speedy, and deep for most likely even longer than you would be capable of take care of together with your present manner. So, one thing to take into consideration a minimum of.

Jason:  I am indubitably in to be the guinea pig right here.

Ben:  Yeah.

Neatly, hi. I need to interrupt nowadays’s display to inform you concerning the sauna. After all, the sauna I’ve that I will be able to have compatibility me, and my kids, and my spouse into for a breath paintings consultation. We will be able to do a four-way circle of relatives breath paintings consultation in that factor. It is so giant, is the Clearlight Sanctuary yoga sauna. It is their infrared sauna, full-spectrum infrared. They’ve different saunas too, however the only I exploit is the Sanctuary. And, they protect in opposition to EMF publicity. They do close to mid and far-infrared warmth. They arrive with an entire life guaranty. And, they will come up with a smoking scorching deal when you use my code. It is healwithheat.com after which point out my identify, and that is the reason the way you get your bargain. Healwithheat.com. Name them up, write them, point out my identify and you’ll be able to be into the particular VIP membership. So, the ones are the Clearlight saunas. Test them out healwithheat.com.

I am if truth be told in reality excited as a result of I’ve a unique visitor. What is up, babe?

Jessa:  Hello, there.

Ben:  So, my spouse is right here and she or he’s right here as a result of she’s been getting tremendous into those new, I have no idea what you name them, threads.

Jason:  Yeah, joggers.

Ben:  That is proper. Yeah, so inform other people about what this new, I suppose, it is a jogger that you are essentially pondering, proper?

Jessa:  Yeah. It is from Vuori.

Ben:  Vuori. Neatly, they are spelled humorous. V-U-O-R-I, however it is Vuori.

Jessa:  Sure. I’ve a jogger from them and I’ve a few different shirts that I put on from them. However, what is nice about them is I in reality like that I will be able to play tennis in them, I will be able to hike in them, I will be able to run to the grocer in them, I will be able to principally do the entirety that my lifestyles calls for of me in those garments and if truth be told, on the similar time, it does not appear to be I am going out and understanding on the fitness center. I will be able to appear to be I am simply kicking it in an afternoon on the espresso store.

Ben:  It is jogger. It is if truth be told more or less a lovely jogger. It has got the cropped legs, and the facet wallet, and the attracts–

Jessa:  Yeah, they are trendy, they are purposeful.

Ben:  They name it DreamKnit, they are stretched material.

Jessa:  Sure, tremendous comfortable.

Ben:  Yeah.

Jessa:  In reality great.

Ben:  So, they do a in reality just right task. So, what Vuori is doing as a result of numerous other people concept they have been only a corporate for dudes however their girls’s lineup seems in reality just right.

Jessa:  Oh, they’ve a super lineup, yeah.

Ben:  Yeah. So, you move to vuoriclothing.com/Ben, vuoriclothing.com/Ben will get you giant fats 20% off. So, test them out, vuoriclothing.com/Ben. Thank you for being a visitor on nowadays’s display, babe.

Jessa:  Completely. I love to speak about garments.

Ben:  What about nootropics or sensible medication? You fiddle with any of the ones in any respect? I imply, you discussed caffeine, however–

Jason:  Yeah. Say 8 years in the past, I did and I simply felt–I would possibly not say I in reality felt the rest damaging from them, however lots of the ones that I ran I simply more or less felt it used to be simplest placebo for me. I did not really feel I used to be getting any more or less further–

Ben:  Yeah. K, were given it. Yeah. I imply, clearly, there is actually loads of various nootropics, ashwagandha, and L-theanine, and CBD, and CBN, and phosphatidylcholine. And, what I is that numerous corporations have emerged that experience lovely just right done-for-you stacks that mix numerous these things, and in what I’d believe to be lovely first rate ratios as opposed to you more or less weeding out from fringe chemical web pages simply certainly one of this kind of molecules. Clearly, from an artificial point of view, one of the widespread one for individuals who need to opt for in reality lengthy sessions of time with out sleep is the off-label anti-narcoleptic drug modafinil, which I have achieved a podcast on ahead of. And, that will be the giant weapons. That will be, k, it is time for me to head 48 hours. I do not even need to take into consideration sleep. I have were given my ketone esters. I have were given some water. I have were given some minerals, a bit of little bit of that best well being vitamin form of meals resources for when you want meals. After which, one thing like modafinil, which I have achieved an entire podcast on could be for the in reality, in reality giant lengthy efforts. However the issue with this is it could long-term more or less make you a bit of bit desensitized to dopamine. And, numerous occasions more or less reduce to rubble your circadian rhythm long-term. However then, when you take a look at a few of these nootropics which might be arguably a bit of bit extra herbal, the ones will be the ones that I feel could be more secure. There may be one known as Qualia that I love. They’ve a caffeine-free model known as Qualia Thoughts. That is person who I feel is in reality, in reality just right.

There may be every other corporate that I have achieved an editorial on, they are known as Nootopia, they usually ship you this field of various nootropics however they are designed for explicit eventualities. They’ve one stack that is known as the Genius Activator, which is for simply the facility so as to procedure knowledge and recall phrases and feature higher mind agility. They’ve every other one known as Social Command, which is healthier for cocktail events, networking, et cetera. They’ve one for deep paintings the place you simply wish to focal point for lengthy sessions of time or one known as Neuro Primer, which you are taking ahead of you if truth be told be told positive actions. That is every other corporate along with Qualia that I feel is making a lovely, lovely just right lineup of nootropics.

Jason:  Have you ever for my part attempted numerous those?

Ben:  Yeah.

Jason:  In my revel in a minimum of previously, I feel I used to be taking more or less the extra readily to be had stuff at Entire Meals or no matter.

Ben:  Yeah.

Jason:  However, it gave the impression the quantities there wasn’t sufficient of the rest in there to have any more or less certain receive advantages.

Ben:  I, in an elephant, when it comes to dosage so far as what I want of explicit compounds, and so I have in particular known the corporations the place if I take one thing, I need to really feel it. I need to be in move zone for hours and hours.

And so, the Qualia Thoughts generally like seven to 9 pills of that may do it for me. That corporate Nootopia that sends only a field of stuff to your home, you more or less mix ‘n match what you wish to have for the day in line with no matter social calls for, focal point calls for, et cetera. That is every other in reality just right one. The ones are most likely be the highest two that I love. 

However then, you wish to have to take into consideration the true gas that your mind goes to be burning thru as you employ those compounds. And, most likely the highest two issues to believe when it comes to replenishing the mind vitamins that you’ll be able to burn thru sooner when you find yourself the usage of those, it might be choline and magnesium. And, you have to take it within the morning too however some type of a in reality, in reality just right magnesium like the similar people who do the Nootopia product, they make one known as Magnesium Leap forward that I love. There may be every other one known as a MagSRT that is made through Jigsaw Well being. It is extra like a slow-release type of magnesium. However what you do is you are taking the magnesium at night time after which choline within the morning. And, choline you have to say that be just like the gas that you are burning thru sooner when you find yourself taking a sensible drug or a nootropic.

Jason:  K.

Ben:  There is a corporate known as Quicksilver Medical they usually make only a sublingual type of choline. And, you have to do six to 8 squirts of that underneath your tongue, take your nootropic, head off, simply overwhelm six to 8 hours, get again, take some magnesium to fill up probably the most magnesium that you just burn thru. And, when you have been to try this after which ketone esters, I will wager that–I imply, now not that you are struggling presently. What quantity of money did you simply win a couple of days in the past?

Jason:  300, yeah.

Ben:  Yeah, first rate quantities. It is not like you might be sucking it up presently, however the ones could be a couple of issues to take into consideration from nootropics or a sensible drug point of view so far as in line with what you have described to me to this point that I’d believe more or less throwing into the combo.

And, through the way in which, people are listening in, I have written articles on either one of the ones approaches and I will hyperlink to them when you move to BenGreenfieldFitness.com/Koon.

What about mild? Clearly, there is numerous circadian rhythm disruption particularly in what many would understand to be the Vegas lifestyles, like brilliant lighting fixtures, past due hours.


Jason:  Yeah.

Ben:  In reality more or less an evolutionary mismatch when it comes to break of day, sundown, sunlight cycles. It is freaking arduous to even to find the solar in Vegas some days I have discovered simply since you’re within or surrounded through tall constructions. However what do you do for the sleep piece?

Jason:  So, we now have an important setup. I are living out in Summerlin, which is in the midst of the wilderness. It is in reality, in reality lovely position. My home is in reality brilliant and there is a variety of mild coming in. So, every time I am right here, I haven’t any drawback with that, I will put on the blue-light-blocking glasses at night time if I am up past due. However every time I traveled, a host jet lag and the mega periods have been huge issues for me sound asleep. I by no means discovered an answer for it.

It if truth be told ended up more or less giving me PTSD as a result of I’d move to those stops and I’d display up once in a while every week forward of time, however I by no means appear so as to get my sleep so as. And now, once in a while if I do know there is a huge tournament the following day, I will be mindful what it used to be like not to be capable of sleep every time I used to be in Asia. And, it stresses me out a bit of bit. I were given to confess it. So, when I am right here like I stated, I am set, I am dandy. However the over the ocean stuff, I have by no means figured it out.

Ben:  Yeah, yeah. I imply, clearly, when I am in Vegas, the sunshine is the most important one. No longer simplest do I commute with those little led-blocking stickers that you’ll be able to purchase on Amazon that you’ll be able to simply placed on most sensible of the rest that is within the room at night time, that continuously has a tendency to be lit up a Christmas tree for staying on the resort. I will unplug up to I will be able to however then quilt as a lot of the lighting fixtures as conceivable as a result of your pores and skin is an eye fixed, you will have photoreceptors everywhere your pores and skin. So, it isn’t with regards to placing on a nap masks while you sleep, however the thing more is I put on the blue-light-blocking glasses each daylight hours and midnight in Vegas simply because that trendy overhead led fluorescent lights could cause this low-level inflammation to the retina. That long-term may end up in mind fog and fuzzy pondering. And so–

Jason:  The blue mild all the way through the day does not mess together with your circadian rhythm or should not you be uncovered to reasonably numerous blue mild.

Ben:  Yeah, now not when you use those which might be designed for daylight hours use. For the reason that blue mild, you might be getting uncovered to from, shall we embrace, overhead lighting fixtures, indoors, except they are the usage of organic led which maximum companies or constructions don’t seem to be the usage of. You might be getting a non-native type of very brilliant blue mild, other than the blue mild you get from the solar which might most often be accompanied through UVA, UVB, infrared near-infrared, et cetera. What you do is you employ the blue mild blocking off glasses however you employ one designed for daylight hours use. There may be one corporate known as Ra Optics. And, they’ve a yellow lens that you just use all the way through the daylight hours. And, it does not make you sleepy, it simply blocks out the stuff that reasons the mind fog and the entirety. After which, you turn when it will get to midnight or when it will get on the subject of your bedtime and you do not need the brilliant lighting fixtures to be shutting down melatonin manufacturing, then you definately transfer to their crimson midnight lens.

And so, that is what I do when I am in Vegas. I put on the yellow lens through day after which I exploit their midnight crimson lens at night time. And so, then you might be more or less getting the finest of each worlds from a light-blocking point of view.

Jason:  K. Yeah, I do know you might be telling the reality right here to the target audience as a result of I walked through you within the ARIA at 3:00 pm and also you had the ones yellow lenses on.

Ben:  Yeah, yeah. However they are now not the darkish crimson ones. You place the darkish crimson ones on. If I put the ones on when I am observing one thing at night time with my circle of relatives, we are having a look at a display screen, I will get drained. And, if I take them off, I am getting conscious. However then, when you in reality are in need of to get to sleep, that is the time while you carry out the crimson mild glasses. After which, you simply put on the yellow ones, another way.

Do you are taking the rest ahead of you move to mattress particularly if you have got a protracted day of poker and you wish to have so as to simply ruin an hour sleep or you are taking the rest ahead of you move to mattress to more or less close down the frame or close down the mind?

Jason:  Yeah, I am unbelievably uninteresting. However the few issues that I do to knock myself out are Epsom salt soaks like we have been speaking concerning the magnesium. That in reality places me out. And, as opposed to that, I can move into my room tremendous darkish and take a seat in a sauna for a short time and simply breathe deep or I am going outdoor and I’ve a jacuzzi in my pool and wonderful stars at night time, and in Vegas if truth be told. So, simply take a seat available in the market and breathe some herbal air. Proper ahead of mattress, I will stroll about 3.7 miles is the loop we do, and it is only a in reality quiet midnight loop. And, that is what I’ve to do. Simply stargaze a bit of bit and that is the reason all I want. And, I sleep like a rock.

Ben:  That is superior. That is superior. It is a just right apply. I imply if that works for you, then that is wonderful. I to find that some other people particularly who commute so much for stuff this and most likely some poker gamers are listening who’re nonetheless touring so much. Something is, and I interviewed Dr. John Lieurance about this is more or less the usage of the primary night time while you get to the place you are going when you want to keep an eye on your circadian rhythm like a melatonin sledgehammer the place this corporate sells 100 to 300-milligram melatonin suppositories or liposomal formulations the place you do this for one to 2 nights and simply more or less resets the entirety, and also you sleep a child regardless of the place you might be at on the earth. After which, you simply more or less backpedal and do not use it the remainder of the time.

My giant one, as a result of I simply to find I do not sleep nicely in Vegas, but when I do the ones melatonin sledgehammers together with a bit of little bit of CBD, that is my go-to. And, there is if truth be told a more moderen type of CBD. And, I have no idea what it seems for you guys at the felony panorama, however it is known as a Delta Eight THC. It is a felony type of THC that it more or less works the similar means as common weed does however with out numerous the psychedelic unwanted side effects or the have an effect on in your deep sleep ranges. And, there are corporations now like Noel Creek Hemp or Cannabolix that promote those tinctures and those chews that they knock you out particularly when you mix with melatonin.

So, the ones are a few issues that I will use if I am more or less out of my part or in a spot the place I am uncovered to a ton of lighting fixtures or outdoor of my circadian rhythm or one thing like that. However what you might be doing, the Epsom salt soaks, strolling, time in nature, underneath the celebs, all that stuff from an ancestral and herbal point of view is basically wonderful. So, I am happy you might be weaving that during as nicely.

Jason:  Yeah, that is wonderful to me. The opposite factor is I simply can’t devour 4 hours ahead of bedtime principally. If I’ve meals in my abdominal, I simply can’t sleep.

Ben:  Yeah. Yeah. That is in truth the case for numerous people except they are extremely glycolytic athletes like crossfitters or triathletes. They are the polar reverse. They’ve to fill up carbohydrates at night time so as so as to sleep. However most of the people do not do nicely going to mattress with a complete abdomen and tapering it off. Two to a few hours ahead of mattress is a lovely just right concept.

After which, if you’re hungry, my trick for that’s I make midnight jello. So, you actually simply warmth up a pot of scorching water and also you sell off a host of gelatin in there as you stir it up the recent water. After which, I will put a non-caloric sweetener like stevia, or allulose, or monk fruit in there. And, this present day I have been placing a number of scoops of the Kion Aminos. And, you simply stir and stir and stir. After which, you set it right into a Pyrex glass container and put it within the refrigerator and it units like jello. You do a type of jello items. It is just like 30, 40 energy max. However the glycine lowers your frame’s core temperature. After which, you get this gradual bleed of amino acids and collagen into the bloodstream when you sleep. So, that is my reasonable–

Jason:  That sounds nice.

Ben:  Yeah, they are so just right. It is known as midnight jello. If truth be told, I’ve my new cookbook. However yeah, it is simply principally tremendous simple, tremendous reasonable to make, and dude, it sticks in your ribs, it assists in keeping your palms out of the ice cream at night time. And, that is my go-to if I am hungry at night time. However I realize it’s now not suitable for me to devour a complete meal proper ahead of I am going to mattress. That midnight jello simply does the trick.

Now, what about toxins, cigarette smoke? Clearly, you discussed that that is not as giant of a deal in casinos anymore. However I appear to note nonetheless it sort of feels there is simply–I have no idea, I believe a bit of bit poisonous when I am in that more or less Vegas E atmosphere. Do you continue to revel in the rest like that?

Jason:  Yeah, I do. It is so dry out right here too. So, there is a aggregate of that even though you might be now not having smoke blown to your face strolling thru a on line casino and more or less strolling through other people cranking slot machines smoke cigarettes, or no matter.

The most important factor for me is I must be in steam for a in reality very long time. Guy, one, we now have humidifiers operating thru right here like loopy. Each and every room in my area simply continuously has humidifiers move on. And two, I want both a in reality intense sweat or I wish to be in a steam bathe and simply more or less get that out. I am not in reality digesting the rest explicit to deal, I am not doing the activated charcoal or the rest like that that I feel numerous other people could be doing. However I simply steam-shower it out, a variety of water. Like I stated, we do not in reality must be round that, however I simply attempt to keep away from it in any respect.

If you end up coming to Vegas. you might be basically at the strip. When I am in Vegas, I am more or less in an old-person group 95% of the time.

Ben:  Yeah, that is true. You might be more or less in a distinct atmosphere since you are living in Las Vegas, however you more or less are living outdoor town and you’ll be able to force into the strip when you wish to have to come back in, proper?

Jason:  That is proper, yeah.

Ben:  For you, clearly it is a little bit other. I’d believe now not each and every skilled poker participant is coaching for a sprinting pageant like you might be. However conventional day at the street, what does your health recreation appear to be if you were not coaching for sprinting or what you could possibly have achieved again while you have been touring so much? How are you if truth be told staying have compatibility when you find yourself gambling?

Jason:  Neatly, I commute with a couple of issues. I had a shoulder harm years in the past and you set me onto this crossover symmetry. And, I all the time carry that with me in every single place I am going. And, that is if truth be told achieved–

Ben:  The shoulder bands.

Jason:  Yup, yup. So, I grind the ones. I additionally had PRP and stem cells injected into my shoulder. It is 100% now. It is wonderful. I went two or 3 years with out having the ability to do a push-up. And now, I will be able to bench press in reality heavy, and do handstands, and all that a laugh stuff.

So, I commute with that. I commute with a foam curler. I commute with acupressure pad. It more or less knocks me out that Nayoya, I consider is what it is known as.

Ben:  Wait, which one?

Jason:  I feel it is Nayoya. N-A-Y-O-Y-A. I may well be getting that mistaken. It could be Nagoya.

Ben:  And, what’s it precisely?

Jason:  It is an acupressure pads.

Ben:  K.

Jason:  You recognize what I am speaking about?

Ben:  Yeah, I do know what you might be speaking about, a bit of neat and also you lay on it, and it more or less regularly lulls your frame into rest.

Jason:  Precisely, yeah, and loosens up more or less when you’ve been sitting on a aircraft all day. It is a great approach to calm down. So, I’ve a bit of foam curler more or less stretching mini yoga band regimen I do in my room. After which, we are blessed that almost all the puts we move to only have in reality nice amenities. I educate each and every unmarried day that I play poker, however I by no means educate arduous. I am simply doing one thing to looking to get my frame going a bit of bit, a variety of stretching, a variety of skipping rope, however not anything intense, the guts fee’s by no means excessive. I am by no means like squatting 400 kilos or the rest like that. It is simply in reality extra get in most sensible form ahead of I am going on this kind of journeys, after which take care of in addition to I will be able to. I normally come again six or seven kilos lighter each and every unmarried time despite the fact that.

Ben:  Wow.

Jason:  Yeah, it is more or less a bummer. I will go away right here 177 kilos in reality feeling sturdy and I normally come again at 170.

Ben:  Yeah, yeah. That is one thing I will continuously do when I am headed off for a hefty industry or commute go back and forth is simply more or less ruin myself the week prior after which use the commute as somewhat of a deload week.

The object that I have been doing for the previous yr or so is I will commute with the ones blood drift restriction bands as a result of I will be able to actually tourniquet my legs and arms whilst in my resort room ahead of I head to the convention or no matter, and do a 30 minutes, and I exploit a type of suspension straps that you’ll be able to grasp from the door and do pull-u.s.and the entirety from. And so, I simply have that and the BFR bands in a single elastic band. And, I will do 30 squats, 20 push-ups, 10 pull-ups, 30 lunges, 20 of a few form of core workout, after which 50 leaping jacks and simply undergo that as many rounds as I will be able to for part hour.

And, when you’ve got the blood drift restriction bands on, the facility so as to take care of, and once in a while even construct muscle simply body weight is astounding. And, the truth that it cuts down at the go back and forth to the fitness center, regardless of the further 20 mins you’ll be able to spend strolling 10 mins down the lengthy hallways weeding out the fitness center, coming all of the long ago. I will be able to simply roll away from bed and strap the ones issues on and move. It is so handy.

So, that is what I do after I commute now.

Jason:  Yeah, I’d indubitably glance into that. I am all concerning the bands already. The bands were lifesavers. Anything else that you’ll be able to connect to the rest for resistance. So, the blood drift stuff is not one thing I have seemed into.

Ben:  Yeah. Now, what about meditation or the rest alongside the ones strains that you just do to more or less stay your psychological recreation optimized?

Jason:  Yeah, that is if truth be told been massive for me. I had a in reality, in reality hectic youth and a reactive thoughts does not paintings nicely within the poker international for the most obvious causes. There may be numerous temporary good fortune in poker, so regardless of how just right you might be, you’ll revel in losses over the quick time period. And, if you are now not more or less in that mind-set the place you might be keen to more or less let move of belongings you wouldn’t have keep an eye on of, it could in reality outcome into some poisonous psychological puts that no person must be in.

So, I have achieved numerous paintings with meditative paintings and I do just more or less the elemental stuff that discover a chair, take a seat upright, really feel my frame weight in a chair, more or less analyze my frame after which simply move into a dismal area and breathe with out looking to take into consideration very a lot in any respect. And, I do do this religiously and I do really feel like that that sharpened me up. And, I will even at ultimate tables or giant high-pressure moments, I will do little mini-meditations, only one minute right here and there the place I more or less simply zone out and breathe and take a look at to let move. Since you’re continuously to your head, your mind needs to get first position. So, you might be more or less feeling connected to objects that you simply cannot be connected to if you wish to play your very best poker. Or, worry units in, and then you definately simply get started making performs which might be founded out of worry fairly than simply more or less having a look out from an impartial point of view and pronouncing, “K, I wish to make this play as a result of it is the proper play,” fairly than “I in reality do not need to lose right here this time.”

Ben:  Yeah, yeah that is smart. That is smart.


Are you seeing any one more or less up and coming in poker or any one that you are having a look to as people who you assume were doing a in reality just right task at more or less the well being the health, the biohacking piece? I will be truthful, simply speaking to you as a qualified poker participant with as a lot cash at the line as there’s, for me to carry up one thing, no matter, ketone esters, and for you to not be the usage of them, or nootropics, I am like, “Geez, in reality?” I’d have anticipated guys such as you to only be full-on into these things. The similar means as you could be into no matter, creatine and having a trainer like you will have for sprinting. So, is it similar to so younger this concept of poker gamers going after complete frame and mind optimization that there is simply now not numerous wisdom presently available in the market within the poker trade?

Jason:  Sure. It is logo new, guy. I imply, simply getting off the sofa and going to do one thing and figuring out like, “Oh, possibly we should not be consuming pizza and consuming milkshakes whilst we are gambling poker.” That is innovative stuff within the poker international. However I can say there’s a huge motion. It is fantastic even because the time that I have began gambling within the remaining 10 years, I believe like the common poker professional is simply so a lot more have compatibility and targeted and looking to do the best issues than they have been every time I began gambling.

Ben:  Yeah, yeah. Attention-grabbing. And, I feel you and I’ve mentioned this ahead of. If we have been to come back down there and perform a little more or less a convention or a workshop the place we take some gamers in and simply spend an afternoon with me for Q&A and know about these things and take a deep dive in it, I believe one thing like that should occur within the poker neighborhood. And, I am on board to lend a hand out a bit of bit. If you happen to guys ever make a decision to position one thing in combination down there, I will fly all the way down to Vegas and get a host of you guys within the room and more or less take a deep dive into these things when you guys are ever recreation.

Jason:  Yeah, we like to listen to it. And, poker gamers are the type of people who while you display them issues, they are able to be in reality devoted to it, they perceive what it takes to paintings arduous to be just right at one thing. It is simply all new. And in truth, the nootropics more or less biohacking stuff, numerous the guidelines is not essentially transparent if it is what is proper and what is mistaken. So, with me, I simply need to ensure that I do not do injury to my frame as a result of I’ve this kind of just right factor going already with my frame and thoughts. I am afraid, “Hiya, I would possibly spoil myself” as a result of I do not know what I am doing.

Ben:  Precisely. That is the drawback. You attempt to move from just right to nice, and also you move from just right to unhealthy as a substitute. That is undoubtedly one thing that I have noticed occur ahead of that quest for optimization leading to more or less a paradoxical backfiring of what you anticipated to occur. So, yeah, you do wish to watch out, however on the similar time and particularly if you’ll be able to do such things as a genetic research, blood research, intestine research, urinary hormone research, micronutrient research, a just right meals intolerance and meals allergic reaction profile, after which are available in, provided with all the ones labs after which simply customise the entirety to the T, that, in my view, going with knowledge and self-quantification is likely one of the very best techniques to just be sure you’re now not simply taking pictures blind or taking some more or less a complement that might have labored in reality nicely for one user however isn’t in reality up your alley from a neurotransmitter or the way in which you might be stressed out up neurochemically. And so, I feel that obtaining the checking out is a lovely essential part of this as nicely. As a result of then, you’ll be able to make certain that you might be if truth be told making the best resolution now not simply more or less taking one thing this is supposedly just right however may not be custom designed for you, if that is smart.

Jason:  Yeah. From a dietary point of view, we now have evidence with my spouse and I, and also you overlooking our blood paintings and us editing our vitamin and our supplementation. It made a fantastic distinction in her well being and in mine. And, I am positive there is loads extra that lets do this means. So, I am absolutely open to it.

Ben:  Yeah, yeah. Neatly, cool, guy. I imply, that is interesting. And, I’d say if other people have their very own guidelines so as to add or they need to bounce in and ask questions, or apply together with your adventure, or take a look at probably the most issues you might be as much as, I will hyperlink to the entirety. If people move to BenGreenfieldFitness.com/Koon. That is BenGreenfieldFitness.com/Okay-O-O-N.

And Jason, anything you wish to have to proportion with people whilst I have were given you on? And, any remaining little guidelines or methods or hacks that you just discovered to be helpful?

Jason:  Yeah. Since I am speaking to a basic target audience, I’d say that it is very, essential to take into account that poker is a ability recreation and it isn’t only a playing more or less — or the USA executive’s more or less gotten poker mistaken, they more or less grouped it in with other people going and pulling a slot system or rolling roulette. And, this can be a recreation the place other people can also be skilled and take calculated dangers and win over very, very lengthy sessions of time and over massive samples. Even if that’s not associated with more or less the well being and health factor, I feel other people do wish to take into account that this is not simply guys being luckier, girls being luckier than one every other. And, it is a critical industry. It is also now not one thing you will have to simply dive into and assume you are going so as to win at.

Ben:  Neatly, I recognize you approaching sharing these things with us. Once more, I feel we will have to get some people in a room in combination a while and do a full-on poker biohacking workshop. I have no idea a lot about poker, however I will be able to a minimum of permit you to guys out with the vitamin and the supplementation and the sleep piece. And so, that’ll be a laugh to perform a little time.

However within the period in-between, what I will do is I will hyperlink to the entirety that we mentioned. People, move to BenGreenfieldFitness.com/Koon.

And Jason, I will mean you can get again to that little two-week-old child.

Jason:  3 weeks, yeah.

Ben:  3-week-old child. Wow. Congratulations, guy.

Jason:  Yeah, yeah. Thanks such a lot. It is wonderful.

Lucas:  So, thank you for having me, Ben. I am tremendous excited to be speaking about explicit nootropics for optimum mind serve as within the context of a pro poker participant.

So, to begin with, I feel it is in reality essential that we check out what are nootropics, who makes use of them, and in addition how they paintings.

So, to begin with, nootropics is only a huge time period that normally describes compounds that may support any facet of cognitive serve as. So, that may be alertness, focal point, reminiscence, focus, and more than a few sides of government functioning.

Now, when it comes to who if truth be told makes use of nootropics, nicely, there are lots of influencers, and marketers, and excessive performers that experience type of leveraged the facility of nootropics to support their efficiency whether or not that’d be at paintings or doubtlessly at the carrying box and in addition in skilled environments reminiscent of skilled poker.

So, I feel it is in reality essential that we, to begin with, spoil down a bit of bit about how nootropics if truth be told paintings. Now, many of us get at a loss for words after they listen the phrase nootropic, they surprise, are all of them like that NZT drug, the infinite tablet at the film “Endless.” However what we wish to in reality perceive is that nootropics if truth be told paintings thru quite a lot of mechanisms within the mind.

What is in reality essential to grasp is that those explicit nootropics all generally tend to paintings on both expanding neurotransmitter launch or modulating their launch, modulating neurotransmitter receptor websites modulating neurotransmitter enzymes or enzymes that degrade or building up more than a few neurotransmitters. After which, they are able to additionally paintings thru other parameters reminiscent of influencing irritation or neuroinflammation within the mind. A few of them can scale back oxidative rigidity. Others can without delay act as precursors to more than a few neurotransmitters. So, what we wish to perceive is that many of those nootropics that we see in the marketplace, they if truth be told generally tend to paintings thru quite a lot of mechanisms.

Now, in this kind of atmosphere with a type of skilled poker participant, what we wish to take a look at is if truth be told probably the most key government purposes and cognitive domain names required through skilled poker gamers. So, that is in reality essential as a result of as soon as we will strip out all the crucial parts of a pro poker participant, we will then curate and customise a bespoke nootropic stack that is adapted, without delay adapted to their cognitive domain names which might be of excessive significance in skilled poker. So, with this figuring out, we will then follow our wisdom on more than a few nootropics and type of event those that without delay goal those cognitive domain names.

So, a super instance might be positive nootropics, as I discussed ahead of, positive nootropics can act as neurotransmitter precursors. And, with that figuring out, we will then ask ourselves, nicely, good day, does a poker participant want extra serotonin or does a poker participant reply higher to expanding dopamine?

So, with that knowledge, we will then, as I stated ahead of, we will strip it again and customise a nootropic stack that is adapted, without delay adapted to a pro poker participant’s wishes.

So, what I believed could be cool is that we dive into probably the most key government purposes and cognitive sides or domain names which might be required through skilled poker gamers.

So, I feel something that we will all agree upon is that having a just right emotional keep an eye on or higher emotional keep an eye on goes to be recommended underneath excessive rigidity. And, as you have to believe, poker gamers are underneath huge quantities of rigidity. And so, the rest that may lend a hand one with their emotional keep an eye on and/or emotional legislation will most likely see some first rate advantages when it comes to bettering their decision-making.

So, the entire level of emotional keep an eye on is that after we construct that groovy emotional keep an eye on, it is going to lend a hand us to make logically sound selections. You will have most likely heard numerous other people speak about making selections in line with feelings i.e., take a look at the present atmosphere that we are in in this day and age as opposed to being very rational and logical, which once more, may well be very effective within the context of gambling poker. So, that is one key trait there.

We additionally know that poker gamers, those who if truth be told carry out well-playing poker normally have a just right tolerance for monetary menace being both risk-averse or you might be very, very assured, and also you again your self is one in reality essential trait, I suppose, since the talent to again your self and feature numerous self assurance to your resolution is in reality essential. As a result of once more, being in that limbo, no guy’s land the place you might be type of indecisive or unsure goes to extend cognitive load and reduce your talent to function successfully. So, I am positive lots of you’ll be able to relate to this even when you find yourself undecided on a call.

Take into consideration all of that cognitive energy that is going into tossing up both A or B when in reality we need to be environment friendly and assured in our resolution and decide with out ruminating and I suppose overthinking, which I will contact on somewhat quickly. We’re going to undergo probably the most rumination and overthinking facet of items quickly.

What I feel it is also essential is figuring out the social knowledge processing abilities and social intelligence, which has been proven to be a singular issue as I used to be doing a little research on probably the most key characteristics {of professional} poker gamers. It kind of feels like social intelligence used to be one massive facet, which is clearly distinct from basic intelligence as social intelligence is principally a mirrored image of 1’s tendency to reply and to wait to social knowledge and to procedure knowledge noticed in a social atmosphere in addition to being in a position to controlling this social knowledge delivered by the use of one’s personal habits.

So clearly, we will see social intelligence having the ability to learn different participant’s facial expressions or even frame consciousness and frame language. Once we keep up a correspondence with others, 90% of our verbal exchange is non-verbal. So, having the ability to practice probably the most social popularity patterns from the opposite participant goes to be extremely recommended now not just for the participant’s personal selections however then to type of locate and decide the opponent’s attainable resolution forward. So, that is lovely fascinating there.

What I need to additionally dive into is the more than a few character characteristics of those who carry out well-playing poker. There used to be one find out about again in 2013 through Palomaki, et al which discovered that higher self-evaluation, much less rumination and bigger emotional keep an eye on came about extra ceaselessly of their pattern of skilled gamers. In addition they had higher self-evaluation and no more rumination, which is suggestive of decrease ranges of the character trait neuroticism. So once more, what we need to do when designing a nootropic stack is to cut back that rumination and support that emotional keep an eye on. 

We additionally need to be excited about bettering operating reminiscence. Now, clearly, that is in reality related to gambling poker as a result of we need to be focused on that acetylcholine device and neurogenesis and synaptogenesis, which goes to lend a hand to support that operating reminiscence all the way through a poker event. Once more, that is in reality essential as a just right reminiscence plus statement of the fighters or your fighters’ selections will increase the potential of most exploitation of a hand state of affairs.

So once more, what we need to be doing is having a look at explicit nootropics that may goal the reminiscence techniques and more than a few varieties of reminiscence as a result of there is many several types of reminiscence efficiency. We need to be focused on explicit varieties in this kind of state of affairs.

What I discovered fascinating as nicely is that on the subject of skilled poker, we need to be having a just right level or activation of what is referred to as forward-thinking the place the decision-maker plans his or her subsequent strikes through making an allowance for now not simplest their very own needs but additionally the needs and objectives in their fighters and the strikes in their fighters forward. So once more, having the ability to attach the dots, having the ability to type of assume forward, assume two-three steps forward goes to be extremely effective for poker gamers.

Now, that is the place it will get reasonably fascinating is that many of us communicate concerning the significance of self-awareness and issues that we will do to support self-awareness. And once more, that is extremely integral to excessive efficiency and poker gambling. So apparently, as I type of in brief alluded to ahead of, dopamine is that neurotransmitter that many people go along with alertness, focal point, motivation, searching for out a objective, chasing our objectives, chasing our desires. However apparently, dopamine stimulation can if truth be told support self-awareness and in addition metacognition, which is the facility of the mind to consciously track its personal cognitive processes.

Now, there used to be one explicit find out about that seemed on the affect of dopaminergic ingredients reminiscent of L-DOPA, which is located within the nootropic Mucuna Pruriens. We are having a look at about 15% L-DOPA. This actual find out about principally seemed on the affect of L-DOPA and the way it can regulate self-awareness and in addition the retrieval of recollections. So, this management of L-DOPA advanced metacognition and self-awareness. So, with all this in thoughts, factoring in the important thing cognitive domain names of a extremely a success poker participant.

Let’s now check out explicit nootropics that may without delay goal those cognitive domain names. So, the first actual nootropic on this stack within the height poker gambling stack is one thing referred to as PRL-8-53. Now, PRL-8-53 is an artificial analysis chemical that used to be at the beginning designed to regard amnesia, which is a lack of reminiscence. And, it is if truth be told intrigued many people within the nootropic neighborhood for many years.

Now, there used to be one human find out about principally having a look on the results of PRL-8-53 on temporary reminiscence. And, reasonably profoundly, this actual find out about famous an development of temporary reminiscence through greater than 200%. Now, just right good fortune discovering every other nootropic that may type of building up that temporary reminiscence reaction through 200%. And apparently, the true PRL-8-53 molecule is a spinoff of a benzoic acid and phenylmethylamine, which used to be found out in 1972 through Dr. Nikolaus Hansel who then patented the true nootropic 3 years later.

So, apparently on this explicit find out about, we are having a look at simplest Five milligrams. So, we are having a look at a 5-milligram dosage. And, this one explicit find out about in 1978 which used to be clearly performed in people confirmed {that a} unmarried dose may just greater than double reminiscence as measured through phrase retention rankings. And, some researchers advised that PRL-8-53 would possibly building up dopamine, which we all know performs crucial function in reminiscence motivation and fatigue.

So, what I in reality need to spotlight right here could also be the truth that PRL-8-53 would possibly block serotonin manufacturing. And once more, you can be questioning why is that this recommended for a poker participant? Neatly, simple. I imply, if we all know what occurs when we now have an excessive amount of serotonin, there is analysis that displays an excessive amount of serotonin can building up that rumination, and in addition excessive serotonin can type of exacerbate the worry reaction and in addition irritate what is referred to as realized helplessness. So, through blocking off that positive serotonin receptors PRL-8-53 may well be recommended to cut back rumination and scale back worry all the way through a poker event. So once more, we are having a look at about Five milligrams of PRL-8-53.

So, subsequent up, I might love to believe stacking that with one thing referred to as methylene blue however methylene blue at a microdose. Once I say microdose, we are having a look at round 250 micrograms, now not milligrams, we are having a look at micrograms. So, 250 micrograms to about 1 milligram. So, this is regarded as an overly low dose. And, the reason is is that microdosing can also be very tough with out elevating serotonin with methylene blue as it does pass the blood-brain barrier very successfully. At excessive doses, it will inhibit male a monoamine oxidase A, which will building up serotonin. So, we in reality need to be getting all of the advantages of methylene blue with out elevating serotonin an excessive amount of. And, methylene blue does display a hormetic dose reaction with reverse results at low doses as opposed to excessive doses.

So, let’s get into, I suppose, the fundamentals and a bit of bit about how methylene blue works for individuals who have no idea a lot. I am not positive if Ben Greenfield had spoken about more than a few movements of methylene blue, however I might love to fill you in when it comes to simply figuring out the fundamentals. So, methylene blue receives an electron from NADH and transfers it to cytochrome C through passing complicated 1. And, this facilitates enhanced ATP manufacturing in addition to decreases reactive oxygen species output from the mitochondrial electron delivery chain.

So once more, we are having a look at a compound methylene blue being a compound that can be very similar to different ATP boosters like creatine, d-ribose, coenzyme Q10, PQQ. We are seeing that methylene blue can reinforce ATP manufacturing. And, it’s been reported that low-dose methylene blue remedy can type of attenuate or scale back the behavioral neurochemical and pathological impairments in animal fashions of Parkinson’s illness, Alzheimer’s illness, international cerebral ischemia, or even stroke. So, we are seeing that methylene blue being a extremely neuroprotective compound or nootropic being very recommended for poker gamers.

And, what is essential to additionally notice is that methylene blue promotes cortical neurogenesis, which once more might be extremely helpful in this kind of state of affairs. It is also price noting that methylene blue can reinforce more than a few sides of reminiscence efficiency. And, as I discussed at the beginning, there are several types of reminiscence, however methylene blue can type of reinforce contextual reminiscence, temporary reminiscence, episodic reminiscence, and in addition semantic reminiscence. So once more, methylene blue, I’d say, leads the way in which when it comes to optimizing several types of neurological pathways in decreasing neural irritation and protective the mind in opposition to long-term stresses. And, we are having a look at a compound that is virtually related to nicotine as a result of we all know that nicotine could also be a formidable nootropic however clearly, it does include a couple of drawbacks when it comes to addictive inclinations, tolerance, and in addition withdrawal.

And, the aim of those compounds that I am speaking about right here for this explicit poker participant or to reinforce poker efficiency is that those compounds are non-addictive and they do not go away the mind in some type of deficit the following day. They are if truth be told supportive of mind efficiency with out resulting in depletion like many tough stimulants reminiscent of Ritalin, espresso, cocaine. Sadly, those can also be result in a significant deficit longer term.

So, what methylene blue and PRL-8-53 would stack in reality effectively with is in spite of everything a botanical. I have spoken about two artificial compounds, two artificial nootropics. 

The 3rd person who I might believe including into this stack is Avena sativa. Avena sativa often referred to as oat straw has some lovely cool analysis when it comes to bettering cognition. What is fascinating is that oat straw too can lend a hand to spice up alpha mind waves, which is related to tremendous finding out drift states or even pleasure. A lot of you are going to know or even for poker efficiency, if you are playing no matter you might be doing, you’ll carry out higher. It is normally talking a herbal tendency for us as people. That is why many of us say you wish to have to revel in your task. Neatly, Avena sativa through influencing alpha mind waves goes to support that talent to get right into a drift state and scale back distractibility and support that alpha brainwave state, which is analogous once more to L-theanine. And, Avena sativa has been well-documented to acutely support psychological serve as in people.

So, that is in reality essential to notice is that with more than a few nootropics, even if lots of them generally tend to turn advantages long-term on this state of affairs with a poker participant, we need to be curating and customizing a stack this is going to elicit advantages within the temporary or acutely, we need to be seeing advantages acutely which means that temporarily and temporary. So, that is in reality essential once we’re deciding on a stack.

There are more than a few bioactive compounds which might be additionally distinctive in Avena sativa which type of have anti inflammatory results and offer protection to in opposition to neurodegeneration middle illness and different sides as nicely. Avena sativa is fascinating as it does additionally toughen cerebral or mind flow, and it type of does this through boosting nitric oxide which methylene blue if truth be told inhibits which is technically thought to be a receive advantages, however that is for different parameters. However when it comes to blood drift, Avena sativa does building up nitric oxide. So, we are offsetting that facet impact of methylene blue. As well as, Avena sativa inhibits PDE4, which once more additionally is helping to toughen the dilation of blood vessels and in addition impacts signaling pathways concerned within the mediation of reminiscence formation and in addition has an antidepressant impact. By way of performing as a PDE4 inhibitor, I will be able to extend the results of cyclic AMP which, as I stated ahead of, is integral to reminiscence efficiency, wakefulness, it is neuroprotective and is anti-neuroinflammatory.


We additionally know that oat straw type of inhibits monoamine oxidase-B, which will building up dopamine ranges within the mind which might paintings synergistically with PRL-8-53, once more, going to be some great synergy there for a poker participant. So, we are type of having a look at a dosage vary of about 800 milligrams to about 1,500 milligrams. That is reflective within the literature. We’ve got noticed advantages at as little as 800 milligrams.

And so, when it comes to dosing, many of those compounds can also be simply diluted in water or taken in tablet shape. Methylene blue is generally in liquid shape, however once more it may be present in powder shape. PRL-8-53 can also be both/or powder or liquid tincture. However once more, it in the long run does come again to the person reaction. And likewise, it can be additionally profitable throwing in one thing that may modulate cortisol or some type of delicate beta-blocker. It can be recommended in this kind of state of affairs. So, we will use one thing like taurine. I have spoken about the advantages of taurine a large number of occasions at a dosage of round 2,000 milligrams to five,000 milligrams of taurine. However that is, once more, depending on how aroused the poker participant is feeling and/or in line with their caffeine consumption.

So, since taurine goes to cut back arousal, this can also be both recommended or destructive for positive people gambling poker. Once more, it comes again to how aroused or normally alert the participant is already feeling pre-match. And, that may type of decide the dosage used for taurine or whether or not or now not it is even wanted. Nevertheless it does generally tend to modulate cortisol, it does generally tend to decrease cortisol, and it does generally tend to additionally decrease adrenaline, which is recommended for retaining calm. Holding cool, calm, and picked up as you guys know is very essential. So in the long run, we do need to be factoring in trial and blunder. We need to be logging our reaction and in addition consciously self-monitoring to then type of tweak your nootropic stack.

So, that is it from me. With a bit of luck, this used to be recommended. And yeah, I stay up for seeing you guys quickly.

Ben:  Alright, people. So, I am ben greenfield together with Jason Koon, signing out from BenGreenfieldFitness.com. Have an important week.

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My good friend and nowadays’s podcast visitor Jason Koon is a qualified poker participant. As of August 2021, he’s the 10th best possible earner in historical past, with just about $32,000,000 in winnings. 

At the start from West Virginia, Jason Koon used to be raised open air, spending a lot of his youth fishing, searching, and gambling sports activities. Jason Koon attended West Virginia Wesleyan School on a monitor scholarship the place he competed as a sprinter. He would move directly to graduate with a finance undergraduate level, in addition to an M.B.A.

Jason Koon discovered poker in faculty after struggling a serious hip harm. Inside months, he used to be successful cash through merely gambling on the net. By the point Jason completed college, he used to be successful at high-stakes poker video games on-line. After taking a finance task in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Jason virtually instantly give up and determined to present gambling poker for a dwelling an opportunity.

Jason lives in Las Vegas, Nevada along with his spouse Bianca and his new child son Calum.

After you pay attention in to the dialogue with me and Jason, you’ll be able to then get an advantage goodie: a visitor lecture through my good friend Lucas Aoun, clothier of the Nootropics Masterclass, 30 Days To Upper Testosterone, and Optimizing Sleep Masterclass, and former visitor on this podcast. (Save 10% on Lucas’s nootropics lessons with code BENG10.)

Lucas could also be the creator of the preferred article Hair, Hormones, Icing Your Balls & 6 Different Little-Identified Methods To Spice up Testosterone, Stability Your Hormones & Reclaim Your Rightful Guy & Womanhood. In the second one part of this particular two-part podcast, Lucas discusses how nootropics paintings, nootropics for optimum mind functioning, how skilled poker gamers can have the benefit of explicit nootropic compounds, and extra.

Throughout our dialogue, you’ll be able to uncover:

-How Jason Koon is getting ready for a 2d wind as a sprinter…08:15

  • He critically injured his hip in faculty as a sprinter; began gambling poker in 2005
  • Was once challenged through other people throughout the poker neighborhood to run 100m underneath 11 sec.
  • Restoration-based coaching; significantly better vitamin than whilst in faculty
  • Deep tissue therapeutic massage 2~three times every week
  • Sauna and chilly plunge each day
  • 40-minute warmup, 2 mins of 90% exertion
  • The Fast And The Lifeless through Pavel Tsatsouline

-The psychological and bodily grind of turning into and last an elite poker participant…14:45

  • Earned the liberty to be extra selective with how power is expended
  • Best possible gamers are Chinese language marketers who play at very excessive stakes ($Four million palms)
  • No longer unusual to play over 24 consecutive hours with a excessive curler who is just right at shedding
  • Sleep deprivation; smoke to your face; regardless of the wealthy man needs to do
  • Jason performs his very best poker whilst fasted, sipping bone broth and MCT oil, in ketosis
  • AI is used to review and apply the craft

-Methods to excel at poker with out coming into the lure of playing…21:45

  • Two varieties of video games: money and tournaments
  • Ben will play, win a couple of greenbacks, and stroll away
  • Jason hates playing, despite the fact that he is a qualified poker participant

-Meals and/or dietary supplements Jason Koon makes use of to accomplish at an overly excessive point…25:40

-Nootropics and sensible medication that lend a hand with focal point…35:30

-Managing brilliant lighting fixtures at night time and the circadian rhythm with a profession that calls for unusual hours…41:08

-Methods to take care of toxins in a on line casino atmosphere…49:40

  • Be in steam for a in reality very long time
  • Intense sweat or steam bathe

-Methods to keep in form whilst touring…51:15

-Meditation and retaining the psychological recreation optimized…54:50

  • A reactive thoughts does not paintings nicely on the earth of poker
  • Will have to let move of items you’ll be able to’t keep an eye on
  • Mini-meditations on the desk
  • Are not making performs out of worry of shedding

-The rising consciousness of well being and biohacking throughout the poker international…56:30

  • An enormous health motion is simply beginning within the poker neighborhood

-Particular nootropics for optimum mind serve as with particular visitor Lucas Aoun…1:02:47

  • Lucas Aoun’s Nootropics Masterclass (use code BENG10 to avoid wasting 10%)
  • BGF podcast with Lucas Aoun:
  • BGF article through Lucas Aoun:

-Nootropics outlined and the way they paintings…1:03:15

  • Works thru quite a lot of mechanisms within the mind
    • Will increase and modulates neurotransmitter launch
    • Modulating neurotransmitter receptor websites
    • Modulating neurotransmitter enzymes
    • Cut back oxidative rigidity
    • Act as a precursor to more than a few neurotransmitters

-Government purposes and cognitive domain names required through professional poker gamers…1:06:55

  • Better emotional keep an eye on is recommended underneath excessive rigidity
  • Rational vs. emotional selections
  • Just right tolerance for monetary menace
  • Emotional intelligence and frame language
  • Making improvements to operating reminiscence
  • Have a just right level of forward-thinking

-Nootropics that can be helpful for pro poker gamers…1:14:40

-And a lot more!

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