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Body weight Dip 101 (Methods to Carry out the Dip Workout)

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The parallel bar dip exercise is one of the best exercises for building upper body strength!

Lately you be informed one of the vital underrated workout routines of all time: the dip.

It’s one thing we remind our training shoppers to not fail to remember, and I’m excited to proportion the workout with you these days.

Right here’s what we’ll quilt so you’ll be able to be informed the body weight dip:

A snappy word: we have now compiled ALL of our energy coaching content material right into a complete information that may take away all of the confusion and solution all of the questions you’ve gotten about weight coaching! Take hold of our information, Power Coaching 101: The whole thing You Wish to Know, while you join within the field under!

What Is the Dip Workout? What Muscular tissues Does the Dip Teach?

The dip is a compound, body weight workout.

You seize two parallel bars, hoist your self up, after which decrease your whole physique by means of bending your elbows.

Bodyweight dips are a great exercise to include in an strength training practice.

Whilst you pay attention “compound workout,” it’s relating to multi-joint actions that paintings a number of muscular tissues or muscle teams on the identical time. 

The dip workout trains your:

  • Chest
  • Shoulders
  • Tricep
  • Again
  • Abs

You can be pondering, “abs?”

Yep! You wish to have to stabilize your physique as you carry and decrease your self.

Which is likely one of the causes body weight dips are so nice!

Some would even argue that dips are the most efficient chest workout available in the market, even higher than the bench press.

There’s some good judgment to it.

  • Whilst you consider it, the bench itself gives numerous make stronger all over the bench press. So do your legs. 
  • With the dip workout, your higher physique is supporting your whole physique. Thus a fuller exercise. 

As a substitute of setting apart your chest for five workout routines, your shoulders for five workout routines, and triceps for five workout routines, do exactly dips!

Methods to Do a Correct Dip Workout

To begin with, ensure you’ll be able to do a dip. 

Don’t hop up there after which decrease your self until you’re somewhat assured you’ll be able to get via a minimum of any such issues. We will be able to’t have you ever tearing any muscular tissues or falling on someone, as a result of that will suck. 

Head to our development plan if you’ll be able to’t do a complete dip but. 

Right here’s how you can do a correct dip workout:

  1. Take hold of the parallel bars (or rings), and hoist your self up. At this level glance instantly forward, and contract your abdomen muscular tissues (identical to while you do squats and deadlifts). Should you’re retaining your abs tight for all of those workout routines, you’ll by no means need to do a crunch once more and also you’ll nonetheless have washboard abs.
  2. Bend your knees in case you like (so your ft are in the back of you), for steadiness functions, however stay your head up and glance instantly forward.
  3. Holding your elbows at your facet, decrease your self till your triceps are parallel to the ground. A large number of people will counsel you pass previous parallel, however I feel this places an excessive amount of pressure in your shoulders at a peculiar perspective and will motive harm/discomfort. I handiest pass right down to parallel and haven’t had any problems, so I’d counsel the similar.
  4. Whenever you hit parallel, explode again up till JUST earlier than you’re in a position to fasten your elbows. By means of now not locking your elbows, you stay the stress for your muscular tissues and don’t jack up your joints. w00t.
  5. Now do some other one. After which some other!

The ones are dips.

Stay your elbows as tight as conceivable, interact your abs, and grasp your physique in stability as you pass up and down.

A gif of Steve doing bodyweight ring dips

Are you doing it proper?

Take a look at your shape by means of recording a video of your self and matching it in opposition to the movies and gifs right here. If it appears to be like shut then you definately’re doing nice!

Need to have knowledgeable assessment your shape? Our coaches can just do that during our spiffy app!

What If I Can’t Carry out a Dip? (Development Plan)

Have no fear, with a proper plan we'll have you doing dips in no time.

Should you don’t relatively have the energy to do a complete body weight dip, apply our development plan under.

You’ll be doing the whole dip motion earlier than you understand it!

Stage 1 Dip Development: Knee Push-Ups

Knee push-ups like this are a great way to progress to a regular push-up!

Should you’re simply beginning to broaden your push muscular tissues, our first forestall might be knee push-ups. We’ll construct your energy up so you’ll be able to get started doing…

Stage 2 Dip Development: Push-Ups

This gif shows Staci doing a push-up in perfect form.

Are you able to do a push-up with correct shape but? If now not, that’s our forestall.


Push-u.s.will allow you to broaden chest muscular tissues for doing correct dips. Most effective after you’ll be able to do 20 correct push-u.s.must you imagine looking to do a dip.

Stage Three Dip Development: Assisted Dips

A resistance band is a great way to get started with this bodyweight exercise.

It’s now time to perform a little dips! With a bit little bit of help…

We’ll use a resistance band to assist make stronger your weight when you develop more potent. You’ll be able to development with weaker and weaker resistance bands till you are feeling relaxed attempting a correct body weight dip.

How about the usage of an assisted dip device?

You may see these at the gym, but our advice would be to use a resistance band instead of this contraption.

We’re now not massive lovers of machines right here at Nerd Health.

Right here’s why: an assisted dip device stabilizes your physique all over the motion, this means that your personal muscular tissues don’t wish to do any of that stabilization paintings! We’d quite you keep on with resistance bands than mess with this contraption, because it nonetheless makes your muscular tissues paintings in combination all through the motion.

You’ll be able to take a look at some manufacturers to shop for, and how you can educate with them, in our Information to Resistance Bands.

Positive, in case you don’t have bands and will ONLY do dips with the device pictured above, it’s now not the tip of the arena! Simply be sure you also are doing different actions as smartly that DO recruit the ones stabilizer muscular tissues (push-ups, presses, and so forth).

ALSO, when you’re getting caught on “assisted dips,” you’re now not by myself. A whole lot of people to find it tricky to transport past the make stronger of the band.

We paintings hand-in-hand with other people such as you to grasp body weight coaching in our On-line Training Program. Should you don’t know the way so as to add dips into your exercises, otherwise you simply need someone to provide the precise exercise to apply on a daily basis, we were given you!

Guidelines and Tips for Acting the Dip Workout

In this section, we'll make sure you don't make any newbie mistakes when doing dips.

Listed here are some further tips about getting higher at dips:

#1) Get your setup right kind firstly.

When other people enjoy ache with their dips, it’s more than likely one among two issues:

  • When your hands pass too a long way again, they may be able to shut off the shoulder and begin to motive ache.
  • Should you permit your shoulders to spherical ahead all over the motion, it may possibly once more shut off the realm and create discomfort.

Trainer Jim displays you how you can steer clear of those two problems within the video “Methods to Do Ache-Loose Dips,” which you’ll be able to take a look at proper right here:

#2) Don’t swing – this is going for nearly each and every workout. Should you get started swinging your physique as you pass up and down, you’re taking the emphasis off the muscular tissues you’re in reality looking to paintings.

Save swinging for the playground:

This dog keeps his swinging to the playground.

#3) Don’t flare out your elbows if you’ll be able to steer clear of it – the extra “out” your elbows are, the extra emphasis in your chest. Elbows tight = emphasis on shoulders and triceps.

Nicholas Elorreaga does a just right activity appearing the adaptation right here:

#4) Don’t do part reps – once more, this might be some other common rule. Problem your muscular tissues by means of bringing your triceps parallel to the bottom, then be sure you lengthen hands to nearly “elbows locked” on the best:

You can see here that Steve is doing a complete rep when doing his dip.

#5) Don’t pass too rapid  – you need to be sluggish and in keep watch over all over your dip. Whilst you pass too temporarily, correct shape is continuously sacrificed. Remember to educate safely by means of going slowly…this isn’t a race!

#6) Don’t accept affordable substitutes – don’t use dip machines or different isolation tricep machines:

Our advice is to not use machines like this. The bodyweight dip will provide a fuller workout.

Those don’t recruit any of your stabilizer muscular tissues, put your physique at bizarre angles, and don’t come up with complete effects. Keep on with body weight dips!

Diversifications at the Dip (Complicated Dip Strikes)

We'll show you some advanced dip variations in this section, so you can rock dips like this blue dude.

As soon as you’ll be able to do Three units of 15 dips no drawback, you’ve gotten a couple of choices to ramp up the trouble:

#1) Upload weight in your body weight dips by means of:

My favorite method for doing weighted dips includes a special belt (shown here).

#2) Move Slower: stay your abs tight, and decrease your self ridiculously sluggish.

Your physique must recruit each and every muscle for your chest, shoulders, and triceps (together with all stabilizer muscular tissues) to stay your physique below keep watch over.

#3) Check out Ring Dips:

The ring dip is a great way to build back and shoulder muscle.

Decrease your self down till your chest touches the rings (sure, that low!), after which push up till you might be in a instantly arm make stronger place.

Should you’ve by no means performed with gymnastic rings earlier than, the instability of the rings will supply a better problem than your same old dip station.

You’ll be able to additionally decrease the peak of your rings to make use of some make stronger out of your ft:


The floor can help a lot when doing ring dips!

Elevate the rings upper and upper as you develop more potent and more potent. 

Remember to take a look at our “Information to Coaching with Gymnastic Rings” in case you’d like to be informed extra. 

Methods to Do Dips at House

It's time to learn what triggers your habits

Should you’re coaching at your own home health club, you’ll be able to completely do body weight dips.

Listed here are two permutations to take a look at:

#1) Body weight Dips Between Two Chairs or Bar Stools:

That is all going to be in regards to the chairs or barstools you’ll be able to to find.

The essential factor this is the stableness of your furnishings – don’t pick out the rest that’s wobbly. Alternatively, if in case you have a pair tall and durable chairs or bar stools, you’ll be able to set them up on each side of you to accomplish your body weight dips.

In the event that they’re too top for you and you’ll be able to’t relatively get your ft at the floor for assisted dips, no drawback. Simply stand on a couple of books or a brief stool that will help you achieve make stronger.

#2) Body weight Dips Off a Countertop:

Some other nice choice is to accomplish dips at the nook of 2 robust counter tops. So long as you’ll be able to position your palms to the facet so they may be able to face ahead, and you have got quite a few room to move between them, then you definately’re cast.

Something you must watch out with is bench dips, which might be accomplished off of a sofa:

A gif of a woman doing a bench dip

The difficulty with this comes out of your hands being in the back of you.

As we lined within the “Methods to Do Ache-Loose Dips” video above, this place is a commonplace drawback house for inflicting ache in body weight dips. If it hurts when attempting the bench dip, stick with the opposite two house permutations above.

When Will have to You Do Dips in Your Exercise? (Getting Began)

This man clearly knows to "dip" when the occasion arrives.

Now that you realize how to do dips, let’s talk about when to do them.

Until you’ve been energy coaching for years and know what you’re doing, we suggest that you simply pick out a full-body regimen that you’ll be able to do 2-Thrice every week.

So let’s construct a full-body exercise at the moment! 

You wish to have a exercise regimen that has a minimum of one workout for:

  1. Quads (entrance of your legs).
  2. Butt and hamstrings (again of your legs).
  3. Chest, shoulders, and triceps: (“push” muscular tissues).
  4. Again, biceps, and grip ( “pull” muscular tissues).
  5. Core (abdominals and decrease again).

Dips would make an excellent addition in your “push” muscular tissues (chest, shoulders, triceps).

So a pattern exercise regimen that comes with dips may just seem like:

  1. Barbell squats: Five units of five reps.
  2. Barbell Deadlifts: Three units of three reps.
  3. Dips: Three units of 15 reps.
  4. Pull-ups (or chin-ups): Three units of eight reps.
  5. Planks: Three units, 1 minute grasp each and every.

That’s all! 

Do your full-body exercise after which pass play some Nintendo.

Mario earned his video game time, because he did his dips earlier.

Want some assist getting began? 

I’ve 3 nice choices that will help you along with your dip and energy coaching adventure:

#1) If you need step by step steering, a customized energy coaching program that ranges up as you get more potent, and a trainer to stay you responsible, take a look at our killer 1-on-1 training program:

2) If you need a precise blueprint for crushing dips, take a look at NF Adventure. Our amusing habit-building app is helping you workout extra regularly, devour fitter, and degree up your lifestyles (actually).

Check out your loose trial proper right here:

3) Sign up for the Rise up! We want just right other people such as you in our group, the Nerd Health Rise up. 

Join within the field under to enlist and get our information, Power Coaching 101: The whole thing You Wish to Know. It’ll allow you to get started incorporating dips into your coaching:

That are meant to get you happening mastering the body weight dip.

Alright, now I wish to pay attention from you:

Do you head to the health club to weigh down dips? 

Are you now progressing via assisted dips?

Any guidelines or methods we neglected?

Tell us within the feedback!


For the Rise up,


PS:  Need to be informed extra? Learn the remainder of our Power Coaching 101 sequence:


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