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Tips on how to do a T-Bar Row: Diversifications, Advantages, and Methodology

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The t-bar row may well be probably the most best 5 quintessential meathead workouts. It’s up there at the record of “workouts that don’t make you cool, however when you’re gonna do them, chances are you’ll as nicely do them nicely.” As of late we’re throwing spite on the t-bar row haters and appearing their advantages and downsides are, execution, other diversifications, and methods to glance cool doing them.

What’s a T-Bar Row?

A t-bar, traditionally, refers to a undeniable device that has a barbell welded into it at the side of a sticking out grip so it looks as if a T. Whilst there most certainly are any other small, most commonly difficult to understand makes use of, for this device, it’s designed for t-bar rows, and I’ve by no means observed any one do the rest with it but even so t-bar rows. (Admittedly, I shy clear of hardcore meathead circles even though.)

With out the device, there’s additionally a type of a landmine row that’s now known as the T-bar row as it’s successfully the similar workout in the case of angles and motion, simply the usage of a free-weight barbell as an alternative of a device. Between the device and landmine variation, there are a couple of variations that we’ll contact on.


Muscle groups Labored

Except you’re completely new to the burden room, you’ll acknowledge the t-bar as a again workout. It’s going to hit the lats, the mid traps, rhomboids, and rear delts. Relying at the grip and your methodology, you’ll be able to distribute the burden to precise muscle mass. Generally, even though, the primary muscle you’re coaching is the lats, so confer with our lat coaching information when you’re now not certain methods to turn on them.

The t-bar row has the good thing about grip choices, so against this to different rows (like bent-over rows) you’ve extra choices for which explicit muscle mass to concentrate on.

Step By way of Step Execution

If you happen to’re doing the landmine t-bar row, first you’ll need to arrange the barbell the usage of both a landmine attachment or by way of striking one finish of the barbell right into a (well-padded, preferably) nook of your health club. From there, the execution is kind of the similar.

  • Load the burden you wish to have
  • Arrange together with your ft about hip-width aside
  • Have interaction your core to offer protection to your decrease again
  • Rather bend your knees (like a stiff-leg deadlift)
  • Hinge on the hips till you’re at a 45-degree perspective
  • Clutch the burden
  • Pull your shoulder blades again FIRST to interact your higher/mid again muscle mass
  • Pull your elbows again, preserving the shoulder blades again

Advantages of a T-bar Row

Other Energy Curve

In comparison to any loose weight workout like a dumbbell row or bent-over row, the t-bar row has a special energy curve. The energy curve is how “heavy” the burden feels at other portions of the variety of movement. For any landmine workout, the burden feels heavier on the backside since the bar has a smaller perspective to the bottom. Since gravity simplest exerts pressure downward, on the backside you’ll need to in truth elevate extra of the burden.

For the t-bar row, that is nice information, as a result of frequently the toughest a part of a row is the highest. As you row up, it’s important to elevate much less and not more weight, making the trouble extra constant. Regularly this energy curve fault of same old again workouts explains why folks really feel their lats so much on the backside of a motion, however now not on the best. It’s the correct weight on the backside, however too heavy for what they are able to row on the best.

More straightforward to Load and More secure

Dumbbell rows with 200 kilos glance cool and all, however maximum gyms don’t move that top. The t-bar row is a little more sensible on that entrance.

As you move heavier in a bent-over row, the restricting issue frequently turns into your decrease again. With t-bar rows, that’s nonetheless an element, however now not as a lot since the weight comes at an perspective, because of the character of the landmine setup.

Extra Grip Choices

As you’ll see, you’ve far more choices for methods to grip the t-bar row than the bent-over row, which you’ve two alternatives for: overhand or underhand. With The DB row, you’ll be able to swivel your wrist, however the t-bar offers you distinct choices and grips. It is dependent precisely what you’re going for, however usually, the t-bar row has extra alternatives.

Landmine T-Bar Row vs System T-Bar Row

Whilst they’re successfully the similar workout, there are a couple of variations between the device model and the landmine model.

Various Machines

At the start, now not all t-bar machines are the similar. The only I’ve at my health club is a chest-supported model. This can be a equivalent however quite other workout that adjustments the attitude of my torso whilst getting rid of torso motion. Others have bars of various lengths, which quite alternate the angles and the energy curve. All in all, those aren’t adjustments to worry your self with, however they’ll make a slight distinction.


For the landmine model, you’ll need a tricep rope or a strong point landmine attachment. On account of the quite a lot of attachments you’ll be able to purchase and get ingenious with, the choices are just about infinite. The device has the downside that you’ll be able to’t alternate out the grip, even though you frequently have the selection between a impartial grip, pronated grip, and huge grip.


Now not all gyms have a t-bar device, so your simplest selection is to make use of the landmine t-bar row. More or less an evident one right here. Or when you educate at house, all you want is a barbell.

System vs Unfastened Weight

As has been mentioned within the health trade advert nauseum, machines transfer in a hard and fast movement, so numerous smaller muscle mass don’t wish to paintings to stabilize the motion. On this case, one facet of the barbell is mounted regardless, so there may be much less of that loose weight “stabilizer” impact. Alternatively, you’ll most probably wish to use your core muscle mass extra with the landmine model. However I believe for this actual workout the variation is negligible.

Landmine T-Bar Row Grip Choices

For the reason that landmine doesn’t have integrated grip choices just like the device, you’ll need to be ingenious with attachments. None are essentially higher than the others, however a special grip goals other muscle mass, offering just about never-ending diversifications for the t-bar row.

Tricep Rope Attachment

rogue tricep attachment


The tricep rope wraps simply beneath the bar for a impartial grip. And it’s not unusual in just about all gyms. It supplies a impartial grip, and you’ll be able to rotate as you row, making it flexible. The downsides are it’s a bit awkward and it’s going to by no means be completely even left to proper as a result of the steel attachment phase within the heart. However this can be a nice possibility and flexible.

Impartial, Angled Grip

rogue neutral grip landmine attachment

This attachment from Rogue slides proper onto the barbell. It’s at ease and simple to arrange. I received’t lie, it’s heavy-duty. You’re committing to a few t-bar rows for future years with this one. If you happen to’re an avid landmine person, it’s definitely worth the funding.

Large Grip

rogue wide grip landmine attachment

Additionally from Rogue, it’s the similar concept simplest with a much broader grip. The broader grip will hit the lats much less and the rear delt extra. Those are usable for lots of different workouts, comparable to one among my favorites, landmine antirotations. Once more, for the on a regular basis individual messing round, it’s now not important, however when you’re a landmine gourmet (or caught at house with only a barbell) it’s price having a look into.

Shut Grip

For a detailed grip, you’ll be able to get an attachment or you’ll be able to simply grasp the bar and do the workout with out an attachment. In my view, I’ve discovered the latter to be completely ok. I’d spend your apparatus funds in different places.

Not unusual Errors

Too Heavy

Like just about all vintage meathead workouts, many of us use an excessive amount of weight on t bar rows. It’s in reality that easy. If you happen to…

  • Want momentum to get the burden up
  • Can’t pinch your shoulders again all of the approach
  • Most often don’t really feel your again operating…

Then step one is to scale back the burden. Go away your ego on the door while you stroll into the health club.

Now not Finding out Tips on how to Turn on The Again Muscle groups

The again is a in particular difficult frame phase for lots of. The ones muscle mass aren’t really easy to really feel just like the biceps, quads, or chest. Regularly it calls for going again to fundamentals to support your mind-muscle activation and discover ways to use the decrease lats.

Ignorant of Grip or Energy Curve Variations

This is going for just about all again workouts, however I in finding that few folks perceive why they’re the usage of a undeniable grip or workout. If you happen to’re doing the t-bar row, you’ll have a normal figuring out of its advantages and makes use of. Because you’ve learn this a long way, now you do.

Programming Issues

If you happen to benefit from the t bar row, is usually a staple for your again coaching program. Rowing workouts will have to be part of each and every program, and most of the people merely don’t do sufficient rowing. So I really like preserving this in my rotation of rowing workout at the side of dumbbell rows, single-arm landmine rows, and TRX rows.

In most cases it’s carried out as a hypertrophy workout, for 8-12 reps and 2-Five units. I don’t like it as a natural energy workout (3-6 reps) as a result of you then’ll have to head very very heavy which will put some tension at the low again, and it additionally makes the setup up a ache. For maximally-loaded again coaching, I’ll stick to pull-u.s.and stay my rows in a quite upper rep vary.

Ultimate Ideas on T-Bar Rows

I’m a HUGE fan of landmine workouts. That’s why I’m writing a ebook on that specific topic to be launched in 2022. Within the intervening time, you’ll be able to learn my Eight favourite landmine squat diversifications and Three favourite landmine row diversifications.

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prohockeystrength.com., the legitimate website online of the Energy and Conditioning Affiliation of Skilled Hockey. You’ll be able to additionally take a look at his Instagram, he is beautiful simple at the eyes.

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