What the hell is a nordic hamstring curl? Is it some type of cold-weather bicep curl? What makes it Nordic? Whenever you see it, you’ll most likely know the workout we’re speaking about, as a result of heaps of loopy sturdy other people do them on social media. On this article, I’ll provide an explanation for what Nordic hamstring curls are, what their function is, and why you both would or wouldn’t put them on your personal workout routines.

What’s a Nordic Hamstring Curl?


A Nordic hamstring curl is an eccentric hamstring curl. There are three varieties of muscle movements: concentric, isometric, and whimsical. Concentric is when the muscle will get shorter; isometric is when the muscle remains the similar period; eccentric is when the muscle will get longer, however even if the muscle is staying the similar period or getting longer, it’s energetic, no longer passive. Believe a bicep curl: concentric is elevating the load up, isometric is retaining the load in position, and whimsical is controlling the load at the manner down.

The workout goals the knee joint and the muscle mass chargeable for knee flexion (the hamstrings). Knee flexion is when the knee is going from instantly to bent. Combining each our eccentric and knee flexion definitions: Nordic hamstring curls require the hamstrings to withstand the knees going from bent to instantly however actively lengthening and letting the knees straighten.

Because the knees straighten, the hamstrings get longer and are because of this at a weaker joint perspective; that’s why Nordic curls are simple on the most sensible and failure occurs on the backside.

Step via Step

  1. Get started kneeling at the floor along with your ankles held in position via both any individual else or a work of kit.
  2. Interact your core in order that your hips are prolonged (extra in this later)
  3. Retaining your hips instantly (no longer bending on the waist), decrease your self down in opposition to the ground in a sluggish and regulated means.
  4. Sooner or later your hamstrings received’t be sturdy sufficient as your knees get straighter and straighter and also you’ll fall to the bottom. When this occurs, put your arms out to catch your self ahead of your face does it for you. An excessively small choice of other people can pass all of the option to the bottom then elevate themselves again up with out the use of their arms, and that’s why you notice them on social media.


Advantages of Nordic Hamstring Curls

Nordic hamstring curls are one of the most easiest workouts for creating hamstring energy. As a result of eccentric muscle movements are the most powerful form of muscle motion, Nordic hamstring curls are a singular alternative to overload that motion (knee flexion and the hamstrings). Nearly everyone has vulnerable hamstrings. That is for a bunch of causes, from how steadily we sit down, to the sports activities we play, however just about everyone must do extra hamstring strenthening.

They may be able to additionally assist cut back accidents. Since you’re doing the very same muscle motion (eccentric knee flexion) that steadily occurs when other people pull their hamstring, you’re strengthening the hamstrings of their maximum susceptible place. However as a result of Nordic curls happen at an overly sluggish velocity, it’s quite secure. This is without doubt one of the primary causes that this workout is well liked by athletes particularly. Have you ever ever noticed a Nordic curl on social media achieved via a non-athlete? Almost definitely no longer, and that’s what leads me to my subsequent level.

Drawbacks of Nordic Hamstring Curls

The #1 explanation why you wouldn’t do Nordic curls on your exercise is the volume of soreness and suckiness they’ll convey into your existence. Eccentric actions are probably the most soreness-causing actions since the muscle is actively seeking to get shorter however ripping aside and getting longer because of leverage and gravity.

For instance, when you did 20 bicep curls handiest doing the upwards motion in comparison to 20 bicep curls handiest reducing the load in a managed type, the latter received’t help you bend your elbows the following few days to clean your hair.

They suck. Instantly up. No shaggy dog story. A supramaximal eccentric (supra that means you actually can’t do the upward motion when you attempted) workouts are a definite more or less vibe you don’t wish to mess with only for amusing. Believe doing a bench press heavier than your max PR, controlling it down on your chest for Four or five seconds, then having your buddy pull it off your chest.

Very similar to how bodybuilders are excellent at grinding throughout the immense burn of units of 30 reps and powerlifters are excellent at grinding thru extremely heavy units of three reps, supramaximal eccentric workouts (Nordic curls) take a selected mindset and motivation to grind thru.

Historically, however no longer at all times, Nordic curls are extra of a sport-specific workout. They steadily aren’t used for bodybuilding since you don’t get a excellent pump from them. The quantity of units and reps wanted for a pump and hypertrophy (a minimum of three units of 8), isn’t a sensible thought for Nordic hamstrings curls. Put differently, the juice isn’t well worth the squeeze for this workout and that objective.

That is, except you intelligently ease into the nordic hamstring curl with different permutations.

The right way to Get started Doing Nordic Curls

Even supposing Nordic curls are an eccentric motion, you don’t have to head as sluggish as conceivable. Eccentric actions steadily imply a cast and sluggish rely of 4-ish seconds at the manner down. Start the Nordic curl happening in a managed means, slowly rely to 4, actually battle the ones remaining 2 seconds, then calm down and put your arms out to catch your self at the ground. Additionally, be sure you have one thing at ease below your knees.

Partial Vary of Movement

Get started with partial vary of movement nordic hamstring curl. Put a leap field or bench in entrance of you so you’ll’t pass that low and will’t fall all of the option to the ground. Then, through the years, slowly transfer the field farther and farther clear of you. Get started with 2 units of three reps and upload a collection each and every week for three overall weeks.



Subsequent, do band-assisted Nordic curls. Since the band reduces the burden via pulling a few of your body weight upward, it’ll be somewhat more straightforward to head farther. And, as you pass out additional, the band’s resistance strengthens, making the energy curve of the workout more straightforward.

Tether a band to one thing above and in the back of then you put it beneath your hands round your chest. You wish to have to stay your arms loose to catch your self at the floor. In consequence, as it’s more straightforward, you’ll be capable to carry out the workout thru a larger vary of movement and your hamstrings will change into extra conversant in it. This transformation is principally the other of the partial vary of movement above. Get started with 2 units of three reps and upload a collection each and every week for three overall weeks.


The Complete Nordic Hamstring Curl

Finally, it’s time for normal nordic curls. Do the whole workout with simply your physique weight and actually attempt to battle the end and see how low you’ll get ahead of falling to the bottom. Get started with 2 units of three reps and upload a collection each and every week for three overall weeks. On this case, extra isn’t higher, higher is healthier. Including a number of units and reps isn’t well worth the soreness in comparison to merely doing a super Four units of three.

Position Nordic curls on the finish of your workout routines with not anything critical to do decrease body-wise in the following few days. Almost definitely come with those in your 2nd leg-day of the week in case you have 2 days off. The strain you’re going to position in your hamstrings is undoubtedly going to detract from the remainder of your exercise when you do them first.

Please, and once I say this I imply it, make sure that no matter is retaining your ankles down is solid and safe. I suppose the ones are the opposite more or less Nordic curl movies that make it on social media…the fails…

As with all workout, there’s a finding out curve. The extra you do Nordics, the simpler you get at them (clearly). However while you first get started out you could assume you’re actually combating the end however in truth, you’re on no account. You should learn to grind and battle throughout supramaximal eccentrics. Every so often you simply must embody the suck.

Not unusual Errors

Bending the Hips

The hamstrings go more than one joints and do more than one joint movements: knee flexion (bending the knees) and hip extension (straightening the hips when bent on the waist). That’s why stiff-leg deadlifts are a hamstring workout as a result of they paintings on straightening the hips (aka a hip-dominant hamstring workout). Nordic curls are a knee-dominant hamstring workout. The physique’s manner of dishonest and making Nordic curls more straightforward (accidentally) is via bending on the waist throughout the workout.

nordic hamstring curl

Instance of conserving the hips instantly throughout a Nordic Curl

nordic hamstring curl mistake - bent hips

Instance of what you must NOT do, bending on the hips throughout a Nordic curl.

Convey again the ones suppressed recollections from physics freshman 12 months of highschool. The knees are the fulcrum and the physique is a lever arm. When the hips are instantly throughout the Nordic curl, nearly all of the weight of the lever (the hips and higher physique) are shifting in entrance of the fulcrum (the knees) making the physique really feel manner heavier. When the hips bend throughout a Nordic curl, the hips are staying nearer to proper above the knees making it more straightforward for the hamstrings to withstand the knees getting straighter.

Plantarflexing the Ankles

The hamstrings are one in all two primary muscle teams chargeable for knee flexion. The opposite is the calves. In case you have your ft pointed (plantarflexion) when you do that motion, the calves will take over the motion from the hamstrings. That is in reality a fascinating calf workout, however the objective this is the paintings your hamstrings. So, while you arrange, make sure that your ankles are in dorsiflexion (feet pulled up).

In case you have a spouse retaining your ankles down, be sure you dig your feet into the bottom FIRST, like this.


If you happen to’re taking a look to bulletproof your hamstrings for sprinting on your flag soccer league and stroll humorous for an afternoon or 2, Nordic curls can be a cast possibility. When deciding on any workout you should believe 2 issues: what the objective is? Does it accomplish this objective effeciently?

For extra on eccentric coaching, take a look at our information at the opposite nordic curl.

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