Roasted butternut squash mash is scrumptious and silky tender, makes a really perfect choice to mashed potatoes, and this simple recipe will quickly develop into your new favorite aspect dish!

Golden butternut squash mash in a green bowl, laid out on the table to serve.

Butternut squash mash

This gorgeous golden mash made with roasted butternut squash will develop into your new favorite aspect. It’s each candy and savoury, and will also be flavoured any approach you prefer.

I love mine with butter, herbs, garlic and a few parmesan, however there are many scrumptious possible choices and it’s essential to simply spice it up.

This recipe for butternut squash mash is straightforward to make, with little or no prep. There’s no peeling, and only one chop, while you minimize the squash in part.

Squash stay so properly that they’re readily to be had all 12 months spherical, so there is not any want to look forward to autumn to experience this gentle and flavoursome choice to potato mash. Nonetheless, our ideas flip to them at harvest time, and that wonderful autumnal color is banquet for the eyes too.

Learn on and I’ll display you methods to get ready and make a super fuss unfastened butternut squash mash each time.

Butternut squash diet

In contrast to potatoes, butternut squash counts as considered one of your 5 an afternoon (or seven an afternoon, or extra). Squash are a dietary powerhouse, filled with diet C and beta-carotene for diet A, in addition to crucial minerals and a number of fibre.

Nutrient dense, however low in energy, they’re considered one of my favorite greens. Filled with flavour, gorgeous to have a look at and downright excellent for you, they make a really perfect addition to such a lot of recipe.

As a result of they’re lighter and no more starchy than potatoes, I don’t want to really feel to blame about including butter and cheese to squash. If truth be told, you wish to have a little bit fats to profit from that groovy butternut squash diet, as a result of it’s had to convert the beta-carotene to diet A.

Butternut squash vs potatoes

You’ll be able to use butternut squash in a lot the similar approach that you’d use potatoes: boiled, roasted, as fries or mash. It’s readily to be had, assists in keeping properly and whilst it was once rather pricey in the United Kingdom, it’s usually very inexpensive now. It’s also scrumptious and simple to arrange.

Iciness squash, then again, is way moister that potatoes. This implies you’ll be able to’t do a directly switch in recipes. When you do, the dish will also be watery and disappointing.

In contrast to potato, you’ll be able to mix or procedure squash to mash perfection with out creating a gloopy sticky mess. As an alternative, you’ll be able to create silky-smooth and opulent mash with little or no effort.

Butternut squash mash is at all times going to be softer and looser than a potato mash. This doesn’t imply, then again, that it must be runny and rainy.

The easy method to the wateriness of butternut squash is to roast it. I’m an enormous fan of roasted butternut squash. Roasting attracts out water and concentrates the flavours, providing you with a really perfect addition to all varieties of dishes.

Why make mashed butternut squash

  • It’s stunning – filled with flavour, silky texture and wonderful to have a look at.
  • Roasted butternut mash is a brilliant choice to potato mash.
  • Butternut squash is awesome to potatoes in diet and counts in opposition to your five an afternoon.
  • In contrast to potato mash, you’ll be able to mash this with a blender, mixer or processor – not more bodily mashing!

Butternut squash mash substances

The ingredients assembled and ready for use: butternut squash, garlic, olive oil, thyme, butter and grated parmesan
  • Butternut Squash – I generally use a roasting butternut squash, as those have a much broader neck and a smaller seed hollow space. If you’re purchasing by way of merchandise, somewhat than weight, you’ll get extra to your cash.
  • Olive Oil – I love a pleasant, well-flavoured additional virgin oil.
  • Garlic – Not obligatory, however scrumptious. We roast it with the squash, making it sweeter and no more smelly.
  • Herbs – You wish to have a woody herb on this mashed butternut squash recipe. I’ve used thyme, however sage, rosemary, oregano and even a couple of bay leaves would paintings properly right here.
  • Butter – For each texture and flavour
  • Parmesan – or some other sturdy, laborious cheese, finely grated. When you want a vegetarian choice, opt for it!

Methods to make roasted butternut squash – step-by-step

Ahead of you get started, learn my step by step directions, with footage, hints and pointers so you’ll be able to to make this mashed butternut squash recipe completely each time.

Scroll down for the recipe card with amounts and extra pointers on the backside of the web page.

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