As of the day before today, I am formally 40 years outdated. So glad birthday to me.

In any case, it could not be any better birthday present for me than to formally announce to you that – in spite of me now being “over the hill” and almost certainly higher suited for wandering round a golfing route – I’m in truth freeing a brand new e-book in April…

…and it could be near to the most efficient birthday present from you to me, in case you are so impressed, so that you can unfold the phrase all over the place by way of sharing this publish and information about my imminent e-book as a result of I in point of fact wish to contact numerous lives with this new name!

The e-book is named Undergo: Gear, Ways & Behavior For Non secular Stamina.

So why did I make a decision to jot down Undergo, as a kind of “sequel” to my final e-book Have compatibility Soul? Permit me to percentage…

My Story Of Staying power

There was once a time in my existence when, rightly so, you would most probably have categorized me as a mildly masochistic, moderately insane, severely hardcore staying power athlete. , a type of guys who may be dressed in a swimming Speedo or biking shorts underneath my denims and trainers tucked away underneath the seat of my automobile, simply in case the chance arose to swim, motorcycle, run or have interaction in every other type of a forward-repetitive movement at random issues all through the day.

Prior to now a number of years, I’ve undoubtedly sponsored off relatively slightly from buffeting my frame with bouts of maximum sufferance, however for almost twenty years, I spent a lot of my life touring the globe and difficult myself with one of the most maximum tough and grueling occasions at the face of the planet, from the famed 72-hour Agoge Race (in the past known as the “Spartan Loss of life Race”) at 38 levels beneath 0 within the backwoods of Vermont to over a dozen of the toughest Ironman triathlons at the face of the planet to days upon days spent struggling via Military SEAL practicing for civilians at the seashores of the Pacific ocean off the coast of San Diego, and far, a lot more.

It in truth all started in highschool.

All the way through seventh-grade basketball observe, I came upon that whilst I wasn’t essentially the very best jumper or quickest sprinter at the crew, I may just wax the ground with my teammates or competition when it got here to lasting a complete recreation with out substitution, or just working numerous numbers of laps and ladders at the court docket. It appeared my athletic abilities looked as if it would mimic my instructional abilities; I wasn’t essentially the neatest scholar, however I used to be unquestionably the most farseeing, learning for hours with out a destroy till I had completed a state of mastery over any given component of academia, from sketching lengthy department and multiplication tables for lengthy nights in my bed room, to taking part in the similar violin concerto over and again and again, to studying science chapters till I used to be blue within the face—and relatively doggedly and tirelessly by no means giving up on anything else.

When, at 14 years outdated, I fell in love with tennis, I started to run the hills at the back of my circle of relatives’s nation house in North Idaho, frequently trudging uphill for miles at a time, everyday, a grin half-plastered throughout my face as I embraced what’s oft referred to within the box of staying power sports activities as “the suck” whilst concurrently experiencing the frenzy of dopamine, endocannabinoids, and different feel-good neurochemicals that shifted me deeper and deeper into the so-called “runner’s top.” All the way through my highschool tennis fits, I used to be the man who may just play an all-day match within the blazing solar on a tennis court docket floor that might fry an egg, opt for a run or hit the gymnasium after the match, then get up the following morning and are available again with a large smile on my face, in a position for extra.

Midway via my short-lived collegiate tennis occupation, I signed up for my very first highway working race: a ten-mile slog directly up the aspect of a mountain, with the beginning line on the backside of the mountain and the end line on the height. Despite the fact that I had no clue what I used to be doing and had by no means raced cross-country, 5K, 10Ok, half-marathon, marathon, or anything else of the like in my existence, I controlled to slowly however systematically plod up that enormous slope one step at a time with the similar grit and backbone that had fueled my day-to-day runs up the hills at the back of my area, passing different runners one-by-one till I reached the end line just about a mile forward of all my competition however one—a 50-year-old native, undefeated phenom who held the route file for the race.

I used to be starting to take psychological notes. I had begun to spot what form of actions my frame looked to be in point of fact nice at appearing and my mind appeared hard-wired to crave. And naturally, I had a powerful slump that, in spite of being tall, broad-shouldered, and extra muscular than a standard cross-country runner or thin staying power athlete, I used to be more or less nice at this entire staying power factor.

In faculty, I fell in love with bodybuilding, which is arguably—based totally upon the oodles and oodles of units and reps concerned, and the quantities of tissue-burning lactic acid one almost bleed out their eyeballs whilst engaged in that recreation—the “staying power” recreation of weightlifting. For this, I might most often wake at Four am to coach for a few hours on the gymnasium sooner than my first categories of the day, then go back to the gymnasium later that night time for intense aerobic and period practicing, frequently preventing at positive issues all over the instructional day to show spin categories on the gymnasium or swim laps on the College of Idaho pool.

Then I had a brilliant concept: I used to be already swimming, biking and working, and moderately burnt out on bodybuilding, so why now not observe my talent set to one thing new, in particular the brutal swim-bike-run recreation of “triathlon”—the very definition itself of multi-sport staying power? So one night time, I attended the College of Idaho triathlon membership assembly and—that very evening—registered for my first triathlon, scheduled to happen 3 months later. After 90 days of swimming, cycling, working, and learning up each nitty-gritty staying power component from biking aerodynamics to hydration and vitamin protocols, I recall status on the pool edge at the morning of the race, listening to the beginning gun sound, then slipping right into a state of natural, red-hot burning depth for the following hour of the triathlon. Whilst I had no clue what I used to be doing, did not know the way to “tempo” myself, and felt a deep sense of wanna-be triathlete imposter syndrome, I wound up beating all the box and atmosphere the route file for the contest.

After that race, I used to be formally hooked.

Over the following decade, I competed in 147 further triathlons in The united states, South The united states, Europe, Asia, and past, together with Quick Direction International Championships, Part-Ironman International Championships, Ironman International Championships, and a grand general of five,569 miles of brutal, scorching, staying power pageant. Alongside the way in which, I sprinkled in more cross-training by way of marathons, open water swimming competitions, biking races, or even water polo.

Identical to my studies in highschool basketball and tennis, I used to be recognized in triathlon as the man who merely would not forestall. I wasn’t the quickest. I wasn’t essentially the most naturally proficient or biomechanically environment friendly. I wasn’t essentially the most skilled.

However I simply.

Did not.


I might just about at all times get started the race in the course of the swim pack, steadily transfer my method up during the motorcycle portion of the triathlon, and proceed plodding on with steadfast choice, clicking off race markers mile-by-mile and selecting off competition one-by-one all through the run.

Later, as a skilled workout physiologist, I in truth came upon the clinical reasoning at the back of why my frame appeared hardwired for staying power. See, in workout body structure, there’s a idea referred to as the “lactate threshold.” Somewhat merely put, this threshold is the purpose of workout depth at which the frame starts to acquire burning lactic acid quicker than that lactic acid can also be “buffered” by way of the muscle tissues. As soon as this threshold is exceeded, workout turns into more and more tough, and failure or fatigue units in temporarily.

However in some folks, the share of utmost tempo or most effort at which the lactate threshold happens is uncannily top. In different phrases, let’s consider that you simply and I are going to have a footrace over the process a mile. And let’s consider that you have got a far upper top-end velocity than I do, and will unquestionably run quicker than me, particularly for the primary quarter or half of or so of that mile.

I, alternatively, won’t have the similar foot velocity as you, however when you steadily decelerate as lactic acid accumulates on your muscle tissues over the process that mile, I am able to handle a far upper moderate velocity as a result of I will organize all my lactic acid significantly better than you’ll yours. So, each little little bit of that mile I creep up on you and ultimately cross you sooner than the end line, just because my tolerance for lactic acid is upper than yours. Possibly the most efficient instance of a well-known athlete who did not have the quickest velocity however possessed a ridiculously top lactate threshold is well known bicycle owner Lance Armstrong, who was once additionally recognized for his grit, tenacity, and skill to “move” at a tight tempo for terribly lengthy classes of time.

Seems, this entire lactate threshold factor is in truth testable, and, after having passed through a couple of bouts of blood lactate trying out for swimming, biking, and working—a protocol through which one workout routines at a steadily tougher tempo whilst preventing each short while to check blood ranges of lactic acid by way of a finger prick—I came upon that I used to be in truth born with an uncannily top skill so to buffer the burn, with the intention to talk.

Smartly, then, if staying power is my jam, I figured I would possibly as neatly run my winners, actually and figuratively. So over two decades—from the age of 19 till I used to be 39 years outdated—I stored plodding alongside. I jumped into journey races, which come with map and way-finding, cave spelunking, kayaking, mountain mountain climbing, swimming, cliff leaping, rucking, trekking, and past, multi functional race. I competed in multi-mile open water and ocean swim races. For years, hardly ever a month went by way of that I did not entire a century (100-mile) arranged motorcycle journey or biking pageant. I turned into a member of the Spartan skilled impediment route racing crew and spent 4 years engaged in that recreation, which concerned the entirety from hauling sandbags to mountain climbing ropes, to crawling underneath barbed wires, to leaping over fires, to swinging from bars and different stumbling blocks. I realized to shoot a bow, and started to go into searching competitions that required working, taking pictures, mountaineering, extra impediment route racing, or even hauling over 100 kilos in a backpack over miles and miles of steep, tough terrain—whilst working!

Yep, if a recreation concerned any shred of stamina, steadfastness, or sufferance, I might fortunately signal as much as be on the beginning line.

And naturally, alongside the way in which, I carried out that very same cussed tenacity to academia, to industry, and to existence on the whole, frequently running 5 to 6 jobs at a time whilst snoozing 4 hours an evening, beginning and development new firms within the well being and health trade, making an investment, advising, training, consulting and juggling as many balls as I most likely may just, as a result of, frankly, I like to paintings lengthy and paintings challenging. Carry at the lactic acid, child.

So why am I telling you all this?

As a result of, as you’ll have predicted, the idea that of enduring is a subject very close to and expensive to my middle.

What Is Non secular Stamina?

So sure, I do know staying power. It is a language I have spoken for relatively a while.

However it is something to have the bodily or psychological staying power and stamina required to take a seat on a troublesome bicycle seat to pedal and sweat for 6 hours, or grit one’s tooth via sour chilly ocean waves for hundreds upon hundreds of swim strokes, or get up at Four am and strap on a couple of trainers to pound the pavement for mile upon mile…

…and relatively any other factor to own religious stamina.

Sure, religious stamina.

See, in the similar method you’ll educate your mind, middle, muscle tissues, and lungs to withstand fatigue, educate your cardiovascular device to construct new blood vessels for oxygen and gas supply, and educate the central governor on your mind to own the endurance to stay pushing via regardless of how bodily fatigued you’re or how a lot your frame is screaming at you to throw within the towel and succumb to exhaustion, you’ll additionally educate your spirit to withstand temptation, to grasp carnal passions and needs, to battle lust and delight and to carry rapid with perseverance, patience, and persistence when all of the allures of the sector appear to be running in cahoots to derail your religious well being and your skill to make a complete have an effect on for God with the aim you have been given for existence.

In his e-book Disciplines Of A Godly Guy, creator Kent Hughes writes:

“…the observation from Paul to Timothy referring to religious self-discipline in 1 Timothy 4:7—‘educate your self to be godly’—takes on now not best transcending significance, however non-public urgency. There are different passages which educate self-discipline, however that is the nice vintage textual content of Scripture. The phrase ‘educate’ comes from the phrase gumnos, this means that “bare” and is the phrase from which we derive our English phrase gym. In conventional Greek athletic contests, the individuals competed with out clothes, in order to not be weighted down. Subsequently, the phrase ‘educate’ in the beginning carried the literal which means, ‘to workout bare.’

Via New Testomony occasions it referred to workout and coaching on the whole. However even then it was once, and is, a phrase with the scent of the gymnasium in it—the sweat of a nice exercise. ‘Gymnasticize (workout, determine, educate) your self for the aim of godliness’ conveys the texture of what Paul is announcing. In a phrase, he’s calling for some religious sweat! Simply because the athletes discarded the entirety and competed gumnos—unfastened from the entirety that might be able to burden them—so we should do away with each encumbrance, each affiliation, addiction, and tendency which impedes godliness. If we’re to excel, we should strip ourselves to a lean, religious nakedness.”

Sadly, as I write in my e-book Have compatibility Soul, whilst maximum people inherently know that it is very important handle our soul with the similar lean, religious, bare depth, and ordinary regimen with which a gymnast would possibly educate their frame, we in some way shove it to the aspect as a result of, let’s accept it—existence will get busy, and it simply turns out way more sensible and right away helpful to head hit the gymnasium moderately than take a seat cross-legged at the ground meditating and praying, spending an additional 5 mins in mattress within the morning gratitude journaling, or prioritizing relationships all over an extended and comfortable circle of relatives dinner. The idea that of striking on our religious armor and equipping ourselves to resist all of the temptations and flaming arrows that the sector inevitably flings at us on a daily basis; practicing our spirit, by way of the grace of God, to resist the delight of existence, the delight of the eyes and the lust of the flesh; and viewing our religious existence as a coaching flooring for fight is, unfortunately, frequently an afterthought.

Simply believe in the event you sought after to realize the awesome health of an Olympian, or the chiseled frame of a film big name, or the lightning-fast mind of a rocket scientist. Would your exercise encompass cranking out a tiny handful of push-u.s.sooner than mattress every evening, consuming one wholesome meal per week, and studying image books of airplanes to coach your mind? I might certainly hope now not. But it may be so easy to stray right into a addiction of our religious stamina and staying power practicing to consist of claiming a easy prayer sooner than bedtime, digesting a couple of verses or a few mins of the Bible sooner than dashing off to paintings within the morning, or meditating that one time for that one treasured social media photograph.

Reality is, additionally as I write in Have compatibility Soul, I in my view spent about 20 years of my existence, up till I used to be in my mid-30s, slightly tending to my spirit—till I noticed that my very own sadness and loyal striving for the following large bodily, psychological, industry, and private fulfillment and impediment to triumph over was once merely leaving my spirit much more contracted, shrunken, not worthy, and not noted and leaving me unfulfilled, unsatisfied and not able to completely love others and to make a most, purpose-filled have an effect on with my existence for God’s glory. Possibly maximum concerningly, my loss of devotion to non secular health and all of the chinks in my religious armor was once leaving me huge open to falling, failing, and being swept up by way of, as Galatians 5:19-21, says “…sexual immorality, impurity and debauchery; idolatry and witchcraft; hatred, discord, jealousy, suits of rage, egocentric ambition, dissensions, factions and envy; drunkenness, orgies, and the like.”

In the end, in a state of God-given conviction, I noticed that to ensure that me to be each actually impactful and practical for God, to now not be a washed-up, susceptible religious warrior, and to be a real father, chief, and legacy-builder for my circle of relatives, I had to observe simply as a lot forethought, seriousness and coaching to my religious stamina and staying power as I have been making use of to my bodily and psychological practicing. I had to practice the directions of Ephesians 6:10–18, which says:

“In any case, be sturdy within the Lord and in his mighty energy. Put at the complete armor of God, so as to take your stand in opposition to the satan’s schemes.

For our fight isn’t in opposition to flesh and blood, however in opposition to the rulers, in opposition to the government, in opposition to the powers of this darkish international and in opposition to the religious forces of evil within the heavenly nation-states.

Subsequently, put at the complete armor of God, in order that when the day of evil comes, you might be able to stand your flooring, and once you have achieved the entirety, to face.

Stand company then, with the belt of reality buckled round your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in position, and together with your toes fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. Along with all this, take in the defend of religion, with which you’ll extinguish all of the flaming arrows of the evil one. Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the phrase of God.

And pray within the Spirit on all events with a wide variety of prayers and requests. With this in thoughts, be alert and at all times stay on praying for all of the Lord’s folks.”

In order that’s precisely what I did, and whilst, within the first bankruptcy of my e-book Have compatibility Soul, I describe to you the whole lot of my magazine from poverty-stricken religious detraining to wealth-infused religious health, I will provide you with a short lived glimpse now of ways I turned into fitted with the overall armor of God: belt, breastplate, boots, defend, sword, helmet and prayer.


In the end, I started to coach my spirit the similar method I educate my frame and thoughts. See, I delight myself on keeping up a streak of bodily rigorous workout routines just about 365 days a yr, taking a chilly bathe or chilly soak day-to-day, doing 3 or 4 brutally scorching sauna periods per week, strolling a minimum of 15,000 steps consistent with day, foam rolling a minimum of ten mins consistent with morning, getting a therapeutic massage a minimum of two times per thirty days, taking a moderately decided on handful of dietary supplements each morning and night time, preventing each 30 mins of labor to transport or stretch for 2 mins, studying a minimum of 3 books every week, writing a minimum of 200 phrases consistent with day, training guitar for no less than ten mins consistent with day, and so on., and so on., and so on.

Why now not observe that very same choice, temperance, and mastery of passions and needs to my religious health? And what would occur if I did? In spite of everything, if I will stare at a clean wall working on a treadmill for 3 hours, certainly I may just learn a bankruptcy of my Bible every morning, could not I? May just I take the idea that of stamina—repeatedly outlined because the physically or psychological capability to maintain a protracted demanding effort or job—and observe that idea to my spirit?

So I started to wait church regularly, now not as an afterthought or occasional talk over with, however with a reverent and worshipful perspective…

I became to God day-to-day, praying for readability, knowledge, perception, and a existence drawn nearer to union with Him…

I persisted to wish with out ceasing, all through the day, and now not simply sooner than foods or at church…

I studied the religious disciplines that I taught you in Have compatibility Soul and started to include gratitude, carrier, silence, meditation, and Scripture memorization into my day-to-day regimen…

I returned to my adolescence love for tune and steeped myself in reward and worship songs…

I put aside my egocentric inclinations and gave extra time, soft care, and instructing to my spouse and dual sons…

I learn a minimum of one bankruptcy an afternoon from my Bible and adopted a Bible studying plan the similar method I might devotedly practice a exercise plan…

I memorized a minimum of one verse from the Bible every week…

I accrued my circle of relatives for gratitude, meditation, and prayer every morning, and re-gathered them for self-examination, aim, prayer, and thanksgiving every night time…

I started to volunteer extra in my area people and at my church…

I recorded one new worship track on my guitar every month…

You get the theory, I started to plot, systematize, construction, and observe simply as a lot seriousness to my religious practicing as I might to my bodily practicing had I, say, signed up for an Ironman triathlon, however in fact with the belief that the religious “race” is a race with a much more essential, significant end line—a race that ends up in permanent glory and everlasting happiness present in God, and now not only a perishable blue ribbon or a glittery gold medal.

The end result started to pour forth into my existence, in particular when it got here to me feeling way more provided so to face up to temptation.

As an example, one temptation I have struggled with for a lot of my existence has been sexual infidelity, lust, and porn. However as I grew nearer to God and nearer to my spouse via my center of attention on development religious stamina, I abruptly discovered myself ready to stroll previous stunning, sexy ladies in the street, in grocery shops, on the gymnasium, or at golf equipment or eating places with out nary a considered lusting after or objectifying that girl or dishonest on my spouse.

When insulted, handled rudely, or disparaged by way of others, I discovered myself ready to reply in a spirit of affection and forgiveness, moderately than changing into offended, lashing out, or experiencing a intestine reaction of bitterness, rage, or resentment, locating myself extra ready to make relationships transformational as an alternative of purely transactional (learn extra about that during Bankruptcy Four of Have compatibility Soul).

When wired or in a nasty or aggravating scenario, I felt extra unfastened and ready to, within the phrases of holocaust survivor Victor Frankl, make a choice an perspective of gratefulness, acceptance, and contentment regardless of the instances.

On the finish of a troublesome and critical day of labor, I used to be ready to show to God, prayer, meditation, and worship as an alternative of weed, wine, cocktails, kava, or plant medications for psychological reduction or leisure.

I turned into higher, as you’ll examine in Bankruptcy 6, with persistence and behind schedule gratification.

I discovered myself extra practical with paintings and hooked up to making use of my non-public aim observation to loving God and loving others as I “chopped wooden and carried water” on a daily basis.

I turned into much less begrudged and hesitant and extra motivated and impressed to carve out unselfish time for charity, volunteering, and giving.

I launched my bad, white-knuckled clutch on regulate and started to peer the OCD-like inclinations I describe soften away. 

I turned into extra hooked up to my circle of relatives as they joined me at the similar adventure of morning and night time prayer, meditation, gratitude, carrier, and self-examination.

I stepped into others’ footwear extra and evolved heightened quantities of each sympathy and empathy.

I came upon extra about what in point of fact occurs after we people die, how precisely that shapes our lives and the significance of complete union with God and viewpoint on existence and deathbeds on the whole.

I danced extra, sang extra, laughed extra, dreamed extra, and created extra—in the similar method I educate you the right way to do in Bankruptcy Nine and, consequently, skilled a better sense of awe and attractiveness in God’s advent.

In the end, an general sense of peace, love, and pleasure started to saturate my complete day and evening.

It seems that—in the similar method one steadily sees their frame morph as they start to hit the gymnasium on a daily basis, or their mind morph as they start to learn, be informed new issues, memorize information, or play musical tools on a constant foundation—a deep and significant religious transformation happens when the spirit is skilled with the similar forethought, making plans, specificity and systematization because the frame and thoughts. In different phrases, religious stamina is trainable.

You may as well possess this similar steadfast staying power, this similar energy to resist hardship and tension, and this similar inward fortitude essential to persist within the face of temptation, failure, and difficult occasions. However you should set your jaw and get ready for, throughout the pages of this my new e-book Undergo: Gear, Ways & Behavior For Non secular Stamina, a adventure of…


…making plans…








…guts and grit.

Simply as with all large, transformative objective in existence, you should now view your self status at the practicing box, a picket bucket stuffed with metal maces, kettlebells, and heavy rocks sooner than you; sandpits, scorching pavement, and steep hills surrounding you; plush couches, unfastened meals, icy chilly lemonade and a cocktail bar distracting you; and come to a decision as to what trail you’ll make a choice.

In the entire scheme of your existence—your everlasting existence—this type of center of attention on religious practicing is so, so extremely essential. How essential? Simply have a look at 1 Timothy 4:8-9 within the Bible, through which Paul says:

“For physically workout income a little bit, however godliness is successful for all issues, having promise of the existence that now’s and of that which is to come back. It is a trustworthy announcing and worthy of all acceptance.”

Learn that passage moderately. Now, physically workout and bodily practicing isn’t precisely scoffed at as an entire waste of time, as in fact that form of practicing can equip us to be extra impactful with the quick existence we’ve been given right here on earth in our present our bodies—permitting us to higher love God, love others, and savor God’s advent. However in comparison to non secular staying power and non secular practicing, it completely pales when put next, as a result of practicing the spirit is an act of creating godliness and changing into an increasing number of sanctified on a daily basis with without equal end result being everlasting glory and a end line birthday celebration that lasts eternally. In fact, it’s simple to suppose non permanent—as much as the 70 or 80 or 90 or 100 years we would possibly survive this planet—and to coach for merely managing our our bodies all over that timespan. Nevertheless it’s relatively any other factor, and relatively a thrilling factor, to believe that you’ve the power so to educate your soul to be ready for eternity and to equip your self to bless others with that very same eternally existence. What a perfect and rewarding precedence on your existence that are meant to and should be!

How To Undergo

I have already given you a lot of sources above and in addition discussed many others in different places (equivalent to in my podcasts, articles and books featured or reviewed on my web site, together with all my Sabbath Ramblings right here) to start upon your trail to non secular staying power, equivalent to my earlier e-book Have compatibility Soul, the Non secular Disciplines Magazine, and the Non secular Disciplines Manual by way of Adele Calhoun that I point out relatively frequently.

However not anything has been extra pricey to me and not anything will probably be a more in-depth and extra useful significant other to you—much more than my new e-book Undergo: Gear, Ways & Behavior For Non secular Stamina, which can pop out in only some months—in this adventure to self-mastery, staying power and non secular stamina than a Bible. Believe simply a number of the verses sprinkled all through Scripture that you’ll use as inspiration, motivation, and course in your religious practicing:

1 Corinthians 10:13: “No temptation has overtaken you excluding equivalent to is not unusual to guy; however God is trustworthy, who won’t mean you can be tempted past what you’re able, however with the temptation may also make the way in which of break out, that you simply might be able to undergo it.”

Mark 13:13: “However he who endures to the top will probably be stored.”

James 1:12: “Blessed is the person who endures temptation; for when he has been authorized, he’s going to obtain the crown of existence which the Lord has promised to those that love Him.”

James 1:2-4: “My brethren, depend all of it pleasure whilst you fall into more than a few trials, realizing that the trying out of your religion produces persistence. However let persistence have its absolute best paintings, that you will be absolute best and entire, missing not anything.”


Colossians 1:11: “Reinforced with all would possibly, in line with His superb energy, for all persistence and long-suffering with pleasure.”

Romans 12:12: “Rejoicing in hope, affected person in tribulation, proceeding steadfastly in prayer.”

Hebrews 12:1-3: “Subsequently we additionally, since we’re surrounded by way of so nice a cloud of witnesses, allow us to lay apart each weight, and the sin which so simply ensnares us, and allow us to run with staying power the race this is set sooner than us, taking a look unto Jesus, the creator and finisher of our religion, who for the enjoyment that was once set sooner than Him persisted the pass, despising the disgrace, and has sat down on the proper hand of the throne of God. For believe Him who persisted such hostility from sinners in opposition to Himself, lest you transform weary and discouraged on your souls.”

And in any case, most likely two of my favorites:

Philippians 4:13: “I will do all issues via Christ who strengthens me.”

Isaiah 40:31: “However those that wait at the Lord shall renew their power; they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and now not be weary, they shall stroll and now not faint.”

Sure, a nice Bible must be your practicing guide for religious staying power. And you’ll believe my imminent e-book Undergo an entire information to getting jump-started into that adventure. Now it is time to take one deep breath, to unencumber your fears about whether or not or now not you’ll have sufficient time to coach, put aside any sense of non secular “imposter syndrome,” to position complete agree with in God that He’s going to dress and feed you even though you are running much less, understanding much less and even snoozing much less to make your religious staying power practicing a concern and to take that first step ahead.


Do you fight with temptation, and frequently to find your self succumbing to it?

Do you get perplexed or crushed by way of the number of techniques one can pray, meditate, learn the Bible, or “be religious?”

Do you lay unsleeping at evening feeling as although even if you checked numerous productiveness bins, on the finish of the day, you’re nonetheless stressed and unfulfilled?

Do you wish to have to are living an absolutely impactful existence that evokes others to greatness and defies the unhappy established order of what the sector accepts as ok religious well being?

Do you wish to have to ingest extra attractiveness, dance extra, sing extra, dream extra, create extra, and enjoy existence with a fuller sense of peace, love, and pleasure for all of God’s advent?

I don’t learn about you, however I crave this type of which means.

Alternatively, it does not simply occur. You should agree with God, after which strap in your sword. We’re on this in combination, you and I, preventing a fight for our very soul. And we should come ready.

This new e-book Undergo, written and impressed by way of my very own non-public temptations, struggles, and screw ups, and knowledgeable by way of what I’ve studied and realized alongside the way in which, will function a part of that very preparation for you.

Somewhat merely, Undergo is structured into six portions.

First, in Phase 1, you’ll uncover not unusual temptations, stumbling blocks, pitfalls, and struggles you’ll face alongside the way in which, and be informed precisely to care for them.

Phase 2 will cope with mastery of passions and needs, and the right way to strike a steadiness between savoring God’s advent and stoic strength of will.

Phase Three delves into aim and productiveness, revealing the right way to paintings deep, create attractiveness, and concurrently enjoy relaxation and refreshment.

In Phase 4, you’ll learn to love others and love God extra absolutely, whilst creatively weaving the Golden Rule into your existence.

Phase Five addresses what occurs on the finish of your existence, and the right way to to find which means in each existence and demise.

In any case, in Phase 6, from simplicity to laughter, you’ll be informed extra about the right way to be maximum glorified in God by way of being maximum happy in Him.

Via the belief of Undergo, you’ll have came upon and realized the right way to put into effect the similar equipment, techniques, and behavior for religious stamina that had been impressed by way of nice philosophers, thinkers, and theologians of historic and trendy ages, together with Augustine, Plato, the Apostles Paul, Peter and John, the kings David and Solomon, C.S. Lewis, Naval Ravikant, Anthony de Mello, Derek Sivers, Doug Wilson, Randy Alcorn, John Piper, many, many others, and naturally, Jesus Christ himself.

How about you? How is your individual religious stamina? Do you take on and educate it with the similar ferocity as you do your frame and thoughts? Do you crave the arrogance and coverage afforded by way of dwelling your existence provided within the complete armor of God?

If the solution to the 3rd query above is “now not in point of fact” and your resolution to the fourth query above is “completely,” then, now’s the time to begin. I invite you to enroll in me in this adventure during the pages of Undergo, and, within the feedback segment beneath, to respond to the next query:

Why do *I* need extra religious stamina and staying power?

In any case, simply click on right here to be the primary in line to be notified once Undergo: Gear, Ways & Behavior For Non secular Stamina is in a position for unencumber, which is formally taking place in April 2022. Thank you for studying, and for placing up with this outdated 40-year-old curmudgeon’s ramblings. 🙂

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