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Are you Jake, Rachel, Cassie, Tobias, Marco, Ax, Visser III, or the Ellimist?

In the event you had been a kid of the ’90s, you fondly take note Animorphs.

You indubitably take note those iconic covers dominating your college’s guide gala’s.

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In spite of the tacky covers, each diehard fan will inform you that it used to be a groundbreaking paintings of youngsters’s science-fiction that fearlessly tackled subject matters like warfare, imperialism, slavery, sanity, PTSD, and the sophisticated nature of morality.

However maximum of all, you take into account that the books had been an epic thrill trip filled with all of the motion and wish-fulfillment our ten-year-old selves may need.

So which of those cherished characters out of your youth does your grownup self most have a resemblance to lately? Time to brush the mud off of reminiscence lane and to find out.

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