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Easy methods to do a Copenhagen Plank: Method, Advantages, and Diversifications

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The Copenhagen Plank, or the Copenhagen Aspect Plank, is an aspect plank variation that, along with coaching the abdominals, objectives the adductor (groin) muscle tissues. As such, a greater title may well be the adductor plank, or adductor aspect plank, however the Copenhagen title has caught.

What’s a Copenhagen Plank?

copenhagen plank

You put up a Copenhagen plank like an aspect plank, except for you set your best foot on a bench whilst soaring your backside foot within the air. This calls for the adductor muscle tissues to contract isometrically.

Advantages of the Copenhagen Plank

Clearly, this trains the adductor muscle tissues. So your subsequent query may well be why you will have to educate them within the first position.

Power within the Frontal Aircraft

Bring to mind those inside thigh muscle tissues just like the hamstrings of the frontal aircraft. They’re one of the crucial main muscle teams that assist us transfer aspect to aspect. If you happen to’re an athlete, then, they’re a a very powerful a part of maximum sports activities.

Extra extensively, you might imagine of the adductors as a very powerful stabilizer and “core” muscle tissues. Anytime you’re status on one leg (like each step you’re taking whilst strolling) the adductors paintings to stop your knee from caving in. Identical to the belly muscle tissues, they frequently paintings in on a regular basis existence as stabilizers, no longer essentially movers. The Copenhagen plank trains them on this model, and subsequently has extra switch in opposition to precise actual existence than workout routines just like the adductor gadget.

Bettering General Posture

As I’ve realized from the postural recovery institute, a large number of the actions in our frame couple in combination. On exhales, our frame strikes in opposition to flexion and inner rotation. Merely, when our abdominals contract, our adductors are primed to contract additionally. By way of strengthening one muscle staff, we assist shift into the posture that permits the opposite to contract as smartly, growing a good comments loop. Sturdy adductors way more potent abs and vice versa, and each assist us shift out of the prolonged posture that the majority folks reside in.


The adductors make up one of the crucial greatest muscle teams on your decrease frame. Coaching them successfully, like coaching all different muscle tissues, will enhance their shape in addition to their serve as. I don’t want to say a lot else right here as a result of each bodybuilder in historical past has educated the internal thighs, so clearly there’s one thing to it.

Step via Step

1) Arrange along with your head perpendicular to a bench and going through away.

2) Plant your elbow and forearm parallel to the bench

3) Position your entrance leg at the bench

4) Carry up your hips so that you’re in a directly line from the ankles to the shoulders

5) Take a deep exhale and have interaction your abs and glutes. This will likely enhance belly and adductor activation.

6) Carry your backside leg up so it’s parallel to the bottom.

7) Cling for 2-Four sluggish breaths, aiming for 7-10 2d exhales.

8) Transfer aspects and repeat.


Except for the principle variation, there are a number of choices to development and regress the Copenhagen plank.

Regression: Bent knee

As an alternative of planting your ankle on best of the bench, in the event you plant you knee if will shorten the “lever,” as they are saying in physics, making it more uncomplicated. That is nice in the event you’re beginning out and likewise if this insects your knee (which we’ll get to) this selection takes the knee out of the equation because it’ll be resting at the bench.

bent-knee copenhagen plank


Regression: Foot on floor

You’ll stay the ground leg at the floor. All else equivalent I want this over the bent-knee variation as a result of in actual existence the adductors touch with the ankle/foot because the touch level, so I feel this transfers over to sports activities and actual existence higher. copenhagen regression plank

Development: Upload a weight

Planks aren’t that simple so as to add weight to. Thankfully, with aspect plank diversifications it’s no longer so tough. If you happen to’ve labored as much as Four breaths fo 10 seconds every aspect and also you’re no longer feeling challenged, you’ll upload some weight. With the highest arm, take hold of a mild dumbbell or kettlebell and grasp it up within the air as you accomplish that. This will likely create further steadiness demanding situations, together with difficult your shoulder steadiness like in a Turkish Get-Up. A kettlebell or dumbbell paintings wonderful, however for identical to TGUs I to find the kettlebell to paintings a bit bit higher. Right here I’m the use of a DB as a result of I’m the use of a house health club.

Copenhagen plank with dumbbell

Nice view of my youth trophies right here.

For much more steadiness demanding situations, transfer off of your forearm and onto your hand.

Bothering your knee?

A long way and away the commonest criticism of this workout is knee discomfort at the entrance leg. If that’s you, the very first thing to invite is whether or not you had been in a directly line (no hips sagging) along with your abdominals engaged. If the solution isn’t any, then you definately’re no longer in a position for this workout and will have to return to common aspect planks first till you’re more potent. Within the period in-between, you’ll beef up your adductors with different isometric workout routines.

If you happen to’re coming off of a knee damage, or have a historical past of knee ache, check out the regression diversifications first. To find the proper variation that gives 0 ache. In case your shape is another way nice, however you continue to have knee ache, that’s an indication one thing may well be off, and I’d refer you to a bodily therapist, athletic instructor, or different ache specialist.

Easy methods to Program Copenhagen Planks

Copenhagen planks can are compatible right into a program the place any belly or core workout can pass. In most cases talking, I feel core workout may also be sprinkled in each coaching consultation all over relaxation sessions from main energy actions. This is named “lively relaxation.”

This actual workout you’ll do 1-2 instances every week for 2-Three units, and that may have you ever smartly to your towards more potent adductors, higher posture, viewer accidents, and most definitely some compliments to your inside thighs.

For any other incredible ab workout, take a look at the landmine rollout.

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David is a author and energy trainer and co-owner of Roman Health Programs. Along with serving to run RFS, he is additionally the pinnacle editor for
prohockeystrength.com., the reputable website online of the Power and Conditioning Affiliation of Skilled Hockey. You’ll additionally take a look at his Instagram, he is lovely simple at the eyes.

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