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This Girl Discovered A Hidden Room Underneath Her Basement

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Basements are suspect puts. They take a seat underground amassing mud, all whilst housing some lovely fascinating secrets and techniques. Outdated artifacts get moved into basements, youngsters are scared to be in basements by way of themselves, and basements actually enhance complete constructions.

Every so often, we don’t even know what’s lurking below our personal properties. That’s precisely what came about to Alexandra Poulos. She at all times had a humorous feeling about her adolescence house, however she by no means can have imagined what the basement of that house had in retailer for her. Right here’s the tale of what she discovered underneath.

A Thriller That Nearly Went Unsolved

hole in ground in basement

Alexandra Poulos at all times had a humorous feeling about her adolescence house. In the future, after residing in her house for years, she had some developers come and have a look in her basement. What they discovered left everybody in overall disbelief.

Alexandra used to be certain that they’d discovered one thing of immense ancient significance. After studying this tale, you may want to have a look for your personal basement. You by no means know what may well be lurking underground.

Alexandra’s Formative years House

the woman's large Pennsylvania home

Alexandra Poulos’ folks purchased the home pictured right here in 1974. This home is situated in Lansdowne, Pennsylvania, which can grow to be the most important element later on this tale. This white, colonial-style space used to be Alexandra’s house for her complete adolescence.

Alexandra grew up right here— she ate circle of relatives dinners right here, she realized to journey a motorbike right here, and she or he made pals on this group all whilst her basement used to be retaining onto some fascinating secrets and techniques. Alexandra had no concept what used to be situated in her basement on the time.

A Bizarre Air of secrecy Led To Bizarre Goals


Although Alexandra didn’t know in regards to the secrets and techniques in her basement when she used to be a kid, she nonetheless recollects having bright desires about it whilst she used to be residing in that space.

Poulos advised ABC Information, “I’d have random desires about there being different rooms in the home. I’d glance it up on dream meanings websites and other folks at all times concept I simply had a loopy creativeness.” May just the home itself have led to Alexandra’s odd and “random” desires?

This Space Would possibly Be Cursed

person in blue shirt ooking down into the room beneath alexandra poulos home

In 2008, Alexandra Poulos’ mom passed on to the great beyond. Alexandra used to be devastated. She and her mom have been at all times so shut, and she or he couldn’t consider shifting on and residing her existence with out her mother. Sadly, one crisis resulted in some other, and 7 months later, Alexandra’s brother passed on to the great beyond as smartly.

Alexandra didn’t blame the home for the ones tragedies. She didn’t suppose this space she liked such a lot may well be haunted. After her mom and brother died, Alexandra satisfied her father to signal the home over to her.

A Particular Connection To The Construction

ladder going down into alexandra poulos basement

Numerous Alexandra’s pals and co-workers attempted to inform her to promote the home. Alexandra refused. She didn’t wish to lose the home she grew up in. She had made such a lot of fond reminiscences together with her mom and her brother in that space.

Alexandra tod the Epoch Occasions, “My mother and brother, they have been nonetheless there to me.” Alexandra couldn’t depart her circle of relatives at the back of. The home supposed an excessive amount of to her. There used to be no manner that she used to be going to promote it.

A Brief Answer

builders in the basement of the home, one wearing a green shirt

The issue used to be, Alexandra had a space to reside in that wasn’t her adolescence house. She didn’t wish to promote the home, however she didn’t need it to head unused both. Alexandra discovered some tenants who agreed to hire the home whilst Alexandra lived in her own residence.

Alternatively, issues didn’t pass in step with plan. Beautiful quickly, chaos discovered that enormous circle of relatives house once more. There have been some problems with the home’s foundations (AKA the basement).

Issues Underground

secret room underneath the house

This used to be an outdated space with some serious foundational problems. Beautiful quickly, the tenants spotted that the basement used to be beginning to scent. A sewer pipe had cracked down there and the entire machine wanted to get replaced.

Cracks began showing within the basement partitions, however Alexandra used to be fast to spring into motion. She sought after to do the entirety she may just to avoid wasting the house she liked so dearly. Alexandra had some particular reminiscences about the home’s basement.

Digging Up Outdated Recollections

exploring the hole in the basement

Alexandra remembered the tales that her outdated neighbor used to inform her about what may well be hidden below the home. “She advised my dad, ‘You understand there’s a basement below your basement,’” Poulos recalled. “[But] my dad simply concept she used to be loopy or no matter.”

Alexandra used to be beginning to suppose that the neighbor she had spoken with all the ones years in the past wasn’t loopy in any respect. Possibly she used to be telling the reality. Alexandra sought after to seek out the basement below the basement.

A Little Extra Analysis

the secret room in the basement

Alexandra took it upon herself to be informed extra in regards to the historical past of her group. She sought after to assemble as a lot data as she may just. She quickly found out {that a} space simply 5 mins from her adolescence house used to be by hook or by crook attached to the Underground Railroad.

The Underground Railroad used to be made up of an entire bunch of routes and hidden areas. The abolitionists used the path to smuggle American slaves to freedom prior to the North received the Civil Warfare.

An Alternative To Examine

the underground railroad with oxen black and white

Alexandra used to be disenchanted that the basement in her house had problems, however she appeared on the leak as a possibility to be informed extra in regards to the historical past of her house. She requested the developers and repairmen to do extra than simply repair the pipe. She requested them to dig a bit of deeper.

She concept they could in finding proof that her space used to be a part of the Underground Railroad direction. Possibly the direction went proper below the home.

If You Seek, You Shall In finding

brick in the corner of the hidden room

The developers did as Alexandra asked, and lovely quickly, they discovered a secret room buried below the basement ground. The developers mentioned that they concept the name of the game room used to be most probably there lengthy prior to the home used to be constructed.

Alexandra used to be overjoyed to be informed that her space had some fascinating foundations, however she sought after to understand extra in regards to the function this position performed in historical past. She simply had a sense that this location used to be vital— she knew it supposed one thing extra.

How Slavery Was once Abolished In The States

map of routes of the underground railroad

All through the primary part of the 19th century, slavery used to be nonetheless prison in lots of states throughout The usa. Alternatively, other folks have been beginning to understand how merciless it’s to oppress a whole crew of other folks. Resistance actions have been gaining extra traction and the battle towards slavery began to appear to be a battle that may be received.

Lots of the states within the North had already abolished slavery fully. Development used to be being made, although it used to be gradual growth.

How The Underground Railroad Were given Its Get started

GettyImages-3112133 circa 1900: On the far left, abolitionist leader, Harriet Tubman (c1820 - 1913) ex- slave and founder of the 'Underground Railroad' which provided safe houses for escaping slaves.

In the middle of this large social and humanitarian shift, the Underground Railroad used to be born. Former slaves who have been now freed risked the entirety to lend a hand enslaved other folks regain their freedom. Levi Coffin, a Quaker from North Carolina, smuggled hundreds of slaves to protection at nice private chance.

Harriet Tubman, who had already escaped her slaveholders, took it upon herself to free up others. With out their heroic efforts, The usa could be an overly other position than it’s these days.

The Underground Railroad Didn’t Contain Any Trains

GettyImages-827407728 A sign marking the historic spot where American abolitionist and humanitarian Harriet Tubman (1820-1913) lived, served and frequented in Auburn, New York

This community of activist and previous slaves freeing individuals who have been nonetheless enslaved become referred to as the Underground Railroad. The individuals who took the Underground Railroad out of slavery didn’t if truth be told go back and forth by way of teach, regardless that. Most commonly they traveled on foot or on horseback.

The time period “Underground Railroad” used to be a connection with one of the crucial codenames that have been used all the way through this covert operation. This undertaking used to be a hit as it used to be performed so secretly and stealthily.

May just This Secret Room Be Attached?

oil painting of the underground railroad

Many of us have suspected that the Underground Railroad if truth be told made use of underground tunnels. There are theories that the leaders of this operation if truth be told used tunnels and underground rooms to make certain that no person would see the slaves escaping.

May just this room inside of a room in Alexandra’s basement be attached to the Underground Railroad? May just this area have if truth be told stored lives? Alexandra truly sought after this to be the case. She sought after to understand that her circle of relatives’s land used to be put to just right use.

How Pennsylvania Suits Into All Of This

google map of lansdowne pennsylvania

Pennsylvania used to be technically a unfastened state on the time of the Underground Railroad, on the other hand, the Fugitive Slave Act required officers and voters to help slaveholders who have been making an attempt to recapture slaves who had run away.

That supposed that many of those escaped slaves needed to keep hidden. They wanted protected puts to stick during the state so that they wouldn’t get stuck by way of somebody who supported the South within the Civil Warfare. That’s the place those underground rooms come into play.

The place’s The Proof?

black and white cartoon of underground railroad

Alexandra is assured that she’s found out the most important piece of historical past below her adolescence house. She’s satisfied that the hole room underneath her basement used to be a hideout for escaped slaves. Alternatively, historians have warned other folks like Alexandra that it may be simple to get over excited.

Rachel Moloshok from the Ancient Society of Pennsylvania has prompt that the name of the game room would possibly simply were a spot to retailer valuables, or it will have simply been used as cupboard space.

May just This Complete Concept Be False?

red old underground railroad sign

Many professionals aren’t even certain that there have been exact underground hideaways attached to the Underground Railroad. It will take a large number of money and time to construct an underground tunnel or hideaway.


Additionally, onlookers would realize the entire digging and displaced grime and get suspicious. Only a few constructions within the North if truth be told have secret rooms— no less than, only a few constructions that we all know of. Possibly Alexandra truly used to be onto one thing. Possibly there are many secret rooms, however we simply haven’t discovered them but.

It May just All Be True

wall in hidden room with markings on it


Moloshok advised ABC Information, “The area, usually, traditionally, has been referred to as an abolitionist sympathizer house. The one approach to truly practice up on that might be to investigate who the house owners have been up to now and practice up on belongings information and notice if there have been individuals who have been recognized to be vocal abolitionists… Then you’ll be able to make inferences.”

So there could also be a approach to get nearer to fixing this thriller. Alexandra sought after to understand the reality.

She’s Nonetheless Making an attempt To In finding Evidence

alexandra poulos close-up

Even if Alexandra nonetheless hasn’t been in a position to seek out concrete proof that connects her secret room to the Underground Railroad, she’s nonetheless actively researching the historical past of her neighborhood.

In the future, Alexandra wish to lead excursions of the name of the game room in her basement, and of different secret rooms within the house, must they be exposed. Alexandra is recently operating on instructing herself, and collecting as a lot proof as she will collect. She doesn’t need the efforts of the participants of the Underground Railroad to be forgotten.

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