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Tristan Thompson Admits To Sexual Affair With Maralee Nichols Whilst He Used to be Courting Khloé Kardashian

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“We didn’t have a significant ongoing courting. We noticed every different sporadically between December 2020 and March 13, 2021,” he wrote. “[Nichols] advised me that she have been concerned with different athletes and understood the constraints of our courting; to wit, that we’d see every different on a sporadic foundation for consensual intercourse best.”

“We didn’t have any dates within the conventional sense at any time; there have been no eating at eating places, going to films, touring or some other indicia of a normalized courting,” he mentioned. “There used to be best Snapchats of ‘the place’ and ‘what time’ we’d hook up and what lodges can be used.”


“We by no means had any phone calls, emails, nor did we trade textual content messages. We best communicated by way of the Snapchat software. My username on Snapchat has at all times been ‘blkjesus00,” he added.

“I used to be by no means notified that [Nichols] stored a message from me,” he claimed. “[Nichols] has connected to her paper many Snapchat messages which she claims are ‘actual’ and constitute ‘actual’ communications between us.”

“On the other hand, I strongly contend that those messages had been fabricated via [Nichols]” Thompson went on. “It’s not tricky for a person to fabricate such messages via the usage of two different mobile phones, one who has been designated ‘TT’ which used to be now not my username and the second one telephone which is hers.”

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