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Don’t Trouble Searching For Those Worst Easter Egg Sweets

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Candystore.com conducts an annual survey by which tens of hundreds of members rank the worst Easter sweet. Sweets like Cadbury Creme Eggs have remained constantly at the checklist, whilst pieces like Hershey’s Carrot Cake Kisses finally end up discontinued. Learn on to peer which Easter sweets are simply no longer value looking for.

Bunny Corn


Sweet corn is regularly observed as one of the crucial least favourite Halloween treats, so it’s no wonder that the Easter counterpart may be ranked low. Bunny corn is basically a mix of sugar and wax pumped filled with synthetic colours.

Whilst the deal with indisputably appears festive, it’s infrequently definitely worth the 34 grams of sugar consistent with serving. Plus, in comparison to different sweets, it simply doesn’t have the most productive style. Some love that sweet corn taste, however many aren’t lovers.

Chicks & Rabbits


Chicks & Rabbits is a marshmallow sweet that’s regularly in comparison to Circus Peanuts because of their measurement and texture. The chewy deal with could have just a little of a stale really feel to it as although they’ve been sitting out too lengthy.

The super-sweet style is just a little a lot for plenty of customers, particularly given the 28 grams of added sugar which might be in simply six of those little items! The elements checklist isn’t splendid both: sugar, corn syrup, gelatin, and synthetic flavors. Go.

Cadbury Creme Eggs

Cadbury Creme Eggs are just a bit too candy to be very relaxing. There’s a explanation why for that, too. In keeping with Mic, the American model differs from those in the UK in that they have got extra sugar and not more milk.

To stay the American ones available on the market, there’s even a ban in opposition to UK Cadbury Creme Eggs! Thus, we’re caught with a chocolate shell that melts too simply stuffed with too-sweet liquid sugar.

Coconut Nest


For some, a Coconut Nest transports them instantly again to glad occasions in formative years. For others, it’s a too-hard chocolatey mess. Coconut is a type of candy elements that you simply both love or hate.

However even those that revel in coconut could also be thrown through this sweet’s jagged texture and hard chocolate. Plus, one serving has nearly part your day-to-day allotment of saturated fats, and the elements come with such things as water propylene glycol and sodium metabisulfite.


Peeps is without doubt one of the extra common Easter sweets, however that’s no longer as a result of everybody enjoys them. Whilst some are diehard lovers, others can’t wrap their heads round taking part in the sugar-filled marshmallow chicks.

The crusty outer layer blended with the chewy inside of creates a texture some can’t stand. One reviewer when compared the style to plastic. To best it off, Peeps have questionable colour dyes like Crimson #40 and Yellow #5. Then there are the head-scratching flavors like Bubble Gum and Scorching Tamale.

Jelly Beans

Jelly beans could also be one of the crucial recognizable sweets on this planet, however that doesn’t imply they are living as much as the hype. For lots of, the jelly bean craze resulted in formative years.

Now they look like little pebbles of sugar which might be too small to fulfill and chewy sufficient to wreak havoc in your tooth. Don’t even get us began on one of the crucial nightmarish flavors that experience pop out over time, like rotten egg, filth, and cleaning soap!

Fluffy Stuff Cotton Tails


Those that love getting a recent swab of cotton sweet must keep away from Fluffy Stuff Cotton Tails. It’s going to appear to be a festive Easter deal with, nevertheless it doesn’t are living as much as the sort that comes instantly from a cotton sweet maker.

Reviewers have referred to as this sweet stale, challenging, or even crunchy. The style may be questionable for some as it’s pumped filled with sugar; there are 30 grams in only a quarter of the bag!

Forged Chocolate Bunnies


Ahead of we get into why cast chocolate bunnies made this checklist, we must say that the variations at chocolatier retail outlets are most probably a lot better. It’s the pre-packaged drug retailer diversifications that have a tendency to ship folks working for the hills.

For some explanation why, those bunnies style like they’re made with an absolutely other chocolate than what’s used for chocolate bars and different goodies. The style is regularly described as being off or tasting undeniable pretend.

Oreo Eggs


Oreo Eggs have one of these identical measurement and design to Cadbury Creme Eggs that you can be anticipating a creamy filling that’s comfortable in comparison to the dense outer shell.

Actually, the “filling” is simply as challenging because the outdoor, making it necessarily a chocolate bar within the form of an egg. It will make it somewhat awkward to devour and overwhelming to chunk. The cookie bits are so small that they infrequently have an effect on the feel, leading to a lifeless total enjoy.

Cheetos Sweetos Cinnamon Egg Puffs



When a logo that most often places out salty, savory snacks like Cheetos tries to move the candy direction, it may be hit and miss. Sadly, the Cheetos Sweetos cinnamon-flavored eggs have been a leave out for plenty of reviewers.

The entire consensus amongst those that didn’t revel in them used to be that the style used to be underwhelming. Cheese Cheetos are bursting with taste, and those cinnamon ones simply didn’t are living as much as the emblem’s popularity. Some famous an off aftertaste like they have been cooked in dangerous oil. Yikes.

Jordan Almonds


Jordan Almonds are a dessert custom no longer simplest round Easter but additionally at weddings. With this sweet, no longer all manufacturers are created similarly. Some diversifications may also be too challenging, too candy, tasteless, sour, or have too thick of an outer shell.

The trick this is that the almonds can’t style stale, and the sugary shell must be simply the suitable thickness and wonder. It’s additionally vital that they aren’t melty but additionally aren’t so challenging that you want to crack a teeth on one.

Bitter Patch Youngsters White Chocolate Bunny


When Bitter Patch Youngsters determined to include chocolate into one in every of their sweets for Easter, it raised a couple of eyebrows. The white chocolate Easter bunny options bits of Bitter Patch Youngsters, which is meant to create their well-known “bitter then candy” style.

Sadly, the Bitter Patch Child bits are utterly beaten through the white chocolate. You can also get a white chocolate bar and no longer have to fret about the entire corn syrup and meals dyes.

Twix Egg


The Twix Egg is strictly what it seems like: a Twix bar remodeled into the form of an egg. Whilst many Twix lovers went in considering that they’d adore this Easter variation, some have been utterly let down.

Many reviewers appeared to agree that the actual downside used to be the ratio. Common Twix have simply the suitable portion of cookie, caramel, and chocolate. Some felt this model had an excessive amount of caramel, no longer sufficient cookie, and too thick a layer of chocolate.

Foil-Wrapped Chocolate Eggs


Foil-wrapped chocolate eggs are regularly a staple a part of any Easter party. Sadly, they regularly aren’t as scrumptious as different items of chocolate. The inferior style suggests many of those manufacturers are merely of decrease high quality.

Reviewers have complained a few waxy or stale style and crumbling chocolate that doesn’t have a lot taste. Plus, the wrapper is so skinny that it may be a problem peeling them off utterly, and the very last thing you wish to have is just a little of foil to your chocolate.

Brach’s Marshmallow Easter Hunt Eggs


Brach’s Marshmallow Easter Hunt Eggs would possibly glance comfortable and chewy, however a number of reviewers reported them being challenging as a jaw-breaker! No longer having the ability to chunk into them used to be the extra common grievance subsequent to their stale style.

The issue may well be the thick outer shell, which leaves just a small portion of marshmallow at the inside of. To best it off, many lovers have a difficult time discovering those in shops, resulting in inflated on-line costs.

Carrot Cake Hershey Kisses


Hershey’s idea {that a} carrot cake taste would make their kisses extra festive for Easter. Whilst the theory rather captures the vacation spirit, the style indisputably does no longer.

The cream cheese flavoring ended up making it style extra like a white chocolate kiss, whilst the carrot taste left an aftertaste many reviewers discovered unsightly. Even those that love carrot cake and love Hershey’s kisses discovered the combo to be unsettling because of the synthetic style.

Brach’s Vintage Jelly Chook Eggs

Brach’s Vintage Jelly Chook Eggs are the emblem’s model of jelly beans, which might be already in this checklist for being overvalued. Sadly, even those that love jelly beans weren’t falling for this modification.

Many weren’t pleased with the black licorice taste that’s integrated in each bundle. To best it off, they have been regularly referred to as overly candy and have been mentioned to have an off aftertaste. Being that they provide the similar flavors to be had somewhere else, this logo will not be definitely worth the gamble.

Chocolate Coated Marshmellow Eggs


Chocolate-covered marshmallow eggs are any other a type of Easter treats that you simply both love or suppose is overvalued. It sounds as if, a vital sufficient collection of folks fall into the latter class to position those at the checklist for worst Easter sweets.

The Zachary logo places the marshmallow eggs right into a styrofoam egg carton for a novel contact, however they nonetheless don’t are living as much as the lovable packaging. Some reported a stale style, whilst the Hershey’s model used to be regularly deemed a lot too candy.


Cadbury Caramel Eggs


Cadbury should have stuck wind of those that bitch about their Creme Eggs having an unwanted filling as a result of they created a variation stuffed with caramel as an alternative. In the end, caramel is a big component in quite a lot of a success chocolate sweets, like Snickers, Twix, and Rolos.

Many discovered there to be method an excessive amount of caramel inside of and the sticky texture may also be challenging on tooth. If the sugar-overload weren’t dangerous sufficient, some additionally reported a chemical aftertaste. No thank you!


Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs


Many would name Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups their favourite sweet, however the egg model doesn’t fairly are living as much as the emblem. Whilst there are nonetheless quite a lot of lovers who revel in this Easter deal with, some felt that the ratio used to be off as a result of the bigger measurement and additional peanut butter.

One reviewer felt that the peanut butter used to be too grainy and may well be smoother. Whilst Reese’s peanut butter has a tendency to be grainy, the feel is particularly obvious in those eggs.

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